Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 1, 2008

DBSK “Anycall Haptic” CF videos

Thank you, Erv, for the heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH <333!

WARNING TO CANDYCHU + Gummydork (and all other Changmin fans): DO NOT WATCH.

30 second version [yuulina3jj @ Youtube]

15 second version [bapex3milo @ Youtube]

Will edit after heart palpitation


Ok, now you can’t blame me if you get the urge to jump off the Empire state building :D

These CFs are…a lot of fluff XD lol. I don’t think they’re supposed to have deep meanings behind them, not like the Anycall CFs Junsu did last year.

Very cute, though.

Junsu is such a dooorrrrrrrrrk XD At the start of the 15 second version, his expression looked like a little boy who just caught someone doing something bad XD (wow, that sentence looks really bad)


Oo, and Micky looks nice with that other SNSD girl (I’M SORRY, I’M REALLY BAD WITH NAMES, SHUDDUP) but GAAAHHHH, THOSE BLONDE PATCHES *Rips hair out*

Changmin is THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. Except his fans are probably all really mad XD HI, CHANGMINNIE, I WANT TO EAAAATTTT YOUUUUUU.

Jae had pretty much NO screentime, so I am VERY happy, LOL XD (no, I’m not being sarcastic, I really am QUITE happy that he didn’t have much screentime in THIS commercial. Immature? Bite me.) xP


Edit: I think the plot is: Three boys +three girls get stuck in an elevator. They communicate and get each other’s numbers. They date. The end.

Lol, can anyone come up with a better conclusion? XDDDD


Edit again: I love JJ’s orange jeans

What I’m currently listening to: “Lovejuice” – Akanishi Jin


  1. Haha, looks pretty interesting. I wish Li Yin is inside there though with Jun Su. ^___________^

    I saw erv’s comment before I saw this post and clicked on it and I SERIOUSLY STOPPED BREATHING. OMG WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  3. Um…Yunho doesn’t actually kiss Tiffany, right?
    GRRRRRRRRRRR CHANGMIN T________________________T
    Why does he have to look so cute and hot and lean against Jessica in the elevator :(
    *goes back to being dead*

  4. omo~ this commercial is too cute XD~ though I really really LOVE SNSD but it really breaks my heart when they ‘kissed’ each other ^^” I still thinking that Changmin should be with Tiffany *lol*
    btw…why did Changmin slurps at 0:22? XD~

  5. ^he slurped because he saw me.
    HA I WISH. Lol I’m really really jealous right now…I don’t even know why I came crawling back to this post.
    Maybe maths will clear my head a bit?
    *chucks another spasm*

  6. YEY! jae has no “coupling” lol.
    im not TOOOOOOOO bothered abt jae/yun and tiff cause well, yunnie got jae. so wtv lol ahaha. junsu is SOOOOOO cute. and its weird tht i thought chunnie and yoona is cute. haha. they really are BUT….
    WHY WHY WHY?????? AND U LOOK SO HOT :S(YES HE DOES!) wht if tht grl fell fr u.
    *grab a pillow and continues to be emo*

  7. CHANGDICE FTW !!!!!!

    (okay, I won’t spam here anymore)

    *waddles away after eating tonnes of food*

  8. oh oh i jsut read some cmmnts at dnbn and one of them said
    “shock shock shock” xDDDDDDDD aahahahha!!!!!!!!!!
    “NO kiss~~”
    “It’s business… maybe maybe
    It’s business… maybe maybe
    It’s business… maybe maybe ” loooooooooooool xDD

    왜 윤호만!!!! 왜왜왜왜 윤호만!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    which I THINK it means ches(idk wht it means)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ches!!!!!!!!!!!ches ches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY yunho WHY WHY WHY WHY yunho !

    lool and some one even put a pic of a DEAD dog xDDDD ahahahah

  9. hear that?

    thats the sound of the yoochun fans (who aren’t dying) sharpening their knives.

    and the yoosu shippers loading their guns to avenge junsu.

    finding yoochun cheating on him in an elevator…poor kid…

    the yun-jae-tiff reminds me of this one fic, Nan nikkeoya neon naekkeoya (I’m yours, you’re mine) where Yunho and Jaejoong were the fluffiest couple on earth and then yunho had an accident and forgets their entire relationship and then yunho starts falling for a GIRL because jaejoong began distancing himself out of depression.

    its a heartbreaking story, especially the part after the accident when yunho FORGETS. and the author made a good job of making readers hate the girl


    and though changmin looked a little awkward in the beginning, THAT NUZZLING WILL BRING BLOODSHED TO THE WORLD, BOY.

    just saying.

