Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 2, 2008

SJ-M on “舞动奇迹[strictly come dancing]”

Watch here

Symbelmyn has uploaded this onto Youtube: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART5

Perfect video for all you non-Chinese speakers; there’s barely any dialogue in this.

It’s not on Youtube yet, and Tudou is loading very very very slowly, so I’ll just edit as I watch.

Opening intro: Annnd the boys are back with a BANG! The opening intro was just pure hotness, I nearly DIED from heart palpitations, omg, SO HOT. I loved the bad-ass feel they had going on, and the setting reminded me of SJ’s Don’t Don MV. Hangeng looked…..the same (seriously, I think he didn’t change his outfit at all), and Siwon, OH SIWON, THE ARMS, THE VEST, THE HAIRRRRRRR; ZhouMi, Donghae, Ryeowook and Henry, all looked reaaaally nice and spiffy (Wookie’s tie+Henry’s vest = <3333), but I couldn’t really see Kyuhyun’s outfit….anyway, I loved the “SJM” written in flames on the ground at the end; NICE.

Opening dance: Ok, so after the military dance done by contestants on the show (well, I’m assuming it was done by the contestants) SJ-M came out one at a time, this time with ANOTHER NEW OUTFIT, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY – two new outfits on one show, woooooooow. I nearly CRIED when I heard the fans chanting Zhoumi’s name, omg, *——————-* [The onlytards are saying that the fans were chanting “Only”, but I’m in a good mood after my Gossip Girl marathon, so I’m going to believe that they were chanting “Zhoumi”]

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the outfits they wore for that performance, I HOPE THEY WEAR THAT OUTFIT EVERYWHERE LIKE THEY DID WITH THEIR LAST SET. My favourites would have to be Kyuhyun’s, Siwon’s, and Zhoumi’s; I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the top half of Kyuhyun’s outfit, WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN <333 (though I do wish the vest was a bit tighter) and Siwon’s shirt+t-shirt+skinny jeans combo is <3, as is Zhoumi’s t-shirt+loose cardigan <3333. Ryeowook looks like he’s wearing Siwon’s old outfit (IT’S THE SCARF), Hangeng really stands out in all that white, and Henry…needs to get rid of those Mario pants =.=”’ I do like the top half of his outfit, though :D Ooohhh, and Donghae, LOVE HIS JEANS, and I really like his scarf too <3!

After the “U” dance, they had to introduce themselves, and then K.R.Z sang the 舞动奇迹 song, a capella, which was very beautiful, even if it only lasted five seconds :P. The host then talked a bit to Hangeng about his experiences with dancing (it’s a dance show) and Hangeng said that he started dancing when he was 13, and only started learning hip hop when he was 18 – so you know, if you’re 13/14, it’s not too late to learn to dance :DDDD. Ooo, I should probably mention that while Hangeng was talking, Donghae was helping him wipe his face with a tissue XD HANHAE <3

Henry performed a violin/dance solo; I think he played the same song as last time on another variety show, but this time round it looked so much more dramatic (I think because of the strobe lights) and omg, that boy is SO TALENTED. The violin piece he played is NOT easy, and to MOONWALK while playing it is woooooooooooooooooooooooooow *———————–*

After Henry’s solo, Hangeng and Donghae performed a pre-choreographed dance battle to Chris Brown’s “Run it” (I LOVE THAT SONG) and they really showed everyone why they’re two of the main dancers in Suju *——* After that, they taught the audience a small part of their “U” dance (lol, the pelvic thrust in a line bit), and then they left.

In conclusion, the new outfits are hot, Henry is a violin prodigy, Hangeng and Donghae can dance, and I love SJ-M.

Oo, one more thing, the fans who invented the “only 13” sign (yes, they have a sign, at first I thought they were doing the peace sign) have too much spare time; maybe they should come watch Gossip Girl with me :D

It’s really late/early over here, so I’ll reply to everyone’s comments on the other posts tomorrow <333

Instead of writing what I’m listening to, at the bottom of each post (cos I keep forgetting XD) I’ve listed my top seven most plays in the sidebar, and I’ll just update that every week instead :D


  1. the opening is so so so HOT
    Im sweating and my nose is bleeding and, and and I can’t breathe O_O

    Yay for the new clothes; though I think Han Geng’s outfit was.. pretty much the same O_O”

    DongHae DongHae DongHae omg omg omg xDDD

    I so love the flames, Lol. I really like the playing with fire concept xDDD ITS SO HOT T_______T

    Right now, watching Henry do his violin thing makes me literally catch my breath and my heart is palpitating O_O

  2. Oh, lol U edited already XD

    Omg, It reminded me of dont don too, xPP
    I was drooling over Siwon’s muscles omg T______T
    it’s more than NICE; IT’S HOT and NICE.

    but wait.. contestants? [well actually i dont have an idea what the heck im watching xDDD as long as there’s SJ, SJM to be exact, i watch it :P]

    The fans screaming ZHOUMI and HENRY made me so HAPPY inside T_______________T
    lol, “onlytards”. cool name XDDD
    I also believe that they were shouting “ZHOUMI”.

    Is it just me or HanGeng looked MORE HANDSOME in that show? I think his hair got thicker? lol XDDD
    He is sooooooo getting all my attention O_O

  3. U edited again XDDD

    But wait, like in my 1st comment I said that I was watching Henry, right? It got stuck when he was finished and I had to reload the page and watch it from the start T___T

    but now im back on track again :D
    I like the piece Henry played after his.. masterpiece? XDD It sounded so sexy and he really played it live XPPP


    and OMG, I swear they kissed, after they dance. I mean, because the video was kinda blurry and the camera was far, when they kinda whispered to each other, it looks like they kissed. xDD

  5. so this is my 5th comment in a row. Im really crazy XDDD

    im gonna post this vid @ my blog, and I’ll link back to U. :D That’s alright, right? XPP

    [yes, i finally decided to write something in my blog.]

