Posted by: lovediaries | May 2, 2008

SuJu M to do an interview for Sina

According to this article, On the 5th of May at 5 O’clock (wow so many 5’s xD), SUJUM will be doing an exclusive interview with Sina. Netizens are welcome to leave messages for SUJUM here.

If you can’t understand chinese, just click on the link and scroll to the very bottom to the empty box.

Tick the little box 匿名发表(无需注册) – Anonymous; no need to register – and leave your message in the big box :D

I haven’t yet left a message because I don’t know what to say O_________O LOL but many fans have already said their bit. Though some messages are rather disturbing, most are very friendly and supportive of SJM as a whole! And don’t worry about leaving a message in English because many fans have whether they’re from Singapore, Denmark or Switzerland!

I’m just looking through some of them right now and they’re so funny (kinda).

And in case people *cough*pinkandsparkly*cough* are wondering, this definitely wasn’t me:

Henry.. u’re amazing.. who teach u dance while playing violin?? did u arrange it by yourself? i lyk it so much..
we are in the same age but i can’t even play anykind of music.. -.-;;
i envy u so much.. ^^;;
Let’s have dinner together some day.. hahahha.. is it possible??
im in sydney n u should come here.. ^^

Because, like I said, I still haven’t left a message. Though I wouldn’t mind taking Henry out to dinner and showing him around Sydney…or having private violin lessons with him…hehehe

::EDIT:: Okay, me and my friend plucked up the courage and posted a comment HAHAHAHA. And the time of our comment was 15.50.15 HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I mean, I was just saying how their interview will take place at a time with THREE 5s and now how comment was posted at a time with THREE 5s. Is this…fate? xPP

The world hates me because for some reason the time of our comment changed. HOW CAN THAT BE? WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO TEAR ME AWAY FROM SJM???


  1. Thanks for the link to the comment box! I’ve been dying to find a place to leave them a message! But one question though… are they gonna be able to read it? Will they reply back?
    I’m just so excited to know that we can actually leave them a message, but it will be really disappointed if they can’t read it or reply back…

  2. minnie susu luv:
    see the thing is, on soompi they were saying how if you have QUESTIONS you need to ask them then post there except last night there were already 11 pgs of comments and I highly doubt they’re going to go through all of it. SO I guess don’t expect you will get a response or have your question answered but I think it’s the thought that counts. Show them your support!

  3. It jumps up to 65 pages now! I supposed my message will never be read >.<
    So many Suju M love =D
    I’ll think of something to write
    *start thinking*

  4. minnie susu luv:
    65!?!?!?! WOAH I hope theyre all NICE msgs :)
    I actually really want to leave a message but I don’t know what to say LOL!!! There’s TOO much I want to say so…yeah…maybe while they’re on the plane they’ll read it? IDK :S I mean, they reply to their UFO msgs and I’m sure they get more than 65 pgs? Lol. If you do post something, come back and tell me, k? ^_^

  5. Im so helpless T________T”
    now it’s 72 pages and I’ve been opening that site [Since you posted this] and I just keep on staring at the screen. O_O

  6. Yes! I posted! With 72 pages, I think mine was message #1499! ^^;; It would be a miracle if they actually read it =D
    It is more like an essay than a message!
    Here is what I posted:

    There are so much messages here that I don’t know if you guys will ever read mine, but I just want to tell Henry and Zhou Mi that I don’t like the whole “only 13” idea. It doesn’t matter what E.L.F thinks, I’m really proud of you two and I will always support you!
    Henry, Zhou Mi! 加油!! 我爱你了!
    Henry, can I pinch your cheek for once, please? Just kidding, that would mean that I have to fly to China or you will have to fly to America ^^:: Did any other members ever try to pinch your cheek before?
    Zhou Mi! You must eat more! You are thinner than a chopstick :/ If you come here, I’ll treat you to an all you can eat restaurant =D By the way, your song, “爱你爱你” is so cute! It is one of my favorite song in the album @_@
    Hangeng, Do you still cook “Beijing Fried Rice”? I want to try some of that! I wish the restaurants here have Beijing fried rice too ^^
    Fishy! Do you still dislike pink? But it is such a nice color =) Since you are not sharing a room with Sungmin anymore, do you miss “pink”? =P
    Siwon, do you really talk a lot like Hangeng said? It seems like you always have something to say =D But everything you said was cute, please continue talking a lot!
    Kyuhyunnie!! You have such an amazing voice! And you are so good at math! I’m not very good at math, so can you be my personal tutor, please! And then during break time, you can also teach me singing too! And I can also treat you to dinner and lunch and breakfast! ….maybe tonight? ….in my dream? =P
    Ryeowook, the voice of the angel. Seriously, are you hiding your wings somewhere? You have such a lovely voice that I thought I just heard an angel singing, and when I actually watch the MV, it was you all along @_@
    Again! Super Junior hwaiting! Super Junior M 加油! I will always support you guys!
    我很喜欢 Super Junior 和 Super Junior M!

