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Fan Review of ME Album

{credit: Baidu; thedrop @ sjchina livejournal; 5imply_5wt @ soompi}


1. 迷(Me) ★★★★★
Very bright, the rhythm is very live, the lyrics of the song is filled with determination. It suits very well as the beginning of the album. I really like it. ^__^

2. U ★★★★★
The first song to be released, everyone knows it so I won’t say anything~ All in all, this song suits to be a title song. xD

3. 至少还有你 (As Long As There’s You) ★★★★★
It made its debut on Hit FM not long ago. Even though it’s cover of Sandy Lam’s song, SJ-M’s male version gives another kind of feeling but at the same time both are filled with warmth.

4. 你是我的奇迹(MIRACLE) ★★★★★
It’s Miracle’s Chinese version. The Korean version is my favorite, the Chinese lyrics were written very well and it matches the album’s image. It’s filled with energy and plus the Chinese version uses the tune from the [Korean?] MV.

5. 爱你爱你(Love You Love You) ★★★★★
New song appears. The melody is very live but it didn’t really give me a great impact. *gets hit
But Ryeowook’s voice is very sweet and his Chinese is so clear. xD
This is also one of the three songs Zhou Mi has written the lyrics for.

6. 我抱著我(In My Arms) ★★★★★
Second new song. The melody is probably the most mature one out of all the other song. I really like the part before the chorus. Kyuhyun’s voice made me want me to scream >//////< (I’m thinking in a good way. )

7. DON’T DON ★★★★★
The song that a lot of people liked in SJ’s 2nd album. The SMP rhythm is very strong. The Chinese version absolutely was the most nervewrecking; the song is so quick and everybody seems to be hurrying to finish. AKPOP jiejie said this is the first attempt to challenge the limit. xDDDDD

The Chinese lyrics was really well written; it has more feeling than the Korean one. ^^

8. Marry U ★★★★★
A classic song from the 2nd SJ album. This is also another song written by Zhou Mi. The Chinese version lyrics were trying to sound like the original Korean one. In the beginning, Donghae’s rap was the best!!!!! It was very clear! The whole song was sweet.

9. 我的二分之一(Full of Happiness) ★★★★★
Henry’s rap was so cute! The Chinese lyrics were a bit awkward, I prefer the Korean version.

10.渴望(A Man in Love) ★★★★★
This is Zhou Mi last song that he wrote the lyrics to. The Chinese here is like the one in Don’t Don. The backing still has Eunhyuk and Heechul. xD But the Chinese…en…but they really worked hard! xD

11.THE MOMENT ★★★★★
The melody is very mysterious. It has an East Asian and Indian feeling and then it sort of has an magic show feeling, it’s pretty special. This is probably my favorite song out of the album! I personally recommend it!

12.The One(Beijing Olympic Song) ★★★★★
The Chinese was very clear and it was a “boosting morale” kind of song.

So now we know the songs that Zhou Mi wrote the lyrics to ^^

Lmao @ A Man in Love still having Hyuk and Heechul’s voices…that’s kinda like U having Yesung in the background xD You’d think they’d completely remake the tracks. I guess not.

But omg omg omg Henry raps!!!! *spazzes* I bet it’ll be a really cute rap too ^^

I really really want to listen to more of their new songs but at the same time I don’t want them to be “spoiled” for me GAH I don’t know what I want anymore xDD I think I’m most anticipating ‘In my Arms’. The line about Kyu’s voice kinda made me die because just thinking about him singing whatever he’s singing is making my heart flutter…*giggles*

This review sounds reasonably objective but clearly from a SUJU fan since all songs have been rated 5 out of 5 XD But omg we still have to wait til May 9th … and even longer for a repackaged version … grrr *pulls hair out*. Anyway, we’re excited about writing our own review too, aren’t we? *nudges pinkandsparkly*


  1. I just wrote you a whole paragraph and it got deleted =.=


    Lol, I just saw this on Soompi, and thought “ooo, must post” so I googled the live journal, and I found OUR site in the search results (Google loves us), and I was like o.O…when did we include those credits…so then I clicked, and it turns out that you’ve already posted this! YAY! WE ARE PSYCHIC!

    Haha, I LOLed at how every song got five stars xDDDD I think that when we do our review, there’ll be some three star songs xPP

  2. TEEEHEEE So maybe we shouldn’t blow up Google? xP
    YES WE ARE PSYCHIC…that is why we are partners in crime :DDD
    Awww…how come it got deleted? Well that’s okay I knew exactly what you were going to say…you were going to comment on ^this post, right? Hahahaa I’m so witty xDD
    And yep, we’ll be very professional with our review :D *hides from chinese fans* xP

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