Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 28, 2008

Jaejoong+Junsu’s letters to Snoopy

Pictures: Jae’s Baidu Bar

Yes, Snoopy, as in Snoopy the cartoon dog XDDD [Ok, Potensvita just informed me that Snoopy might be a DJ of a radio program that DBSK went on =.=”” Lol, the cartoon dog on Jae’s letter threw me off XD But, I went on the radio site where these pictures originated from, and read all their DJ profiles (beats doing homework) and they don’t have a DJ called Snoopy….so maybe they really were writing to the cartoon dog? GAH, WHY MUST PEOPLE HAVE SUCH CONFUSING NAMES – I can say that, cos I have one of the plainest names in the English language XDDDDD]

The letter with the Snoopy drawing is Jae’s, and the one with the black border is Junsu’s. Second picture is the group shot they took with the DJ, whose blog these pictures were taken from)

I’m not sure WHY they wrote letters to Snoopy, but from their message, I think it was to promote a radio show that aired in February.

When I first saw Junsu’s, I thought it was a (child’s) fan letter to Junsu XDDD The hand wrting is so Junsu-ish :P Jae’s handwriting looks like mine, except I tend to be oblivious to the lines on the page and write all over the place XD I love his evil Snoopy, though LOL I used to have Winnie the Pooh book covers, and I liked to draw over Pooh’s eyebrows to make him evil XDDD I AM SPECIAL.

Anyway, 花花家的小耗子, over at Jae’s Baidu Bar, translated these messages into Chinese, and I’ll now translate them to English:


Snoopy X|

Hi, I am DBSK’s Junsu.

This CD is an important single which we have just finished.

Actually, there’s something I want to ask of you. ^^

If you can, can you listen to the songs on this CD?


I’ll listen to this radio….hahaha

I love you Written by Junsu

Please listen to the radio show on February 20th


I’m Jaejoong! How’s it going?

December (12th?) birthday…happy birthday!

Are you happy?

Junsu…that boy… a good kid~~

Um…am I that annoying?…..hehe

I’m going to cry……..hehehehehehe

So unfair! Life….is really good, right?

It’s like that, right? hehe

Lol, Jae’s letter is………..unique XD

I really want to see what they would say in a letter to Santa :D I reckon Junsu’s probably written one before, cos he apparently believed in Santa till he was in middle school XD So cuuuuute *^^*

What I’m currently listening to: “Five minutes to midnight” – Boys Like Girls


  1. OMG I can understand it XD [I’ve been sulking these days since I cant understand SJ M’s interviews or even songs. xD now that DBSK is using Japanese, It’s my time to use my skills X3] Compared to JunSu oppa’s writing, JaeJoong oppa’s is kinda messy. XD And yes, jaejoong oppa’s letter IS unique. He’s always out of this world. XD that’s why i ♥ him. [well yea, im sayuusj13 and all that but im also sayuuDBSK5 XD anyway thanks for sharing. XD

  2. Ooo, you can read Japanese???? *jealous*

    Haha, are my translations correct? Lol, I translated it from Chinese, so I have no idea if they’re right XDDD

    Jae’s writing is messy compared to Junsu’s??? Lol, to me, it looks tidier XD Maybe it’s because Junsu’s is so….circular, and it looks really child-like :P

  3. I reckon Junsu’s handwriting is better too :D
    But neither write as neat as I do did XD
    You probably think Jae’s looks tidier because in Chinese, characters look better with straight strokes, yes? but Hiragana has a lot of curvy lines in their characters. So in conclusion, Junsu has better handwriting.
    AHAHAHA I’m pretending like I know my stuff…I bet sayuu13sj is rolling her eyes at me XD LMAO but seriously…Jae’s “su” is retarded, as is his “o”…*runs away to DIE* :)

  4. Yup, Ur translations are fine. Lol, Jaejoong oppa gave me a hard time reading his letter. [Im kinda glad that my hand writing isnt that messy. XD] And i adore JunSu oppa’s writing. It’s like.. printed, Lol. very.. proper. XD Im so jealous of him. T___T I mean it’s really neat for a foreigner.. even for a regular japanese guy. man. xD [right now im bragging how i can understand DBSK to my mom c0z she keeps nagging that I dont even know what they’re talking about.]

    I think i wanna stop here. xD I just love to give long comments. =) nyao^^

  5. Lol, I obviously don’t know my Hiragana XDDD

    Na, I did Japanese in Year eight, for….a term? xDDD I gave up cos I had to do it via correspondence and it got too boring =_=

    Omg, I hate the “possibly related posts” thing SO MUCH. IT SHOULD CRAWL INTO A HOLE AND DIIEEEE

  6. Sayuu13sj:
    Sorry, I didn’t see your comment, you posted at the same time as me ^^”’

    Lol, so Junsu’s writing is neat? xD

    I’m so jealous that you can understand Japanese ;________; are you studying it at school? I wish I chose Japanese ;_______________;

  7. @ candychu-san:
    oh yea. But i really love Jae oppa’s “su” XDD It looks so crazy =)) Right now i’m reading [jae] oppa’s letter again. im just obsessed, dont mind me. :D

    [yea, im retarded. im unique. im peculiar. XD]

