Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 29, 2008

“Beautiful You” no.1 on Oricon Weekly

Original article on the Oricon site (it’s in Japanese)



Apparently they also broke a record that was made 24 years ago, for a foreign asian artist getting two weekly number ones in a row on Oricon :DDDDDDDD YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Sale numbers of the top ten singles:

*1 62,043 东方
*2 48,281 羞耻心
*3 34,961 坂本
*4 30,531 ℃-ute
*5 29,294 リュ
*6 25,204 B’z
*7 24,079 w-inds.
*8 22,345 WaT
*9 17,621 清木场
10 13,433 モンマジ

62,043 singles sold in a week?! WOWOWOWOWOWOW *————*

They’re going to take over the world, I just know it ;)

And to celebrate, here are some DBSK wallpapers to paper your desktop with [Sorry, I really can’t remember where I got these XD so credit as tagged]

Omg, I think I went a little overboard ^^”’ Ah well, you can never have too many DBSK wallies :D

What I’m currently listening to: “The song we sing” – BOBO – Those guys are AMAZINGLY good, and their album just came out this week, YAY :DDDDD Will do a pimp post on them this weekend (maybe)

Oo, and I thought I’d share the wallpaper I’m currently using:


  1. Im here again. X3
    GOSH. They have amazing powers. O_O
    To be ranked 1 in oricon is already a great achievement. But 2 in a row? OMG my husband jae oppa is doing excellent X3

    they’d be dominating the world sooner or later and the next thing U know, YunHo would be the president of their very own country [United States of Dong Ban Shin Ki? XD].. LMAO~ Or maybe my husband can be president too? or ChangMinNie? [But they world would be in total chaos.. O_O’]

    thanks for the wallpapers, but I only took the ones with Jaejoong oppa in it. XD I love them all, but not as much I love my husband. XDD but Im gonna save them all later. Im just transferring some of my files to another hard disk.. i got filled a hard disk with 4-5 times already. X3

    Oh, did I mention that I love YoungWoong JaeJoong? :D

  2. ^uh-oh, you did not just call Jae ur hubby :P

    BUT YAY!! *pops some champagne as well* LOL okay maybe they really don’t need me to support them this one time…far out 62 ooo + copies in a week O______________o


    and LMAO i kept scrolling and scrolling and there were still more wallpapers :P

  3. i knew someone would say that T_____T

    hmmn.. anyway that would never ever happen in real life. :(

    congratualtions to DBSK..
    おめでと , とほしんき。。。
    peace out. :P

  4. haha :P
    okay lets see how good my memory is :P
    “onudeto tohoshinki” ?
    LOL i didn even realise tohoshinki was written that way (bcoz Ive never written it out) until I spelt out each word :P

  5. Sayuu13sj:
    *pinkandsparkly comes at you with claws out* xPPP Just kidding…

    “United States of Dong Bang Shin Ki”, sounds GREAT! I’d totally migrate there xDDD I reckon either Yunho or Changmin, would be president, cos Jae’s too dumb, and Yoosu are too busy playing House :P

    Btw, who’s your avatar of? It’s hard to tell cos it’s so small….but from here, it looks like a JE boy….?

    Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory:
    See, your name is so nickname-able xPP

    Haha, yea, I went SLIGHTLY overboard with the wallies XDDDDD

    I hope their next single will do just as well~! (and it will, granted that JE won’t release anything in the same week =.=)

    *claps for you being able to read the Hiragana*

  6. [b]candychu:[/b]
    it’s “omedeto tohoshinki”
    I just spelled thsk in hiragana.. I dont know the kanji for it T_T [wait, do they use kanji in thsk?]

