Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 27, 2008

DBSK – Appealing May scans

Pictures: As tagged + 踏网采花_H  @ Jae’s Baidu Bar

Is it just me, or does does the lighting in this photoshoot really suck?

The outfits are reaaally nice <333 I really like Junsu’s whole outift, and Micky and Jae’s shirts. But, that photo of Yoosu + Jae, sitting on the bench made me cringe ^^”” SOCKS ARE YOUR FRIEND.

LOL @ the phantom hand in the Homin picture XDDDDDD

What I’m currently listening to: “Don’t u ever stop” – Kat-tun

::EDIT by chuface:: HERE’s the full pic :D so yes, playmeagain, the phantom hand is Jae’s :P

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  1. PWAHHA! I LOVE how immensely long Changmin’s legs look! LOOK! One leg takes up half a friggin bench!! Poor Yunnie got squished to one side!! (Btw, is it just me, or does his chest look really ‘puffed out’ in that picture?)

    I find it really interesting though, how its Homin, cos if Min stands next to anyone else they appear SO midget…like that vid Jaejoong did to promote his Maze/Keyword single, where Changmin randomly appears and TOTALLLY dwarfens Jaejoong xD Bless!

    I dont know why, but i find it AMAZINGLY funny how they’re all looking upwards and have this really ‘Hmmmm’ kinda expression on their face. xDD I can so imagine some jumbo jet flying overhead and its carrying a banner with some japanese restaurants menu printed on it.

    But thanks for sharing :D

  2. Did anyone else notice that YuChun’s tattoo is missing? The must have covered it up with makeup.
    Min looks so good in these pics.

  3. I agree. The lighting sucks.
    But they look amazing! <3

  4. Yo maaaaaaaan, the lighting’s terrible. I mean, Jaejoong and Junsu are pretty much known for their flawless skin (or their photographers’/editors’ kickass photoshopping and airbrushing skillllzzzzzz), but Junsu looks like he’s got the beginnings of a zit on the right side of his face. Jaejoong, tooo. And his lips look deliciously unattractive, which I’m totally not used to at allllllll. ^^;;;;;

    LOL, that pic of Homin with the phantom hand must have been the continuation of the Yoosu + Jae pic, because half of Jae’s arm’s cut off in that pic. XDDDD

    Isn’t it funny that I’ve got exams in a week, but I’ve been commenting on your blog more than ever?! I fail at liiiiiiiiiife. XD

    *heart flutters*
    lol he’s SO tall O_____________________O

    And I really don’t like the way Yoochun doesn’t wear socks and is proud of it T_T

    ive edited the post wtih the full pic :D
    BAD GIRL! GO STUDY! Lol I have school tmr and I still havent finished my work ;____; so we’re in the same boat … and im about to poke a hole through it SO WE’RE BOTH GOING TO SINK
    lol I don’t know what I’m on. Maybe I need some food in my stomach …

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