Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 5, 2008

SJ-T performing at “Power Concert”

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They all looked so handsome in those suits *—————–*

Leeteuk centered Rokuggoh fancam

Sungmin centred Rokuggoh fancam

Yesung centred Mirror fancam (thanks, Ringy :D)

I wonder which ballad they performed?? Oo, and I see YESUNG :D He was probably there to perform the ballad with them, cos he’s not in any of the other pictures….

Oo, and, EVERYONE HAD GREAT HAIR. I am SO glad that Teuk got rid of that weird mop; SO GLAAAAAD. And Kangin has hair again! YAYYYY They seem to be going back to their Haengbok hairstyles; I approve!

I love that Kangteuk picture XD

Where was Heechul?


  1. Minnie!!! I miss my Danhobak so much!! <333
    I miss Suju T too!!! Have been watching too much of Suju M lately :P
    I miss Yesung too! Haven’t seen him in a while!
    Oh… and Heechul :/ Did he hurt his leg/face again that he couldn’t perform? I hope he’s just busy doing something else O.o

  2. They sung Mirror. Yesung of course was awesome in it. <33 His fancam is here:

    Don’t know what was up with Heechul/Kibum. I guess filming the drama for Bum (is this like a slave schedule?) and Heechul… healing still? Inkigayo was his last time so I can understand him going to that and not this. BTW so freaking cute when Dong, Yesung, Eunhyuk and Min came to give him flowers. And then Yesung took them and gave them away. <33
    Eunhyuk made up for it by being MEGA HOT though. Like sexier than words can even express. OMFG I think I had some heavenly moments looking through his pictures. Some strip tease even! Love, love, love. Kill me now while the getting is good. I don’t think I could stand to see all these pretty boys, and me, grow old.

  3. They look spiffy in thier suits. I miss SuJus too T_T

    OMG the first pic with the blue lights *ded*

    They look effing awesome T_T

  4. GOSH I MISSS THE SUJU BOYS SOO SOO MUCH!!!! I seriously hoped it would be all 13 of them performing. The stage is so empty with just 6 of them, well 5 for Rokkugoh since Heechul wasnt there ='( But i guess 6 is better than none at all..and yes all of them were burning hot in their suits *droools*

    Hahaha i’ve seen these pictures probably a hundred times by now and i still cant get over how HAWWWTTT AND SMEXY HYUK LOOKED!!!! *Major nosebleed and dies* hahahah he loooked soooo darnnn hot zomg *fans self* Boys in suits can never do any wrong especially the whole bad boy, messy look that Hyuk had..Top botton undone, shirts out of pants, loose tie ZOMG I DIE again lolol…

  5. Minnie Susu Luv:
    I missed all of them, tooooooooooo :’(((
    But they’re back now! AND THEY LOOK FANTASTIC.
    Ugh, I hope Heechul is okay :S

    Ooo, thanks <3!
    I haven’t seen that Inkigayo cut, yet :SS BUT I WILL. SOON. :D
    Eunhyuk IS hot. Strip tease…..? O.O
    Lol, I’d like to think that I’m prettier than these boys, but I know that they’re all prettier than me, despite the important fact that *I’m* the girl.

    Fantaaastic lighting :D SO PWETTY *—–*

    THE SUITS ARE LOVE <3333333333333333333333333333333
    Btw, I really like your avatar ;)

  6. They look so DANM SEXY in suits
    *peers over at a male friend and shakes head*
    (Now that’s someone who needs to take some lessons from the SuJu members and cut his hair and…..)
    I guess, I just have a “thing” for hot men in hot suits with a hot background behind them and a hot face and a hot body….
    I’m not even making any more sense *sighs*

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