Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 3, 2008

DBSK Digimaga May scans

Pictures: JJ’s Baidu DBSK Bar

Micky’s brown pants and Changmin’s slacks are making me LOL XD I think it’s because I rarely see people wearing brown pants (well, not that sort of brown) and Changmin’s slacks look really feminine XD Idk, skinny jeans would look much better with that cardigan, yes? I really love Micky’s grey top, though, and Jae’s shirt is love <33 But Yunho…..CHOP.HAIR.OFF. IMMEDIATELY.

Lol, I’m sorry, I analysis their outfits in every post XD IT’S WHAT I DO, OKAY. DON’T JUDGE ME XDDDD

But outfits aside, LOOK AT THE HOMIN LOVE IN THE FOURTH PICTURE <33333333333333333333333!!!! SO SWEET, *rolls head on keyboard* GAAAHHHHH.

It looks like they took the pictures outside an apartment block; ooohhhh, I wonder if that apartment in the background is THEIRS? :DDD *switches stalking mode on* xP I’d love to see the inside of their apartment (just to see how they furnished their rooms, not so I can make a blue-print for “Pinkandsparkly+Spazzes+Candychu‘s kidnap DBSK” plan :P)

Hay, the acronym of Pinkandsparkly + Spazzes + Candychu, is PSC (Playstation Console), I AM SO OBSERVANT :DDDD (and mega cool)


  1. GAH I can’t see anything O____O
    And my MSN is going NUTS tonight. It keeps signing me out. Hang on I’m on again XD

    LMAO AT PSC XDDDD How about SPC? You know that brand SPC Ardoma? Is that it? Lol, did you know they’re under Coca Cola Amatil? Hehe I have to do this whole case study on CCA :D

    AND I CANT COMMENT ON THE PHOTOS COZ THEY WONT LOAD FOR ME. *sigh* That’s okay, I should be uncapped by tmr :DD

    But from what I can see…BUAHAHAHAHA @ Yoochun’s pants XD Okay, I can also see the last pic. LMAO @ CHANGMIN. Actually no it’s kinda sad :( It’s coz he’s so skinny that everyone looks big and loose on him…*cries* EAT MORE MY BB <3 He looks like a little boy in the 3rd pic. A hungry little boy. And Junsu is trying hard to look charismatic XD

    I don’t think that is their apartment. Remember, they live in that really fancy Star City building? :D And we already have the blueprint to it anyway *wink wink nudge nudge* ^___^

  2. LMAO I MEAN EVERYTHING*** looks big and loose on him…omg too much eco has driven me semi crazy xDDD *rolls head on keyboard with you*

  3. LOL, Micky’s pants really looks funny! But I like his shirt though, it looks nice!

    And for the PSC thing… at first, when I look at it, for some reason, I was thinking of SDS in Suju T. It seems like I can make connection to Suju and DBSK anywhere, anytime =D

  4. lmao, PSC! I LOVE YOU <3333333.

    And the Homin; oh all the love. There needs to be more Homin! After all, they DO stand next to each other in everything lol.

  5. Hahaha. Yoochun, Changmin, and Yunho all look kind of old mannish (Yoochun esp because of the pants). But I like Changmin’s cardigan. I wish he paired it with better pants. Yunho needs to get his pants fitted! I never like how his pants look on him. Flared FTL.

  6. Changdice
    SPC? They’re the people who make canned fruit, right? No idea. But I’m guessing your case study was to do with monopolies/oligopolies/monopolistic competitions/perfect markets, right? See, I actually paid attention in Year 12 eco xPP

    They ALL need some good old Maccas, in their life…..

    Minnie Susu Luv:
    SDS? xDDD
    I’m a geek, so it’s typical of me to think of gadgets before anything else :P

    If Playmeagain joined us, instead of Changdice, the acronym of our criminal organisation would be “PSP” :P I don’t like PSPs, though, I prefer my blue NDS :PP

    Ok, enough of the geek-talk. How’s the studying going? GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAMS <333!!!!

    Old mannish??? LMAO XDDDD
    Flared pants (on boys) suck; Skinnies, FTW <333

  7. LOLLLLLLL :D! You’re so cute ♥.

    Studying is going … very badly actually. Seeing that I am STILL on the computer, argh :(. But thanks for the luck; I will need it badly ^^.

    Hope you’re doing well ♥ :).

  8. Haha actually my case study is for business. Eco…is another story XD
    HEY! Don’t kick me out of your plan :P
    You know if it was just you and playmeagain you would get PP hehehe *giggles*
    or if you used pretty boy power instead of spazzes you would get PPP AHAHAHA
    Yeah…okay…I don’t get what’s so funny XDD

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