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SuJu M 越策越开心 Part 2

Part 1

The first part is them singing “At Least I still have You”. I’m pretty sure it’s live but for some reason it keeps echoing as if they were singing over themselves – does that make sense? I’m not sure if it’s just a problem with the audio but it was especially obvious during Henry’s lines because I swear I could hear TWO Henrys.
Pretty good performance! And Zhou Mi’s smile…omg *dies* because it’s so beautiful <3

Part 2

Hankyung does a “Chopstick Dance” – that is not the correct name and the dance is not cracktastic like my translation but I have no idea what the dance is called in english. Hankyung does some pretty nice spins … I can imagine him as a figure skater ^^

Then the hosts ask them to say a few words which “represent” Hunan and so they start talking about food. THEN HENRY KILLED ME. He said “I love eating Changsha fans” !!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though that doesn’t include me I squealed in my chair because he was so adorable <3 And the hosts said he is such a good kid! Then Siwon starts jabbering away in chinese O_______o … and Hankyung goes “Actually, in our group, Siwon talks the most. You can’t tell now, but when we’re practing its so annoying” THEN Siwon responds with “You’re like that too” XDD Siwon continues to impress me with the amount of Chinese he knows (but by the end you’ll know Hankyung really wasn’t lying).

LMAO then Kyu does his “waiter! waiter” thing. Lol that’s never gonna get old (to me anyway). He says that he wants to eat “smelly tofu” LOL I SUCK AT TRANSLATING. That’s the tofu that ‘the more it smells, the tastier it is’. I’ve never eaten the full smelly ones so maybe I’ll take Kyu and we can try together ^^ lol And sorry, I have no idea what type of food Ryeowook said T_T. But I can be excused because I’m not from China XD Zhou Mi does some sucking up and says the best thing in HuNan is 越策越开心 XD

Then its QUESTION TIME!!! symbelmyn posted the questions in the comments so I’ll just borrow that :P
– Who acts cool/handsome the most? Siwon

I love the way Kyu kept laughing…HES SO HANDSOME. And WATCH WAT SIWON DOES IN RESPONSE TO HANKYUNG XD Then Hankyung and Kyu both imitate the way he leaves the house XDD}. At the start of 3, Hankyung says “When we’re practicing, Siwon doesn’t practice with us. He’s busy looking in the mirror” and Siwon exclaims “It’s not like that! Liar! Liar!”

Part 3

– Who doesn’t like to bathe? Henry

AHAHAHAHA This was SO CUTE. The members are all exclaiming “HENRY!” and Henry starts getting nervous and says “Hang on” and is scribbling frantically XD The Host explains that they have to wait because Henry has to write the other 6 members down XD AND HE REALLY DOES!!!! And he chucks a fit! (the cap says “all of them”). But Hankyung explains its because after practice Henry stays back for a few more hours to practice some more so by the time he gets home he’s really tired and chooses to sleep. Aww <3

– Who cries the most? Ryeowook

Henry’s answer was “I don’t know” :( Because he never really lived with the members and Wook says “At least I haven’t cried in front of Henry” DOESNT HENRY WATCH EHB??? Jks xP Wook admits to almost having cried after Henry’s violin performance because he is easily touched by the members ^^ So sweet!

– Who does aegyo the most? Zhou Mi

For those who don’t know aegyo basically translates to “cute” in Korean (I learnt that off AADBSK2 when DBSK were all doing pretending to be cute xP). Hankyung says that Zhou Mi does it so often he can’t even stand it XD AND THEN HE IMITATES HIM OMG!! THEN SIWON GETS UP AND PRETENDS TO BE ZHOU MI AHAHAHA. BUT IT GETS BETTER!~ Zhou Mi voted for Hae so obviously he had to justify his choice. He says that when they go eat, Hae always wants to order a few more dishes and Zhou Mi says “nah, it’s enough” so Hae does his “One more! One more!” Then the camera cuts to Hae AND THERES A CIRCLE AROUND HENRY’S FACE SAYING “Watch his expression” !!!! DO SO AND YOU WILL LOVE HENRY EVEN MORE! I did, and literally ROFLd. Siwon imitates Hae when he gets up and the circle is now around Hae’s face saying “Completely spaced out” XD