    *puts on armor and sits at highest point to watch the war*

  10. I like seeing Yunho with girls (I must be self-sadistic like that XD), but Tiff really bugs me. LOL I’m sorry. They look like brother/sister too, so it’s kind of … incest-y and pretty O___o. I wanna see Yunho with Lina (of CSJH). Or Sunday of CSJH. Or Bae Seul Gi! So many amazing Yunho pairings; they had to pick my least favorite one :(. LOLOLOLOL.

    I need to get off the computer :(.

  11. spazzes:
    OMG HI5***!!!! Today i was on the bus and thinking about this and I thought “Why couldn’t it be CSJH instead of SNSD????” And I TOO was thinking of Yunho and Lina :DDD At first I thought maybe Yunho and Sunday but then I couldn’t see Lina with anyone else. And I decided Sunday can go with Changmin and Stephanie with Junsu maybe? (thinks of Xman ep). But then it hit me that there wasn’t enough girls and I just threw in Bae Seul GI :DDD *HI5s again* Except then I just kept putting everyone with Yunho…just COZ HE LOOKS GOOD WITH EVERYONE! except Tiffany

  12. im here to comment~~
    i was hoping for a JaeHo pairing O_O
    I wonder if mom will get jealous if I show YunHo’s “kiss” with “so and so” SNSD girl [lol im bad at names XD]..

    gotta get one.

  13. Potensvita:
    That’s right, you’re a LiSu shipper *—* (is that the right name….?)

    I WARNED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDD
    *offers you virtual food*
    They were in an elevator? XD I just watched it once LOL
    I didn’t notice Changmin’s slurp :(

    Ooo, SNSD fan :D
    Changfanny~~ Haha ^—-^

    LMAO, those DNBN girls are HILARIOUS XDDDDDD
    Actually, some of the comments on Baidu are pretty good too XD
    But…a dead dog? A real one? :SSSS

    LMAO XDDDDD!!!!!
    The Baidu fans are already getting their watermelon cutting knives ready XD
    OOOOOOOOO, that fanfic sounds really interesting! As in, I’m actually tempted to read it, lol XD I never read DBSK fanfics (some of them are beyond weird) but that ^^^^ one sounds really good (from your description) :DD

    Lol, I actually don’t mind these, I just like being dramatic :P Really, as long as the boys don’t do an “anan” photoshoot, I’m sweet. [Those AnAn photoshoots are EVIL, I accidentally saw the Yamapi one in Baidu, and omg, MY EYEEEEES ;__________;]

    I don’t like Tiffany. She’s TOO bimbotic. There’s the cute act, then there’s the DUMB BLONDE. She does an excellent job of promoting herself, though, cos she’s the only one who I can always recognize and name. I have to rely on other people’s comments for the other girls XD

    Ewwwww incest :SSSSSS That’s what I thought when I watched the Changsica scene (changsica? XD) cos she looked way older than him, like a big sister :SSSSS

    I want to see DBSK pair up with CSJH!!!!! THAT WOULD BE SO HOT AND PRETTYYYYY. Bae Seul Gi is cute, I like her ^^. Actually, I wouln’t mind seeing Changmin with Han Ga In, she’s soooooooooo cute (I really liked her in Witch Yoo-hee), and I bet Changmin would like that ;)

    Lol, Changdice and I were throwing around DBSK+SNSD couple names (we don’t like homework, ok) and Changdice mentioned “FannyHo” XDDD SEE, EVEN THE COUPLE NAME SOUNDS WRONG. :P

    You’re mum??? Is she a Yunho fan??? XDDDD That’s so cuuuuuuute. My mum doesn’t even know their names LOL.

    The phones are really nice, but they remind me SO much of the LG Viewty =.= THEY LOOK THE SAAAAME.

  14. pinkandsparkly:
    She’s a Yunho fan ever since she got to watch him at EHB. XD she was like “hey, hey, that guy’s really handsome. he’s now my favorite” But she only knows Jaejoong oppa, YunHo oppa and YooChun oppa. She knows Junsu and ChangMin oppa by face. XD but I hate the way she says that “Yunho is the ONLY handsome guy in DBSK” T_______________________T [HOW CAN ShE NOT SEE JAE’S BEAUTY?!]

