Posted by: pinkandsparkly | April 30, 2008

DBSK “Anycall” promotional pictures

Pictures: DBSK’s Baidu Bar

That last picture isn’t a promo picture, it’s a picture from the set of their CF filming; thought I’d stick it in there cos Yunho’s arms look good :P And I like his top.

The boys look good ^———–^

How come Junsu didn’t get to pose with a girl =.= He just got to pose with lots of suitcases =.=”””’

The black phone that one of the girls is holding, looks like the phone I’m getting (LG Viewty ^^) Ooo, and I really like that orange t-shirt Jae has on…

Happy happy happy, la la la~~~ I am a rational fangirl~~~

What I’m currently listening to: “Doraemon theme song”

*Goes into a corner and sulks*


  1. Jae looks so cute in the JaeHo pic…pouting…he probs lost Tiffany to Yunho. And why does Yoochun look so sweet in his photos? *jealous* And Changmin.Is.So.Hot. But he’s not posing with me :'(

    *goes into corner with you and sulks*

    *brings allow cookies and ice cream to munch our sadness away*

  2. *slowly rocks back and forth and draws circles on the ground*

    *opens mini-fridge and take out a plate of sushi*

    *munches on sushi*

    *stares at Yunho’s arms*

    *watches Jin’s Pinky solo for the 34534632nd time*

    *goes shopping and maxes out credit card*


  3. *finishes gobbling up junk food*
    *decides is not satisfied*
    *runs to Henry*
    *finds him hugging some fan*
    *runs to Hae for some comfort*
    *is [only]semi better because the thought of what Changmin may possibly do in the CF with Jessica kinda worries me…*

    Just cheat on them with the SuJu members.

  5. *runs off to find Siwon, Teukie, and Heechul*
    *sees them all drooling over the new promo pictures*
    *runs away*
    *climbs to the top of Sydney harbour bridge*
    *sits there for awhile*
    *is comforted by the sight of horrible traffic on the bridge, and the thought that those people are feeling way worse than me*
    *carefully climbs down*
    *goes home and eats*

  6. Spazzes:
    LOL, i was just posting my reply to Candychu, when you posted that, and omg, WE TOTALLY THINK ALIKE XDDDD

  7. spazzes:
    Well, DBSK cheated on us first. AHAHAHA WE I REALLY NEED TO GROW UP :DD
    *feels a tug*
    *turns around to find bunch of flowers in face*
    *thinks – is it Changmin?*
    *takes flowers and finds the arm holding them belongs to Kyuhyun who then starts singing to me*
    *turns on TV to see some crazy girl sitting on top of the Harbour Bridge eating sushi* xPP

  8. *invites you to share spot on the bridge*
    *smiles sweetly*
    *pushes you off*
    *throws sushi at cars below*
    *laughs some more*
    *sings the national anthem*
    *cries because she doesn’t know the words :(*
    *plays hopscotch on the bridge*

  9. *falls into the arms of Siwon who you left down at the bottom*
    *is taken into a black car*
    *PLONK on roof of car*
    *starts raining sushi*
    *drives on to rescue DBSK from filming anymore CFs*
    What? They need a break from “business ” xP
    And OMG YOU DON’T KNOW THE NATIONAL ANTHEM? What did you sing at school then?
    *listens to Kyu hum the national anthem ^_____^*

  10. Siwon is in KOREA, DUH xPPPPP
    And I seriously doubt that Kyuhyun knows the Australian national anthem xPPPPPP
    At school, we sang “the southland of the Holy Spirit” SO THERE :D


    *unpacks old fairy wings”*
    *puts them on*
    *flys to Japan*
    *punches Hello Kitty*
    *eats more sushi*
    *goes to find DBSK*
    *realises that we’re scaring all our readers*

    *throws head back and cackles*


  11. ROFLMAO! You guys are the COOLEST…..and thats why I come here to read :D

    Just wanted to point out the 5th image, and how loner YC looks xD He’s hell craning his neck and looking towards the front of the line where the dong band dudehs are xD Bless this guy! (who also happens to afford desginer branded PANTIES!!)

    (But I think theres gonna be a gazillion Yoona haters….some intense pics between her and Yoochun)

    And a random caption for that image
    Jaejoong: YEAH! Gummydork sent me a gummy *THIS* big
    Changmin: WOAH! You met gummydork?
    Junsu: *awkward laugh* Isn’t she the crazy fan that rubbed melted gummies all over your body?

    ….xD I can dream

  12. LOL @ the *punches Hello Kitty* — DIE YOU KITTIES OF DOOOOMMM!! That cute exterior is a LIE!


    LMAO, you should make a macro with that on it XDDD I literally LOLed at the “crazy fan that rubbed melted gummies all over your body?” line XDDDDDDDDDD

    AND YES, KITTIES OF DOOM IS RIGHT. Ooo, have you been to this site before: AWESOME STUFF :D

    ….er….how did you find out about Micky’s designer branded panties…

  14. macro? I think of pasta…so if you are referring to pasta, im assuming you’re telling me to remake that picture….with bits of pasta…..?

    xDDD That would actually be kinda fun :D We can LITERALLY eat the dong bang dudehs if i made a pasta version of that picture xD

    I see London, I see France, I see micky yoochun’s Underpants XD

    OH! Thanks for the link to that blog! I love the sarcasm of that guy. HAHAHA! And the picture of the burning hello kitty! Howd you find the site in the first place?