– Who likes to look at pretty girls? Hankyung

Siwon goes a little crazy and yells out “Hankyung!! What are you going to do?” So Hankyung votes Siwon and the hosts ask Hae to pretend to be the pretty girl while they act it out (I LOVE the hosts!). Btw, Siwon writes really pretty Chinese ^^. When he acts out Hankyung he looks like a total pervert, I swear…especially the “What’s your phone number?!?!?” XD. Then more arguing about who’s lying and who’s telling the truth…FOR ALL YOU SIHAN LOVERS <3

Part 4

– Who wants to get married most? Hae + Hankyung

Hankyung wrote “Me” and Hae stuck Hankyung’s sticker on his board – Hankyung didn’t even realise his sticker was missing – DORK. Both got two and a half votes….Then Hae wrote “Wo xiang” which means “I want to”. YAY HAE WANTS TO GET MARRIED AS BADLY AS ME!!! I mean, even Henry knows :DDD. Hankyung explains that Hae would like to give birth to a pretty baby and live a happy life – ME TOO! Hae then says he likes cute looking girls with big eyes. If he meets one he will say to her “Saranghaeyo” <3 To those who know what I look like – am I cute looking??? *stretches eyeballs* LOL IM DESPERATE FOR HAE’S LOVE, OKAY? XD And he didn’t mention Song Hye Kyo so it means I’ll have a chance :D.

Hankyung is looking for an especially nice/caring/kind girl who will be able to look after his parents, and one who can be considerate towards him – but he hasn’t met one yet. Then the hosts say “Because he’s spending a lot of time and love on us”. I seriously love these hosts! They’re so nice to the boys!

THEN THE BOYS GET TO SHOW OFF SOME SINGING! My favourite would be SiHenHae’s performance which they learnt during their plane trip AHAHAHAHA ITS CUTE XDDD. The hosts must have short term memory problems though, because they say “Someone hasn’t yet performed…Kyuhyun!” and he replies with “I just sung!” BUT HE STILL SINGS ANYWAY! *melts into goo* Then Hankyung sings one more song – Kyu starts crying (I think), fans start crying then Hankyung starts crying :'( IT’S SO TOUCHING! The song is called “I’m willing” and is about someone who would do anything for the one they love <3

Part 5

Summary of what the Hosts said: Hankyung has waited 5 yrs for the opportunity to return to his country so that he can be even closer to his fans and today he has achieved his dream. In order to be successful in Korea, Hankyung left his home and his parents. But he has experienced a lot of happy memories and in the coming year is even going to be a torchbearer for the 08 Olympics – a very very rare opportunity. (Hankyung will be running on August 7th/8th)

Gah, part 5 has made me teary – Hankyung hwaiting!~

The hosts also say that they would rather shortern filming time just so SUJUM could get more sleeping time and tells everyone to support them by buying the album (non pirated, of course)…have I mentioned I love them??? Lol.

Anyways they show the cut out scenes and HAE RAPS…NOT ONCE BUT TWICE :D SO KEEP WATCHING TIL THE END!!

That was super fun but also really bad of me because I should’ve been typing up eco notes D: Well, I hope my *translations* were useful. Next time, I’ll try cut down on the spazzing XD


  1. Lol, can’t save the day :P

    I have to go eaaaat ^———^

    Omg, they performed “At least there’s you”! I was talking to my music teacher about that song, and she told me that a boy once sang that song to her over the phone….I think I would die if that ever happens to me XDD

    Now I really have to go and do my work.

    Omg, imagine if Kyuhyun called me up on my phone and sang that song to me…I’d probably be dead on the floor from happiness before he finishes singing XD

  3. thanks for the lovely recap ^_^ zomg, hae sed in Adonis camp he wants to have kids already wahaha he’s pretty consistent its all im saying ^_^ why am i not surprised with their answers tho kkk XD except maybe for ZhouMi’s since i don’t really know him well.

  4. Henry’s expressions/ responses were love. My favorite was when the others put him as their answer for who doesn’t like to shower. As his name was being called out more often, he looks up bewildered and tries to write faster. His emphasis on the …… and his HA-ALL-of-you-don’t-like-to-bathe face was just too adorable. I’m so proud of his dedication and desire to practice ^^.