  15. Sayuu13sj:
    Lol, she’s still better than my mum. My mum thinks all the DBSK+SJ boys are hideous =.=

  16. Hi..deous?
    *looks up the meaning in a dictionary to make sure what im thinking is correct*
    no, offense, but starting today, im you’re mum’s no. 1 anti. XD [JOOOOOKE]

    how can they be hideous? T_T

    [im changing my avatar again. XD]

  17. lol. SuYin shipper. lol. I luv you for your dorkiness. I read through all the comments. I wonder what will happen one day when they all have girlfriend. lol.

  18. Pontensvita :

    WeeeLLLcccoomee BACK! hehe. haven been talking to you already. how are you? Yes, HOW I WISH LI YIN was there with junsu instead of SNSD. XD Anycall give Li yin a chance of exposure.
    yes, seriously. i wonder what will happen if they have girlfriends. hmmm…i don’t mind as long they’re decent, mummy-ish u know. not girls like SNSD. no offence, i’m not anti-SNSD, just that.i don’t adore them either.


    lols . you’re welcome <3<3 sharing is caring :D just happened to see it when i was surfing the net. ergh. okay. so far, my heart is still with me as i haven got a chance to watch the CF yet since i mentioned before, my bro in law’s laptop can’t install flash. ergh. can’t wait to go home next monday to watch the clip.
    phew. means junsu has no pairing and jae joong has not much screentime. girl, you’re not weird.Lols. you’re DEFINITELY not immature. am feeling the same too. kekekez… *chew me then. :D

    yes, i’m halfway through Hana Yari Dango season 2. Yes, Rui is so prince-y. I wasn’t attracted to him when I watched Hana Kimi though. kekekekz..wakakaka
    okay. i better calm myself. My SAT will be be on SAT . *finds a dagger and poke myself. wakakaa

  19. WHUT.

    That is one bigass elevator. ZOMG, I wish the phone booth elevator at my doctor’s office were that big – if you’ve got more than six people in trying to go up, wave gooodbyyyyyyye, because I swear you’re going to plummet and DIE. I’m not even kidding here.

    Yes, Jae’s jeans were LOVE. And he’s got a great “Yunho, you’re going to DIE” face (at the end of the commercial. Leastwise, i think he was giving Yunho the evil eye. *fails at life*). I don’t mind Yunho and Tiffany actually – I agree with chu chu train that he looks good with anybody. It’s probably because : a) he’s really tall, b) he loooks mature and manly (where Changmin … fails at times. CANDYTRAIN DON’T KILL ME) c) yo man, he exudes that leader aura. How could you NOT LIKE SOMEONE LIKE THAT.

    Ahaha, I love the couples. XDDD People are going to hate me for saying this, but zomg, *heart explods* because there’s too much cute in one video. And yes, Junsu’s face is … so JUNSU. There’s no other way to describe it, because I faiiiilll, but yes, he does look like a naughty kid who’s been going through his girlfriend’s underwear drawers. (OMG, aren’t my examples great?!??! XDD)

    AND THANK YOU FOR YOU E-CARD. I GOT IT THIS MORNING AND SCREAMED “YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH”. <3333333333333 It was SO NICE. <333333333 I shall attack you with hearts and lots of good stuff after the next three weeks are over. <3333333

  20. @ candychu
    CSJH GETS SCREWED OVER EACH TIME :(. Yunho + Lina = win. Both so tall and good-looking XD. Sunday’s so cute; I could see her with anyone, actually, especially Yunho and Junsu. Stephanie with Junsu or Yoochun. Dana with … Yunho. XDD. Oh dear. I leave Jae out all the time, lmao. I love Yunho with so many people, except Tiffany. I dunno, she just rubs me the wrong way, even though I’m definitely in the minority because everyone seems to love her.

    @ pinkandsparkly
    LOL OH GAWD, I SAW YAMAPI’S ANAN PHOTOSHOOT AND IT NEARLY BURNED MY EYES OUT. I don’t really know why, since I’m not even a fan, but lol those were just pretty awkward.