  7. sayuu13sj:
    LOL! I can feel it! I’ve been staring at the screen ever since I post a message here. It feels so weird, it’s like once in a lifetime opportunity and you must get everything right =D I mean… I feel like I have to choose the right word to make sure that it won’t sound so boring or offend anyone. I’ve told my friend that this is harder than writing an essay @_@
    But finally, I posted! I hope my message is ok… especially those Chinese words… it was from like… 10 years ago…

  8. sayuu13sj:
    haha I know what you mean. I wasn’t going to post one but then like minnie susu luv said, it’s a rare opportunity whether its true or not so give it a go!

    minnie susu luv:
    OMG that is SO weird. While I was posting my comment I was saying to my friend “hey look this person said something similar to us” and it turns out it was YOU!!!! *HI5* !!!!
    And I LOLed at what you wanted to ask Hae about liking the colour pink XD And what you said about Ryeowook being an angel was really sweet <33
    lol good work for posting a comment! *fingers crossed* they will actually read it ^______^
    but yeah, me and my friend wanted to perfect the msg so that it would be eyecatching enough but nothing offensive or childish or too spazzy! ^^

  9. *fingers crossed*
    If they actually read it, I won’t mind spending 6 or 12 more hours writing another message ^^
    But that would mean that I will have to spend another 6 or 12 hours blaming myself for not studying for the upcoming midterms and get low grades….
    Got to get back to studying >.<

  10. minnie susu luv:
    hahaa awww! yeah, i g2get back to my work too xD
    Good luck for your exams!!! Hwaiting ~! :D

  11. I’m still figuring out which one did u write =D
    Is it the one at 15:51:40?

  12. gah! candychu.. you’re in sydney? cheers.

  13. minnie susu luv:
    T_______T you can’t find it because it got deleted. Last night, me and my friend were going back to see where our comment was bcoz the time changed, right? Then it wasn’t there anymore! We checked about two pgs before and after and our comment was GONE! We have no idea what happened to it…I mean all the spam comments are still there yet ours was gone!!!!! GRrrrrrrrrr

    yes I am ^__^ Do you live here too?

  14. Aw… I would burn down the site if that happens to me :/
    I couldn’t find my post after I posted it, so I keep waiting and waiting and refreshing and refreshing, and it’s still not there. I was really mad and was about to burn down the site =P But then I found it up there in like… 5 minutes afterward, so I was happy :)
    Sydney? I want to go there! Actually, I want to travel around the world ^^

  15. nothing’s still happening T___T
    I go to the site and type “Ni Hao Ma, SJM^^~”
    and I start to think what will happen if they read this, several thoughts will run through my head. well, not actually several but MILLIONS of darn thoughts that make my brain go *boom* T____T

    It’s as if my english is ALL GONE; my brain shuts down.

    Weird, yes? T_________T

  16. 3261 messages and 157 pages, it’s going up so quickly!
    It’s almost time for the interview! Wonder which questions will they ask ^^

  17. Thanks so much for posting the link! ^________^
    I was able to leave my message. Hope SJ-M will have time to read all those messages (163 pages thus far) personally when they have the time~!

  18. i thnk its up to 218 pages 4353 msgs nao and my msg didn’t show T_T are you suposed to write your own username for the anonymous? you need to click on that button below the box ryt? howelz, its the thought that counts T_T

  19. querubin:
    Wow! That’s a lot of messages! I’m glad mine is on page 72 ^^
    You don’t need a user name or anything. When I finished my message, I just press ctrl + enter and wait for the message to appear.
    Have the interview started yet? I don’t know the time conversion, so I don’t know whether it has started or not… agh… I really want to watch it now @_@

  20. minnie susu luv:
    thanks for the tip. i just sort of gave up on the message T_T must have already started. tell us all about it if you get to see it :)

  21. GUYS! The interview has started already I think…coz it’s supposed to start at 5 and we’re 2 hrs ahead over here :S
    Omg I’m still really upset about how my comment got deleted…like seriously!!! Why???? But omg 200+ pages O_O I wonder how they’ll select the Qs. I bet the system is rigged anyway or else SINA will have their own questions planned T_T
    And they seriously need a mod over there…I read some really rude comment about Hankyung and I bet my chances of meeting SJM that the comment is still there. Is there no justice in this world?

    I know eh! Like maybe when they’re flying back to Korea or something? xP
    nope, if you ticked the box then you would’ve left your comment as “anonymous” and it said you didn’t have to register.

  22. candychu:

    WHAT?!?! Rude comments about Hankyung? Why…? How could they?!

  23. alilfandom
    Those people are obviously jealous of Hankyung. Hankyung is such a nice guy, I have no idea why they would say such mean things :((((

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