  5. You’re so sweet! I don’t need translations, but I’m loathe to actually watch videos (dunno why) especially when they’re “long” ones like interviews… but I think I will watch all of this, but I just wanted to comment. On the live performance in the first vid, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that they were singing over their recorded track, but rather: either SM didn’t prepare a full instrumental for the boys to sing to, or the studio themselves didn’t have a full instrumental, so instead, what they did was basically try to “silence” the vocal channel (usually channel one) in the track as much as possible. That’s why not only does the instrumental/background music sound a little muddy (because if you just try to vocal-remove the song, you’re going to retract from a bit of the instrumental background too) and that’s why there is still some muddy-sounding vocals in the background. That, or just some shoddy reverb, or simply too much reverb which is also very possible (reverb is a vocal effect that you can apply to microphones or vocals where the voices go all echo-ey so it sound smoother and softer). I’ve realized that Chinese venues are REALLY bad at reproducing sound-quality when it comes to live performances and such. They’re just… really bad at it. I used to do a lot of vocal recording (or at least a decent amount), so I know a bit of the basics. The more I think about it, though, it really just sounds like the sound producers simply tried to remove channel one (vocals) in the original track and made SJ-M sing over that… no matter how weird it would end up sounding. Oh well. NOTHING CAN DETRACT FROM THE VOCAL PROWESS OF KYU, WOOK, AND ZHOUMI!!!!! Wookie sang *absolutely incredibly* and I am so proud for him. His voice — and Zhou Mi’s — just makes me want to melt! Kyu’s voice + Wookie’s voice == Zhou Mi’s voice…!!!!!

  6. Gonna link to this, my dear! Thank you for your hard work in translating! I watched it with your translations and it was sooooo funny :).

  7. querubin:
    no problem! I had heaps of fun writing it :)
    haha yep, I have a feeling Hae and Yunho would make the best fathers ^^ (hopefully to my kids) HAHAHAHA

    AHAHA I know! He acts like such a kid ^^ But my fav part is still him in the back imitating Hae not knowing he could be seen on camera XDD *squishes his cheeks*

    hmmm well it was either this one or the second ep of superstar, and i chose this coz i was impressed with the hosts from their first ep! ^^ Anyways, yeah that would make sense…because i guess i wouldnt be surprised if thats what they had to resort to since they dont have a full instrumental though its something they def need to work on otherwise they look really dodgy O_o
    and yes, Ive noticed that too. When I’m watching music/award shows broadcasting from HK theres always something wrong with the mic system. Actually it happened here in australia during some concerts as well..and the artists were from HK XD Lol I don’t really know what that means :P

    Haha that’s okay! It’s definitely something I rather be doing than my homework…gah XD
    Lol, I’m glad it was still funny even with my translations. I didn’t really want to ruin it for people but I guess otherwise they wouldn’t know what was going on, right? ^^

  8. *explodes* akj;sdfklajdsflkjsakjl;aflskdj;falsjkdfa;lskjdf!! RAWR~~~ I watched this this morning before I left for class and I was *dying* in front of my laptop. I HAD to watch it again right now… OMGGGGG!!! I LOVE ZEM. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! I loooooooved in part 3 when the hosts ask who cries the most, and Kyu unabashedly clings to Wook’s chest to read his name tag. Wook, sensibly enough, just laughs and holds it up. like “Yeah… that would be me.” AHHHHHHHH!!!! SOO CUTE! *explodes!!!* And then when it gets to him (after everyone’s picked him), he’s all like, “Hey…”

    And need I go into the the ShiHae?!?!?! OMGGGGG *dies* WHY does Donghae get SO INTO HIS ROLE AS A PRETTY GIRL!?!??!?!??!!? and ShiHan!!!!! FTW!!!!! My goodness. And Ryeowook and Zhou Mi both need to get to a recording studio to recording “Kiss You Goodbye” and “Forever Love” (both classics that I <3333) and release a single of zem RIGHT THIS MOMENT. NAOW. thanks so much for posting up the links; you have no idea. I think I’ve enjoyed them on this variety show more than I’ve enjoyed any of them (except for maybe SJ-FH) on any Korean variety shows. I think it really is a culture thing. It’s so cute seeing Shiwon being so outspoken and active (LIES!! ALL LIES!!!).

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