    HAHAHAH YOU DON’T LIKE TIFFANY EITHER. You basically said everything I think about her, so I won’t elaborate anymore. But yeah XD. Not a fan. We’re in the minority, though. Extreme minority lololol.

  21. Lol. I like Jae with Lina, Chang Min with Tiffany, Micky with BoA, YunHo with Stephanie, Jun Su with Li Yin, Sunday with Hee Chul, and Dana with dunno. lol.

  22. hehe. ME TOO! *raises hand*. It’s a good thing Jae didn’t get paired up with anyone otherwise I would’ve thrown a fit and boycotted SNSD on grounds of… I HATE THEM. Except for Taeyeon. Primarily because I have a friend (and a few others confirmed it) that Taeyeon and I look a little alike (we have similar eyes, even though she has double eyelids, similar chins/facial structures, and the same exact nose when her’s isn’t photoshopped to have a really high bridge).

  23. hey

    can anyone pls upload at least i have you chinese version by SJ-M? i haven heard the chinese version yet so am very curious :P

  24. Jae had pretty much NO screentime, so I am VERY happy, LOL XD (no, I’m not being sarcastic, I really am QUITE happy that he didn’t have much screentime in THIS commercial. Immature? Bite me.) xP

    i agree. yay lets go be immature together <333

  25. potensvita:
    If they all have a girlfriend, I’ll sit in a little corner and cry and stuff myself with a lot of food and try to find a way to separate them (j/k) @__@
    Actually, I’d be really happy for them, but I’d feel sad for me O.o

  26. After reading the “Changmin fans, do not watch,” I regret not heeding to your advice. HE LOOKED SO CUTE resting his head on her shoulder. Jealous. Yeah. I can so imagine what their fans will be plotting after watching this…

  27. Erv! You need to hear!
    Here you go:
    Enjoy! :D

  28. Ringy!

    thank you! sorry, i’m not able to download it yet ( i always have problem when i wanna download from megaupload due to the limited slot)

    hope i can download it later.


  29. Sayuu:
    Lol, my mum is really odd XD
    Awww, you’re avatar is baby-Donghae :P (It IS Donghae, right?) XD

    LMAO, yea, Candychu told me that I got the couple name wrong XDDD
    Haha, let’s hope that all the Cassiopeians will be more mature/turn gay when they eventually get girlfriends :P

    You’re halfway through? Ooo, when you finish, we can have a massive spazz-fest on the uber attractiveness of Hanazawa Rui <333 XD
    SAT? That’s an exam…right? Anyway, GOOD LUCK! You’ll do great ^—^

    Lol, I tried to made a nickname for you, but gave up cos I’m not creative XD

    Omg, the size of the elevator was the first thing I noticed too!!! I would LOVE IT if any of the elevators I daily go on were that big; the elevators here are all TINY. Seriously, if the elevator suddenly crashed, like the one in the CF did, talking to the guys in the elevator would be the LAST thing on my mind; I’d most likely be screaming and hyperventilating because the oxygen supply would run out in three minutes XD

    Yunho looks good with most people, just not short bimbotic girls =_= Blah, I want to see him with LIIIINA :DDDDD

    You love the couples……? Well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion :P

    I loved Junsu’s umbrella scene <3 And yes, your examples are awesome XD

    LOL, yes, let’s hope that the DBSK boys will never ever ever grace the pages of AnAn. I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” of Yamapi, but I think that he’s really cute, which was why I went all @#%$#^%#&$%* when I saw the shoot ^^’’’

    Have you seen Jun Matsumoto’s Anan shoot? (I don’t purposely go looking for these pictures, serious) The pictures from that looked a bit better than Yamapi’s (in terms of the p0rn) but ewwwwww. I hope Jin will never do that photoshoot, although he’d probably love it =.=’’’’

    Minority? Wow, I’m shocked :O But then again, many SNSD fans ARE really young……*cough* teenyboppers *cough* Just kidding, I love people ;)

    LOL, on the ground of “you hate them” XDDD Sounds reasonable to me, let me join you XD

    Lol, it’s funny that you say that you look like Taeyeon, cos *I* apparently do too XD Well, apparently it’s a mixture of Taeyeon, Yoona, and the main actress from Hana Yori Dango; except, obviously no where near as attractive xDD

    Weee~~~ Immature Jae Fans for LIFE :D

    Lol, see, you should always listen to Pinkandsparkly :P

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