Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 25, 2008

More SJ-M album pictures

Pictures: As tagged

I haven’t seen any proper scans yet =.= But I guess these are a good way to convince people to buy the album :P

Without a doubt, my favourite page is the Ryeowook+ZhouMi, one. I LOVE THOSE OUTFITS. That reminds me, what happened to the outfit ZhouMi wore for that photoshoot? I like it more than the white thing with the weird scarf =.=””

I also really like the picture of Ryeowook with the table, he looks SO CUTE ^——–^

Can’t wait to see what they’ll do for the repackaged album(s) – cos you know there’ll be one/two/three :PP

Candychu and I are still working on that review, we’ll have it up soon~!

What I’m currently listening to: “Coffee shop soundtrack” – All time low


  1. OOoooh I like the one of Siwon on the couch ^^
    But my fav would have to be KyuHae…duh :P
    And YES I was thinking the same thing about Zhou Mi’s outfit…coz did you notice he’s the only one with TWO outfits? I like the black one better – its more casual and looks more comfortable :D
    But it doesn’t make sense though…how come the others don’t have two outfits?

  2. I like Wook in the third pic with Hae and Henry <3 He’s so cute!!

    The album is already available for download :(

    I feel bad because I couldn’t buy their album and have to go the “download” way. I can’t use credit card and I don’t know where to buy suju things near where I lived, so downloading is the only way I can listen to suju things *hide from angry fans*

  3. Do the photobooks come with all the CDs or a specific version of it?

  4. Candy-can-can:
    I like the one of Siwon on the couch too :P

    ZhouMi must be REALLY special,lol XD I wish they’d let him wear the black one to events, it looks so much better than the white one =.=

    Argh, I saw it in the SJ-M Soompi thread, it’s so sad =.=
    Aww, I sympathise with you! I couldn’t buy anything last year, but this year I have access to a credit card, so I’ve been spending…way too much, on boyband merchandise XDD

    Hmm, have you tried Pay pal? It’s like credit card, but I think you can just deposit cash in a bank account? Not sure…

    Hmm, I don’t think it’s a proper photo BOOK, it’s probably just photos from the lyric book, but yea, I think you’ll get it in all the versions ^^

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