Posted by: potensvita | May 1, 2008

Happy third anniversary to CSJH

To those who are really clueless, they debuted in China and not Korea with a press conference with Kangta. Haha. I was there and I saw the news. Haha.

Anyway, the hype is up in Soompi and even though, I have my brain to analyze what is news worthy and what is not, I decided to post this up. Sue me for being a fan of them.

They are really good to their fans.
Dana replied to some of the soompier on her CY world and yes, well, made the soompiers’ day.

Everyone was really happy for them in the soompi thread. I could still remember the days when I was waiting for CSJH or Li Yin’s new release. It was hard for me especially for Li Yin because the wait was very long. Maybe everyone still am clueless to what is happening to CSJH. Well, they are concentrating in Japan and I really hope that they will succeed because well, they deserved it. Talent wise, and the charm wise. Maybe a lot might disagree and well, lets just say I am not interesting in hearing them.

Well, according to news, they are in the midst of preparing for a release soon and while preparing, they managed to celebrate their third anniversary.

Here is a youtube vids of their fancamming of their celebration.

credit : snurfyangel @ youtube and soompi

Short as it is, I am still very happy.

Well, the atmosphere looks really gloomy but somehow, it made me felt so much more well emotional.

Don’t ask me why, it just looks so deserted.

Edit : Stephanie with Glasses. Such a dork. ^______________________^

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