  8. omo~ i made fatal[?] typo errors at my previous comment, this is how it was supposed to look like:

    Sorry i didnt see Ur comment too, >_<
    Im jealous that U can understand mandarin, T_T
    Well im japanese, so i just got to learn my own language, Lol.[It’s just that i dont get to use it that often, im currently at the philippines. and it sucks. T__T] And i’ve been studying korean since SJ’s “Twins” era. XD but I suck at hangul. T__T

  9. i think snoopy was the radio dj of a radio show they went to in japan.
    Not very sure. ^^

  10. Sayuu13sj:
    Ooo, you’re Japanese? You’re my first Japanese reader!:D

    You’re learning Hangul, too??? Wow…even pretty boys aren’t enough to motivate me to learn another language xDD

    Thanks <33 I edited it into the post. But like I said in my edit, I couldn’t find a DJ called Snoopy…..sigh……WHY must people have such odd names o.O

  11. lol xDDD the reason u think jae’s hand-writing is neater maybe its because your………………hmmm…. biased xDD yeah u heard me. *gets bricked* well idk chinese OR jap,(such a useless human…I am) lol. but from my POV, yeah junsu’s is neater. it looks cute just like his kamo butt. ok. tht was random ahah.

    gsh hangul is easier to read than japanese. i’ve tried learning korean,jap and mandarin and i fail less than a week lol. the only way for me to learn is if i have a study date with changmin-SAMA xDD
    and MY MY jae looks gooooooooooooooddddd,

  12. pinkandsparkly:
    really? im so happy! im special, LMAO. [in a retarded peculiar way, XD] Actually the 1st language i really wanted to learn was mandarin, [my mom.. when she was little, she has this thing for china. XD when i was born, i was influenced. ^o^] but mandarin just makes my brain go *boom* XD

    but then i met SJ [like what?! XD].. And I had this ambition to meet them. I made a serious promise to myself that i should meet them, even if they’re already old and not famous and all that XD[yea, im one of those freakin’ weird crazy inlove fans. O_O] So i needed to learn their language :D

    Lol, i just like to interact with U that’s why i replied U xDD I just like to butt-in :)
    xDDD LOL LMFAO dont get me wrong..
    Im just.. Lol. :D just joking. :D
    But yea, he’s so pretty handsome. T_T

    then again, i knew this post would be kinda long. :D

  13. I’m still working on replying to that e-mail, please don’t hate me ;_____;. LOLOLOLOL. I hope all is going well! Thanks so much for translating; these were fun to read <3.

  14. Koreanchocolate:
    Me??? Biased?? NOOOOOOOOOOOO :P

    And yes, STUDY DATES WITH DBSK :DDDDD Though, I doubt I’d be able to get anything done xDDD

    Mandarin is HARD; I’m so glad my mum forced me to learn it when I was little xDDD

    Wow, you’re so dedicated! I’m…….a little less dedicated XD I know I’ll never see them, but it’s OK, I’ll just buy their albums and drool over their pictures XD

    You’re probably busy studying dissection, or something equally as interesting as that :P (I actually really like dissecting things XDDD)
    Lol, school just started again, and I’ve forgotten all the French that I learnt before term break XDDDDD’’’’’’ MY MEMORY RIVALS THE BLUE FISH IN FINDING NEMO XDDDDD


    I have exams coming up next week .___. AND I’M STILL ON THE COMPUTER DAMMIT DDDDDDDDDDD:. I miss you <3. And hope you’re doing well~ :)!

  16. LOL, yes, my memory is so bad that I can’t even remember the name of the fish XDDDD

    Your exams are next week??? Booooooooooooo. Oh well, at least they’ll be all done and out of the way ^—-^

    Good luck for your exams~!!!!!! You will pwn :DDD

    Computers are shiny distractions :P

  17. Oh.Mi.Goodness.
    My sensei would have a FIELD DAY with Jae and Junsu’s lack of Kanji-usage. Seriously. She always *rants* (no joke) about how frustrating it is to read a sentence/paragraph/letter/aka: our tests, without any kanji (cause a lot of people in our class use solely hiragana cause we fail at kanji) because she has to puzzle through the pieces. Not kidding. I read the letters, and then I kept on thinking there was this *obscure* vocabularly that I didn’t understand (like iiko. “Junsu was iiko desu ne?” WHAT IS IIKO?!?!?!? it turns out it’s ii [space] ko. good boy. rawr). Jae’s handwriting is messy. Junsu’s is much better (looks a lot like mine, actually.). haha. I love being able to read Japanese.

  18. Haha!
    they’re so cute but i’m thai so i can read just thai and english TT *sad*
    i wish i studied more language…
    well, even i can understand only thai n enlish i keep on lisening to their songs XDDD i don’t get a word out of it but, i think its good (=

  19. Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DBSK’S OPPAS!!!!!!! Hwaiting!!!!!!!! haha both the letter r so funny..i wish i was told=’i love u’ by junsu oppa….jaejoong is a good writter too…he really can start a letter well..>,<" I LOVE DBSK FOREVER!!!!!!~~ AND THAT WILL NEVER EVER WILL CHANGE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~

  20. lol they’re handwriting seems so sloppy…xD

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