Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 24, 2008

DBSK on Ontama – Part three

Video+Subs: eternalmerkamoon2 + azurehook @ Youtube


Ok, so they’re still in that really awesome spaceship, and this time, they were each given a scenario, and they had to tell the machine what they would do in that scenario. Eg. “what would you say if you saw a crazy fangirl in a tree outside your window” (no, that wasn’t one of the questions).

Yunho went first, and his scenario was “you’re getting changed, and you realise that your shoes are gone”. And omg, his expression was so CUUUUUTE <333! “STAFFFFUUUUUUU” XDDD *squishes*

Jae’s was “what would you say if you go to a ramen shop, and it turns out to be a really good one”. LMAO at Jae’s reply XDDD HE SOUNDED LIKE A MONKEY.

Micky’s was “what would you say after smelling Junsu’s scent” XDDD HI, RANDOM MACHINE, ILU <3! LOL @ Micky’s answer, “did you shower?” XD

Changmin had to say the ideal perfect proposal, and he said “would you marry me” IN ENGLISH. GAH. HE SOUNDED SO CUTE. YES, I WILL MARRY YOU, JUST LET ME GO FIND A DRESS AND I’M THERE.

Junsu had to say a word to all their Japanese fans (boring question =.=) and he said “See you again!!”, and I nearly fell off my chair, cos I didn’t expect him to do it so loud XDDD

This doesn’t have anything to do with the video, but Changmin’s proposal reminded me of the time the Kat-tun boys had to confess to a girl in English, and Jin (WE’RE STILL WORKING ON HIS PIMP POST) said “this ring here represents my heart, but there’s just one thing I need from you, say I do” IN PERFECT ENGLISH <333! But then told everyone that he stole the line from Justin Timberlake’s song =_= Watch here – he’s boy who went third.

What I’m currently listening to: “Umbrella” – All Time Low [omg, soooooo much better than Rihanna’s version]



    And omg, I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to reply to your e-mail about part 2 of the Chinese music pimp post DDD:. I promise I’ll get to it by this weekend <3.



    Don’t worry bout the email, I suck at replying emails (as Playmeagain can all too readily testify XDDD”’ ) I think my longest record is one month XD I’M A SOCIAL RETARD, OK.

    And yes, my break is going GREAT, I’ve just been eating the whole time, so I reckon by the time school starts (on Monday!) I’m going to be as big as a blimp XDDD

  3. OMG I LOVE ALL TIME LOW. I’ve only heard one of their songs, because I’ve only recently become obsessed with them, but “Remembering Sunday” is SO GOOD. His voice is really really really super uber addictive.

    ROFLMAO, I’m loving this UFO-related set … !!! I’m loving the low ceiling – the boys look incredibly awkward trying to shuffle around each other. Hehe.

    Yunho’s expression was priceless. Zomg, just the way he pursed his lips and widened his eyes had me laughing on the floor. XDDD

    And Jaejoong (OMG ILU) just looked … awkward. XDD Actually, I find everything Jaejoong does to be incredibly awkward, which makes him so endearing. And his puzzled stare after giving his response was SO CUTE.

    I LOVED MICKY’S!!! His deadpan expression was GREAT.

    Changmin’s English is actually really fantastic. Thank gawwwd SOMEONE can speak English. XDDD <333

    And Junsu was his normal, cute, quirky, embarrassing self. <3

  4. CHANGMINNNNNNNNNNN. <3 I like that he said it in English, but I wish he said something more interesting.

  5. ROFLMAOOOO! I swear this is SO not good for someone whose throat is dying from a flu! I finally got around to watching to these, and BLESS THESE PRECIOUS GUYS!!

    xD I love how they”re all so hunched over whilst standing around in the bg. Apart of me is SO cruel (blame the flu germs in my system! Flu germs make everyone sadistic) and wanted one of them bump their heads as they waddled away from the group to answer xDD

    *showers the boys with gummies*

    I think this will have to do for today. my throat will prolly rip open if i laugh any harder today :P

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