    Im really loving U and candychu, XDDD
    thanks for sharing. :)

    [this is pinkandsparkly, right? :D]

  6. Yep, it’s me (Pinkandsparkly) :D

    Of course it’s ok! I’ll go visit tomorrow (lol, I really need to go sleep right now XD)

    Haha, I’m glad another person thinks Hangeng’s outfit looks the same! I thought it was just me and my bad observation skills XD

    Yep, contestants, it’s a dance show, I THINK it’s kinda like “so you think you can dance”, but I’m not tooo sure cos I haven’t been following it ^^” You heard “zhoumi”, too? YAY :DD I don’t know HOW the onlytards heard “only”; and i thought my hearing was bad =.=

    The HanHae dance was SO HOT. I want to see Donghae dance more! I’ve rarely seen him do solos on Korean tv (or maybe I’m just not a very dedicated fan XD)It’s Donghae’s time to shine, yo ;)

    Aww, we love you too <33 Thanks for reading (and commenting!)

  7. ROFL @ sayuu13sj’s 5 comments in a row. You are toooo cuuuuute. <3

    Um, yes, that pic above screams SMEX. OMG. LOOK AT THOSE POSES. OMG, LOOK AT HANGENG’S ARMS.

    Siwon’s seriously channelling catwoman. All he needs to do is to bare his claws (or fake red nails. XD) in that pic, and he’s all set.

    Ryeowook and Kyuhyun look like they’re so much FAIL at the dance. XD <33333 My fave members of SJ-M can’t dance for shizzzzzzz. XD

    I know I’m only commenting on the pic, but Tudou is WAY too slow for me to bother with it. I tried watching “The Holiday” on it, and KFJLAFJAHDSJKFH my computer almost crashed and I aged like 500000000 years while trying to wait for it to load. XD

    I haven’t really been keeping up with SJ-M, because I fail at life, but I have no doubts regarding Henry’s playing ability. I’ve attempted to dance/stand while playing the piano, and … I have neither the charisma, NOR the coordination to pull it off. Actually, I’ve tried just dancing, and I have neither the charisma NOR the coordination to pull even that off. (I seriously look like a baboon/chimpanzee who’s throwing a fit. It’s GREAT.)

    <333 ILU.

  8. This show is more like “dancing with the stars” than “so you think you can dance” coz its a celebrity + a random dancing and they get eliminated each week…well thats wat the first season was about except they changed the name for this one so not sure if the same rules still apply…
    OMG TVB HURRY UP AND BROADCAST THIS ALREADY…and they’d BETTER show this because it has TVB stars on it…grrrr….hmm i think i’ll leave this video to load and then come back to spazz :DD

  9. I love the outfits too!!!!!!!! Although I also think that Henry basically stole Hankyung’s jacket and Ryeowook stole Siwon’s scarf thing and … Donghae looks like he’s wearing Kyuhyun’s old scarf too XD. Oh boys. But I was bitching so much over them not changing clothes, so whatever ~ I’m absolutely over the moon about these new outfits :D.

  10. Playmeagain:
    Catwoman??? *tries to picture Siwon in tight black leather suit* xP

    I love it when Ryeowook tries to dance XD HE IS SPECIAL JUST LIKE ME.

    That 20 minute video took 40 minutes to load :| But there are youtube links now, so go watch! (actually, you should be studying, so don’t watch).

    Argh, I can’t dance for cookies. However, my dancing doesn’t resemble a crazy baboon, I just look stiff and awkward :| LAMO, can you imagine playing the piano and dancing at the same time? That would be IMPOSSIBLE, unless you had a really really light keyboard with a strap that went around your neck…hmmm……someone should try it….

    Sushi train:
    That’s right, you can get that show on tv…..*gives you stare of death*

    Recycling at it’s best ;)
    Lol, recycling doesn’t apply to all SM groups, though, cos I’m sure I’ve seen the SNSD girls wear at LEAST 25 different stage outfits :|

  11. i watched it last night on tv… suju was at the very end. so i sat through 2 hours of dancing (yuhaoming is one of the contestants – yay!) for suju. i wanted to watch it live, lol. but i know that tvb does broadcast it (i have tvb too), but not live (i think). for hunan tv it broadcasts 3 times the week it runs (friday, saturday, and thursday) and then maybe more later in the year.

    bwt, i think that was the first time i saw suju live; lol, i haven’t been keeping up that well.

    and pinkandsparkly, are you sure that hunan hasn’t broadcasted ‘背后的故事’ yet? on the site it says it has. but i couldn’t find it on youtube.

  12. hey, there’s an extended version of that intro on “Endless Entertainment.” It’s a “behind the scenes” cut so you get an even better look at their outfits.

  13. my friend spazzed about this but i’ll only get to watch it later. did henry perform that song of vannessa mae’s?

    thanks for the recap :)

  14. Libby96:
    Yip, I’m sure. I’ve been streaming the Hunan channel every sunday night, and I still haven’t seen the SJ-M episode. I had a look around Baidu, and it didn’t have anything about that…

    Ahhh, thank you <3
    I looooove the outfits (if you couldn’t tell from that massive spazz I had in the post ^^^^^^ XD)

    Vannessa mae?
    Idk, it sounded like a 21st century music piece….
    And you’re welcome ^—^

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