    ほんと に ごめん, ね?? :D
    Oki i’ll never post anything about oppa being my husband ever again XDD
    But wait. oppa? dumb? *glares*
    dont say it too straightforward.. [even though it’s TRUE. xDD]
    hmmn.. whos JE? jaejoong oppa? X3 [sorry i suck at acronyms.. or shortened terms.. or whatever. maybe im just as dumb as jaejoong oppa? X3]

  7. lol. nevermind the [b][/b] things. i forgot to use html, sorry. :D

  8. ^ahahah I thought it was “nu” for noodles XD *thinks back to flashcards* :P
    ooh more hiragrana…”hontoni komen, re?* LOL I FORGET I GIVE UP

    Maybe that’s why *I’ll* be Mrs Lee Donghae :P

    lmao, dont clap for me I totally suck XD

  9. woooooow <333 I’m so proud of them! *throws a party* two times in a row O_O AWESOME!! <33
    thx for the wallies!! love them all! ^_^

  10. Oooooh, wow! This is exciting!

    I need to start loving this song, so I can share in their joy. XDDDD It’s funny cos none of their songs that have reached no. 1 status on Oricon Weekly have wow-ed me (even Purple Line … !!! I know, I faiiiill. XD) and I don’t even have “Beautiful You” on my iPod (I never bothered to download it). And i listen to Purple Line once in a blue man, as opposed to listening Darkness Eyes like everyday. XDDD

    But yes, I’m SO proud of them! They really ARE gaining craploads of attention, which is great!

  11. *moon (NOT blue man)

  12. candychuuuuuuu~
    it’s “honto ni gomen, ne?” X3 OMG I feel so great coz U guys dont know much about nihongo XD [im feeling superior. XD] [please dont say “but U dont even know how to say “im sayuu” in mandarin! XD] ok, that was a sick joke. :)

    plus.. U’ll never get the chance to be MRS LEE DONGHAE .. bc0z.. gah! XD

    peace out guys. X3

  13. Sayuu13j:
    LOL, but he iiiiis dumb XDDD I still love my boo-jae-joong, though :P

    JE = Johnny’s Entertainment…you MUST have heard of them before, it’s a HUUUUUUGE boyband factory in Japan…

    Everlasting Gobstoppers

    You’re welcome ^—————^

    Blueman??? LMAO XDDDDDDDD

    LOL, when I read this, I was like “wow, I wish I liked the song, then I’d be super happy (even though I am anyway)

    Lol, I haven’t downloaded this yet either XDDDD
    I LOVE Purple Line, but their other Oricon hits? Not so much….. Summer Dream is…too happy, and Lovin’ You sounds SO NASALLY; I don’t know why that song did so well, I really don’t…

    I am SO glad that Avex released their single this week, cos I know that Kat-tun and NewS, both have singles coming out soon, and they’re both SUPER DUPER popular in Japan (I’m not complaining, though, cos I love Kat-tun and Yamapi :P)

  14. hmmm…what about BoA then? doesnt she get no.1 on oricon weekly before? hehe, so sorry for being dumb here. just got to know bout japan and korea’s artists this year. *embarassed*

  15. Nope…BoA doesn’t count, they’re talking about foreign asian artists who’s gotten two number ones on Oricon weekly, in a row :D

    Nothing to be embarrassed about! Welcome to the fandom :DDDD J-pop and K-pop are awesome…but so is C-pop :P

  16. pinkandsparkly:
    I cant believe im *this* dumb XD
    Of course I know Johnny’s Entertainment~
    [The only acronyms I know is SJ, SJM, SJ KRY, SJ T, DBSK, TVXQ/TVfXQ and THSK XD]
    by any chance.. are U.. cross-eyed? XD [oki, IM SORRY. that was another sick joke of mine. T___T]

  17. I feel so lame, but when I came on, i was like ‘meh, Beautiful you made it as number one…good for them”…but then I kept scrolling and was all “FREEEEEEE WALLLIEEEEESSSS!!!!” *claps and rolls head on computer keyboard* Thanks for that :D

