Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 25, 2008

Jaejoong scans+interview from Kindai, june issue

Pictures: As tagged + Baidu DBSK Bar

I’m not sure why the magazine only featured Jae….

I really love his jacket (on him) it looks really nice~~ And I like the picture of him smiling, he looks so haaappy :DDDD.

I’ve got some time today, so I’ll translate the interview ^^ (it can’t really be called an “interview”, cos it’s so short, but ssshh). The interviewer’s comments are in “..”s

Beautiful You/Thousand Year Love Song

– Beautiful You is a very mature and handsome (?) song. Please listen to our harmonisation!! Thousand Year Love Song was written for us by ______ (don’t know who it is)! It’s very good! Everyone should listen to it!

If I go on a date…

– I want to go to a quiet spot next to the river

– “would you walk there?”

– I once walked 40km by myself

– “would you also walk 40km on your date?”

– Hahaha, yea!

[=.=””’ I better start exercising]


– As a member of DBSK, I hope that we can become a top group who everyone will like. As Kim Jaejoong, I also want to be a person who everyone will like. In the future, please believe in us, love us, and follow us.

—————-Credit if taking out————-

Like I said, not the longest interview ever :P

Btw, how cute are the tags on the pictures! “TVXQ School”, lol, I reckon I’d ace the classes at that school XD

What I’m currently listening to: “Remembering Sunday” – All Time Low


  1. Gahh. He’s looks so prettyyy (as usual xDD). I’ve always wanted one of those jackets myself (but one for girls). Love the picture where he has his head down and the one where he’s smiling. He has a gorgeous smile…

  2. Jae = Pretty :PP
    Yea, I really like his jacket, I want one :(
    I love pictures of him smiling! But they’re soooo rare :(

  3. Gorgeous much? x]

  4. That sweater+jacket thingummy is ACE on him. ACE.

    I love it when sweaters are paired with fitted blazers on guys, or even if it’s a fitted blazer with a hood that gives the illusion of a sweater+blazer. (WoW, confusing sentence. I am SO SORRY. XD) And yes, it makes him look SO YUMMY (I actually want to eat him. NOT IN THE DIRTY SENSE, of course. XD), and really elongates his torso.

    And his happy smile is *SQUISH*. XD

    Gobble-de-gooook. YOU LISTENED TO “REMEMBERING SUNDAY”. *Bear hugs* you!

  5. OHMAIGAD GORGEOUS WAI *incoherentnaokthnksbai*

  6. *recovers*

    okay, now i am cracking up at the translations. why is beautiful you a “handsome” song? and 40 kms. WTF. Do i love you that much. lmfao

    (okay, im stifling my laughter at an internet cafe and this kid sitting beside me is looking at me funny XD)

  7. hey can anyone pleasee tell me what brand that is or anything you know about it!?!
    or know where to get that jacket

    …cuz i think its really nice and ive been looking all over for it!!!!

  8. haha kool.
    i had walked more than 40kms before when we got lost and promised to myself I’ll never do it again -_-
    but hell this interview makes me wanna break my promise LOL. (if given a chance)

    and the picturess are as handsome as the song. :lol)

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