Posted by: potensvita | April 28, 2008

I miss CSJH the Grace a lot.

It is awful that I can’t do much about CSJH because they are all concentrating in Japan and well, since they are basically a nobody there, I haven’t heard anything at all from them ever since their Graceful 4 concert. I heard rumours that they are going to release a new single which I am not sure when …..


However, even though I have to wait ages, I don’t mind because I know that they will be out with a good album, single or song. ^^

So, to reminiscence about them, I found a few clear and UP CLOSE FAN CAM of Graceful 4. They even performed 5 cm which I really love.

Side note: fancam are based on Lina though. ^^

5 Cm Perf (lina focus)

One More Time, Ok? Fancam, Rock and Roll Star (Lina only) Boy, I wished I was there.

credit : snurfyangel@youtube

Got To Be Real (fancam)

credit : marmarisbacc @ youtube. ^^

Sometimes, I really think that they are so underrated in Japan.
What is SM doing? They are one of the most priced treasure they had got lately.

Side Note : ervxiah, I had found some Jin Bora clips subbed. XD She went on Star Golden Bell. Haha.

Click here, this user had the continuation of the  whole show. ^^


  1. GAH, I miss them toooooo. I’ve heard so little about them recently that I’ve been youtubing them like mad (THANK YOU YOUTUBE FOR LETTING ME SUBSCRIBE TO USERS. XD). And I can’t believe they’re still so unknown in Japan – they’re just as good as DBSK, if not better, and yet, they don’t seem to be getting any love at allll. However, their fans are really quite amazing – it might be a really small group of fans, but they’re so DEVOTED.

    But honestly, they deserve a LOT more publicity, and LSM should really consider putting more money towards advertising them.

    Thanks for your posts! I love theeeeeeemmmm. <3

  2. I wouldn’t say they’re “nothing” in Japan… I mean, if you think about, what other girl group from Korea has done as much as them in Japan? They have enough fans to hold a concert tour in Japan, even if it’s a small venue…

    I think they’re doing decently, considering the Japanese aren’t huge and obsessive on girlbands as much as boybands (eg. Tohoshinki, Arashi… etc.)

    I do miss them. Like person above said ^, Shapley may be small, and so may the Japanese fanbase, but we’re DEVOTED :D
    If I’m correct, the age group in Shapley tends to be older, so they’re not exactly crazy and are busy working instead of stalking celebrities. They do care though.

    They deserve so much better in their homeland. I had no doubt when I first watched them perform live, that they are capable of conquering the music industry.

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