    HAHAHAH! I dont know why, but jaebaby with plants makes me LOL-hardcore. However, it does inspire my fantasy of jae as a ninja… imagine ninja-jae lurking amongst the bamboo shoots *claps and rolls head on computer keyboard some more*

    BTW! If you do roll your head on your computer keyboard…IT BEEPS! xDDDDD Just thought Id share

  18. ROFLMAO! Just a random message, but whats with the second wallpaper? xD Jae looks madass smexy (as per usual ^^ Gotta be proud of him) But Yoochun totally ruined it. I swear to gosh, how funny would it be, if jae was costumed in a dress for that photoshoot instead? It’d look like Chunnie was attempting to perve on our jaebaby :P

    Just thought was funny, cos Yoochun’s just lying on the floor (a possibly very DIRTY floor, where the ‘3 second rule’ becomes non existant) ^^ Its awesome!

  19. Sayuu13sj:
    HE DOES LOOK LIKE HIM!! Well, only in your avatar, anyway xP

    I’m GLAD you know JE, otherwise I would’ve been worried :PPP

    LOL, the funny thing is, I read your comment just as Candychu and I were discussing whether I looked cross-eyed in a picture, and we both went “OMG, SAYUU IS PSYCHIC!!!!” XDDD

    LOL, I was going to give you a special shout-out, then I forgot XD

    But yes, DBSK wallies are FTW <3 I added all those wallies purely because of the Wallies convo that we had XDD

    K, I’m gonna have a go at rolling my head on my keyboard (we are both MEGA COOL)


    ^^^^ there you go ^——-^

    But no…it didn’t beep *cries* :'( All I heard was Akanishi Jin’s “Lovejuice”, and that’s only because it was the song playing on my music player XD

    Ninja-Jae???? OMG, THAT SOUNDS SO HOT, GAAAAAH Ninjas are awesome.

    Lol, I thought the guy in the second picture was Yunho XDDDDDD I FAIL AT SEEING

    However, I do NOT wish to see Jae photoshopped into a dress, I’ve seen WAY too many pictures like that, and they still give me nightmares :'(((((



  21. sayuu13sj:
    ahaha lol well it has been 4 yrs since I last touched jap so I can be excused :PP

    but you dont need to wait for photoshopped pics :P just watch VACATION :DD Lmao jae’s story was sooooooo funny xDD especially the end bit with the police siren LOL oh and of course Jae stealing a fat kid’s lollipop
    AND YES IT LOOKS LIKE HAE. Well it was a predebut pic…but he still looks the same!!!! <333

  22. pinkandsparkly:
    really? I dont see any resemblance XD
    anyway i fell like changing my avatar again O_O
    expect to see JaeJoong oppa the after a few seconds X3

    o0oh.. oki X3

    i just wanna share that at this time, [1:30am here .. O_O] im arguing with my mum about jae and yunho XD my mum LiKES YUNHO of DBSK XDD and she says that he’s the only one with good looks in DBSK and I was like “HOW CAN U NOT SEE MY YOUNGWOONG JAEJOONG’s BEAUTY?!” XDD

    This is the first time that i spent my whole day on DBSK :) [I usually spend my days on anime, SJ and DBSK but today was all DBSK XD]
    i’m kinda happy inside Lol~

  23. o0oh yea, VACATiON was amazing XD
    I think jae oppa’s episode was titled “the way U are”..? am i right? i need to be right XD
    I didnt like seeing youngwoong beaten up T_______T
    but i liked his outfit [the one he was wearing at the very start, the one with striped sleeves XD]

    have U guys seen all of their banjun dramas? X3

    [this is like turning into a forum O_O]


    omg they are just so awesome.

    omg, three sentences that start with omg. only dbsk can make me do those.

    chukahae boyz! *breaks open the champagne*

  25. wOOooOOTTT!!!!! =D
    *throws handful on confetti into the air*


    Have you seen ‘Anego’ by the way? Jin’s so, so, sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in it.

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