Posted by: lovediaries | April 23, 2008

“ME” Album Pictures

{credit: as tagged; –=WinGz=– @ soompi}

Okay, only 3 for now xP


Booklet and Hankyung’s page + profile !!!!!!! Btw, each of their profiles are on their official site for those who wanted to know a tad more about Henry and Zhou Mi. And yes, Henry is actually taller than Hae O__o

Anyway, back to the cover. You’d wonder why they don’t fit in an extra DVD into their case… They would save production costs!! But I guess in the long term they would make more money as long as enough fans buy it, right? SO GO SUPPORT SUJU M!!!

I wonder if they will use the same photoshoot for their repackaged album because they didn’t for SuJu’s Don’t Don. I’m hoping they’ll come with another image <3 Personally, I’ve been looking at this set of clothes too much so I want something new!!! And for some reason, I just pictured all of them in traditional Chinese clothing and Hankyung has a sword and all. AHAHAHAHA…*ahem*…I’m hoping it won’t be that though XD

Also, hop over to Pretty Boy Power for previews of SuJu M’s ME album :DD





    Lol, I was searching for pictures, and you’ve already posted them! YAY :DDD

    I’m listening to the album RIGHT NOW. I can’t WAIT to write a full review on it with you.

    I’m going out this afternoon, so I’ll talk to you on msn about this later?

  2. I’ll tell you one thing, they really know how to package an album @_@

  3. pinkandsparkly:
    I swear I replied to you O_O and then I realised I hadn’t XD

    of course! This is SM we’re talking about xP They are the marketing pros of Korea (and possibly China now? xP)

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