  15. Behold….MACROS:

    Though, the pasta idea isn’t half bad…..mmm~~~ DBSK shaped macaroni… it would be like alphabet pasta :DDDD

    OooooOOOOOooooo, Emporio Armani, eh…..someone’s ridiculously rich =.=””

    I found that blog randomly, it’s soooo funny XD Actually, his older entries are better, cos I think someone else is writing them now, cos he’s on holiday…not sure. Some of the Hello Kitty stuff on it is HILARIOUS, eg. the hello kitty toilet paper dispenser that costs $400+ XDD

  16. Ahhh! So those are macros! xDDD i skimmed through some of them, and they’re SO hilarious

    xD the boy with the humungo mouth….JUST made his mouth look bigger :D VICTORYYY

    And what dya mean half bad?! Its diabolical in all its shining gloryyyy xD One day when i can afford to buy enough pasta, I shall maketh myself a lifesized pasta jaejoong/changmin. :D And then we’ll see whats ‘half bad’

    LOL, I dont even think the guy is on holiday. He’s prolly lost it, and is currently in japan, stalking the sanrio company, and trying to figure out how to break into the vent system so that he can fart on the CEO of the company or something :P

  17. OMG, SORRY, I MEANT “HALF DECENT” XDDDDD My head’s gone all loopy after seeing those promo picutres =.= [“half decent” doesn’t make ANY sense…. IT’S LATE OKAY.]

    LIFESIZED PASTA STATUES, FTW! Do let me help you with those…..I’ll even contribute pasta :DDDD

    OMG, BABY MIN WITH HUGE TOY <33333!!!!!!!!! I love the Siwon ones, THOSE EYEBROWS ARE FTW, I TELL YOU.

    Lol, that guy LIVES in Japan XD His wife is a hello kitty collector, thus the hate of all things hello kitty ;)

  18. *smirks at the fact that Yunho looks slightly more feminine than I’m comfortable with and hands him over to Tiffany*
    *ROFLs at Micky and Yoona because that first pic is tooooo funny. XD*
    *wishes she were in Yoona’s place*
    *then decides that Micky looks like a monkey, so willingly hands him over to Yoona*
    *pats candychuuuchuuuutrain on the head because Changmin’s not posing with her*
    *takes a picture of pinkandsparkly up on that bridge*
    *proceeds to record the news (starring PAS on top of THAT BRIIIIIDGGGGEEE, of course. XD)*
    *attempts to steal Changmin’s shirt because it’s toooo cool*
    *decides that chemistry is cooler than DBSK and returns to studying*


    They look goooooooood. I LOVE. <3333

  19. XDDDDDD! This is why it’s good to have lots of crushes; you can go back and forth between them XD.

    I think the Yoochun fans must be in the biggest frenzied state right now XD. His ads with Yoona are very awesome <3.

  20. yes, i’m a rational fan. (sayin’ this with disbelief)

    joins pinkandsparkly and candychu too.
    OMO..i laughed so hard at what both of you have written and my baby niece gave her aunty a weird look. ergh.

    OMO>>…u know what. i guess you haven seen one of their fan pics with jae joong grabbin’ someone’s ass. sob..

    hmm..i’m so GLAD that junsu hasn’t got any “intimate” pictures with the girls SO FAR, or else i’ll be sitting at the corner with my McFlurry, my sashimi salmon , staring at oguri shun’s picture. :D

    Pinkandsparkly :

    hmm..i just knew who Arashi is as recently, i’ve been watching Hana yari Dango..omo..i’m hooked!

  21. I do not really have much to say other than that Yoochun is my favourite… T-T So I am bitter. Still WAY better than Yamapi in AnAn. Oh man I thought I was going to hit the computer then. LOL Shock. Actually Jun Matsumoto in AnAn to. Dang DO NOT LET THE BOYS NEAR ANAN! LMAO

    But um Erv… what is this about Jaejoong’s ass grabbing picture? :D Does anyone happen to have a link to that? Unless he was in his blonde hair (I do not know why but he looked really pimp then) I cannot even imagine it.

  22. ringy

    i remember i saw one of the pictures taken by the fans, sorry…i don’t have the link. very forgetful. think the pictures will pop up soon.
    not ASS grabbing type just that, JaeJoong and U know (i’m not sure) have to hold the lucky girl’s ass in order to hold her up, stg like that in their commercial. LOL> anycall finally having DBSK in their commercial. happy happy*throws smarties. :D

  23. i think the CF is already up.
    go she has embedded the video

    gosh!! i can’t watch it till next monday
    tell me about it girls!
    do i have to prepare my McFlurry, salmon sashimi and lotsa and lotsa candies to comfort myself? :P

  24. oh.
    i read that there’s kissing scene. haha..hmmmm…errrr.

    I am dying~~
    *runs of to comment on the anycall CF post*

    Oh and very lovely panties XDDD .. but the tattoo OMG XDDD

  27. Playmeagain:

    I AGREEEEEEE (with all the asterixis) ESPECIALLY THE MONKEY ONE, HOMG.

    The first one with Micky and Yoona, look really………awkward?

    Chemistry is cooler than DBSK…..? =.=

    *goes back to reading about the history of newspapers*

    Lol, the Baidu Jaeho + Yoosu shippers are VERY mad XDDDD

    Some of the comments are SOOOO amusing, omg XD.


    Junsu fans are lucky, he didn’t get paired up with any girl (well, I haven’t seen him with anyone yet)

    McFlurries are yummo~~~ Especially the Oreo ones *droools*


    Hmmm, the Junsu bits in the CF aren’t that bad…..they’re actually really cute and funny :P Thanks for giving me the headsup on the video!

    OMG, ANAN PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!!!!!! MY EYEEEEEESSSSSSS. Let’s hope DBSK never go on it, never ever ever ever ever…..

    *pats your head*

  28. i don’t like that CF anymore >.< By the way, I’m also watch and download DBSK’s stuff in There’s a huge collection of DBSK’s stuff here, enjoy it ^^!

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