Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 22, 2008

DBSK on Ontama (Spaceship interview!)

Video+Subs: eternalmerkamoon2 @ Youtube

It’s subbed!

Lol, they had to sit in a “spaceship” and this weird machine asked them questions xD

Yunho was asked where he wanted to go in Tokyo, and he replied “Disneyland” (ME TOO) and the machine went “who do you want to go with”, and he replied “members”, and the machine went “the truth” XDDDD Yes, the truth is, he wants to go with MEEEE :DDDD *get blown up by Yunho fans*

Jae was asked about his most recent habit, and he replied that he likes to poke out his tongue when he’s performing (I have so many pictures of him doing that XD) and he did a demonstration, and the machine said “erotic” XDDD THE MACHINE IS A PERV (or it’s just me in disguise XDDD!!)

I can’t remember Junsu’s questions, but it was something about what he’s been losing at (I think) and he replied that he’s been losing at paper scissors rock to the members XD They explained that they always play paper scissors rock to decide who does the dishes (I would do their dishes FOR FREE, I’m brilliant at the dishes, just ask my mum xPP) and who puts their makeup on first every morning ^^’’’ He then demonstrated by playing paper scissors rock with Jae, and losing, twice.

Can I please just say that the spaceship is super cool? (Gummydork, come be cool with me) I would LOVE to have a bedroom like that XD And I love Jae’s hair *——-* I actually got my hair dyed that colour today (I wasn’t trying to copy him, I sweeaaar – I just told the hairdresser to make it a bit lighter than the colour I had before :P) but unlike Jae, I don’t have any highlights, cos I’m not cool enough :(

Lol, this interview reminded me of the “Telephone box” segment that Kat-tun did on Heyx3, they all took turns going into a red telephone box and answered questions asked by a machine, about their group members XDD Watch here – it’s funny xDD [DBSK has also been in the telephone box, but they went in as a group]

What I’m currently listening to: “The song we sing” – BOBO



  1. LMAO, I loved how Yunho had to repeat he wanted to go with the members again. He got so defensive lololol. Awwww.

  2. Yunho is so sweet by saying that he wants to go with the members ^__^

    When was this? Jae’s sticking tongue habit is not recently, it has been like… forever?

    Also Junsu too, I think he lost at paper scissors rock a lot! Oh, and I love Jae’s expression after Junsu lost to him <3

  3. LOL. “I want to go with the members.” “Suspicious” I love Jae’s little tongue thing. It’s so cute. And the … after Junsu lost the second time made me laugh.

  4. Woahhhh, dude, your hair’s suppppppppah light now. LIKE SUPER SUPER SUPER. OOOOOH, I wanna see a peeeekture.

    Anyhow, I love Jae’s laugh mucho mucho mucho. It’s ridiculously loud and happy, and I probably love it so much because I laugh the same way (my laugh seriously drowns out those of everyone around me. It’s terrible. =.=””’)

    And YES, hasns’t Jae been sticking his tongue out since … his debut?! XDDDD I can’t remember a time when he refrained from shooting his sex face at the camera/ sticking his tongue out.


    And ROFL at Junsu losing at rock-paper-scissors twice in a row. LOL, and at Jae’s self-satisfied “I’m better than you” look after beating him. =.=””””

  5. ZOMG!! That was just *squishes jae’s cheeks* ….*and then rubs melted gummies on it*

    Hahah, he looks so happy here! *happy dances*

    xD That machine is ULTRA-megatstically spiffy though! (Now I know why my name was bolded xD … wait a min! You dont know me well enough to know that I’d like it….man, you must have uber awesome ppl skills xD) For some reason, I just had the most random thought! Can you imagine the dbsk dudehs buying one of those machines for their dorm room…..and in the middle of the night, one of them wakes up to check up on the machine, only to find out the suju boys have broken into their dorm and are playing ‘star wars’ or something with it xDD

    GAH! If you ever do get a room like that, invite me over so that I can plaster your walls with dbsk-styled lava lamps! Cos lava lamps and space shuttles are the SHIZZ xD

    I love how Junsu was all “I lost” ….but then was all “AGAIN!” xDD Gotta adore his competitiveness! I want a dog like that! (Except without the laugh! If my dog laughed like Junsu, id pee meself)

    WOWOWOW! You and jaebaby have the same hair?! I still think you’re cool even though you dont have highlights :D *carves your name on a cucumber and gives it you* …..and you dont have to give me busker-cash for that either :P

    Gosh! Thanks for that link :) Was a very refreshing break from study :D:D:D (SEE! Told ya you was coooool!)

  6. Spazzes:
    I know, he’s so cuuuuute <33 I want DBSK to film a Disneyland special XD

    Yea, it’s not a recent habit, cos I have sooo many pictures of him with his tongue sticking out XD
    The video is fairly recent though, you can tell by looking at their hair :P I’m so smart. I loved Jae’s “yip, used to it” expression after Junsu lost to him xDD

    Lol, I love how Junsu lost to Jae, TWICE XD

    It’s not THAT light, just a nice untacky light brown xP [I really hate it when Asians die their hair SUPER ORANGE, it just looks SO bad] Hmm, I hate taking pictures of myself, so just imagine my hair in my msn dp photo, but about two shades lighter XD Actually, I might be going to one of those really asian photo booths tomorrow, so if the photos look half decent, I’ll attach one to my next 2000+W essay to you xP

    I have SUCH an odd laugh, apparently, I sound like I’m choking =.=’’’’ Lol, Jae is really good at making “the sex face” XD I think Jin is the only other person who can give him a run for him money :P

    The Kat-tun phone box is so coooooooool. I love how 2/4 people complained about Jin XDDD And LOL @ how Koki described him as being “Americanized” XD

    Junsu is…..too much fail XD But I still wuv him <333

    Melted gummies, eh……mmm~~~ Ok, now I’m hungry XD

    YAY, I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS :DDDDD Lol, I guess I’m quite good at reading people xP I wanted to become a criminal justice psychologist, actually (psychologists who convince criminals to make a change for the better) but my friends told me that I’d get killed cos I look like the least intimidating person on earth =.= Would’ve been a fun job though :P

    YOU DBSK/SJ SCENARIO SOUNDS FANTASTIC, I WANT THEM TO FILM THAT NOW XDDD I can TOTALLY see the SJ boys doing that, I bet they’d bring their own lightsabers too :P and make sound effects XDDD

    OMG, I LOVE LAVA LAMPS (lol, way too many caps in this comment XD) I’ve never owned one :’( but my best friend used to have one, and whenever I stayed the night, I’d sleep next to the side with the lamp and stare at it the whole time XDDD LAVA LAMPS ARE FASCINATING.

    I WANT A JUNSU DOG TOOOOOO. Lol, I don’t think dogs laugh? At least my dog doesn’t XD Have you seen the dog food ad though? (Pedigree one?) It’s got all these different dogs smiling and showing their teeth, SO CUTE :DDD.

    Not the same hair, I have girl hair, he has boy hair :PPPP YAY, MY VERY OWN PERSONALISED CUCUMBER!!! *gives you something with seeds :P*

    Er…study?? At THIS hour??? WHY??? Aren’t you on holiday too???

  7. JJ’s Perf on X-Man

    ^See this here … !!! That boy’s been sticking his tongue out since forever. XDDDD

    No comment on the dance though – he only very slightly resembled an octopus. XD


    His hair in that clip is SO MUCH LOVE. I loved his platinum blonde hair….

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