Posted by: lovediaries | April 24, 2008

Why SuJu M needs Zhou Mi

A fan from SJM’s Baidu Bar, AN你个头顶觅, posted a couple of reasons as to why she believes SuJu M need Zhou Mi. Pinkandsparkly and I have translated her post because we feel Zhou Mi still needs more love :DD

You are welcome to take but if doing so, please ADD “Let’s All Eat Candy” TO THE CREDITS. I’m not too good with coming up with threats so I shall let your imagination run wild as to what would happen if this is taken out without proper credit. Other than that, PLEASE LOVE ZHOU MI <333

One: SM is not as familiar with the Chinese Market as they are with the Korean market

In SJ-M, there isn’t anyone like Kangin or Shindong who have a way with words. Even though there is Henry, he does not speak Chinese fluently. Hankyung can, but to pronounce and speak articulately are two completely different things. So there is a need for someone capable of handling different scenarios.

Two: Singing

I’ve watched the recent programs featuring Zhou Mi, on television, because of ANTIs, it’s obvious that he’s speaking less, even not speaking on occasions; he often pushes the mic. away when someone hands it to him. However, this made me notice his other talent: Singing.

SJ-M will be doing activities in China, even though they have the two of the KRY boys, the songs are Chinese, and ZhouMi fills this empty spot. You can all notice that when they do live performances, ZhouMi, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook are the ones with the most lines, even in harmonies and the leading melodies, their voices are the most obvious. Zhou Mi’s voice is very unique, it’s strong, it’s got depth, and it’s expressive.

Three: Creativity
So far, three of the songs in their album have been written by Zhou Mi. He is also the only in the group to have written something for this album.

See, Zhou Mi can speak well, sing well and can write music! As if he isn’t fit to be part of SuJu M, right? ^^



    It seems like he doesn’t have too many lines in their songs on the album, though, which is a bit “???”. He’s got such a good voice!!!!!

  2. ZHOU MI LOVE! I like him more and more as time goes by. I wish he was getting more support, and that he wouldn’t be afraid of offending anyone with his… existence lol.

  3. Zhou Mi’s really talented… I saw the Superstar show and he kept shoving the cake into Hankyung’s face. Cute!! lol.

    I heard the album, and I’m really hearting Track 11. The beat is so mesmerizing, and the violin… *drools*

  4. I gave Zhou Mi some love in my blog (And ranted about Legion13)….!!!!!!! I agree with the original poster; she happened to be more succinct about it: but I think our points coincide a lot.

  5. spazzes:
    mmm, kinda disappointing eh? But if you think of it this way – SJM have 7 members and SM (or whoever else) have never really been fair with “dividing” lines among members XD

    Zhou Mi definitely doesn’t offend us with his existence :DD I’m sure as time goes by people really will learn to appreciate him for his talent!

    LOL that was SO CUTE!!! Poor Hankyung was choking XD that part was so funny, I loved it! Ahaha since when is Henry’s violin playing not droolworthy :PP

    YAY! Zhou Mi love <333 If only Legion13 could stop being so immature about it and learn to be more accepting, I’m sure they would enjoy life a lot more XDDD

  6. Zhou Mi is awesome & I hope that he and Henry continue to be loved in SJ-M!

    I think Zhou Mi is super cute & I’m so happy that there’s so much support for him for all you fans (+ me, too!! lol ^^)

    Zhou Mi gege, JIA YOU!!!
    WO MEN AI NI!!

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