Posted by: potensvita | April 29, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Go YounHa ^^

I am so sorry for being so late. Haha. But HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Go Youn Ha.

I really don’t know much about her, ^^ ~put on apologetic face~ but I like her for her music and only her cute self. ^^

Related Clips

YounHa was once in Manwon Hengbok, a variety show where the participants were given around 10 USD to spend for a week. That was really little so much of the participants will begs for food, do missions to gain more money. ^^

YounHa, Manwon Hengbok with Battle (credit : taekwonah @ youtube) and Suju (I am sure there is a subbed vids on youtube)… oh well.

YounHa had an advertisement with FT Island too. ^^

I am going to share three of my favourite Special Stage she did with artist like, Epik High, WheeSung, and K.Will.

My 3rd favourite one.

Whee Sung and YounHa – Unknown song and Comet (live)

I am not sure what song is the both of them were singing at the beginning but I know that the second song that they both sung was Comet – in her 1.5 Korean album. haha. I love this song. ^^ However, I don’t like the very first song because well, the chemistry wasn’t there at all. ;X


The second one on the list is a collab of Epik High and YounHa.

I love Epik High and I love them more if I can understand them more. ^^ They are performing Password 486 and Love Love Love, a song by Epik High in their Remapping the Human Soul (?)

My information nowadays are really inaccurate I think. ^^’

Epik High and YounHa – Special Stage – Password 486 and Love Love Love


I am saving the best for the last, K. Will and YounHa’s perf. This is the best vocal performance!

K.Will and YounHa – Unknown Song, Passowed 486 and Music is My Life.

Sigh…. This is the best performance ever I had heard. ^^



  1. OMG, ILU!!!!


    Thank you, dear, for uploading so many videos <333!!!!!! I have to wait till I’m uncapped to download them, but thank youuuuuuuu ^——–^

  2. And she comes back with a BANG!! YAH YOUR BACK!!! OMG I MISS YOU SOO SOO MUCHO!!!

    I LOVE the special stage of her and epik high cuz the song ‘love love love’ totally pawns <333 and how adorably cute does she look in that white dress XDD How old did she just turn?

  3. oh thanks for the vid uploads, taking the ones with epik and k.will :D

    not really a fan but i love password 486 and i think she sounds amazing in useon, off of epiks 5th album. ^_^

  4. Pinky
    haha, you had been searching for her performance after I introduced to you Younha? Download all you want. ^^
    I love your enthusiasm.

    You have been leaving me a lot of love letter in my mail and I am enjoying it all. lol.
    she had just been 20 years old (I think. I am not sure. ^^’) I am not technically back.

    you are welcome. ^^

  5. Special stage with K.Will, first song is K.Will’s song from his first album “Left Heart”.

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