Posted by: lovediaries | May 6, 2008

SuJu M Sina Chat – Pictures + Video Links

This was the interview that took place yesterday, I believe. And was also the one people left comments/messages/questions for…?


[Pictures: various Baidu bars. LOOK AT ALL THE SI-HAN XDDDD]

I love Henry posing with his bow <3 And Kyu looks happier and healthier ^____^ (except I thought they would’ve cut down on the layering? T_T)

I would upload more but my net is going spastic on me atm…sorry! [Never fear, Pinkandsparkly saved the day :P But still do click that (>>>) link, cos I couldn’t find ones of all the boys] but Click here for plenty more !!! I LOVE the one of Henry and his violin and also the SiHae one…they look like they’re re-enacting Titanic again?! xPP

The entire interview is on that link as well; we’ll try get translations up ASAP but there are 7 pages and school is trying to kill me atm so please be patient!

But from what I can see, I think they got a belly dancer in to try teach the boys some belly dancing XDD I can’t wait to watch this on video. I really want to see Kyu belly dance…just coz I loved his hip swaying in A Man in Love xP And I’m not too sure but I think they also played charades?

Also, a soompian pointed out that Ryeowook’s earrings are SJM related – one is a ‘7’ and the other is a ‘M’. How AWESOME is that??? I WANT EARRINGS LIKE THAT!!! Except I’d probably get a 7 and a C :D

[Oh and I just remembered that 7 is my lucky number and is the same as the no. of members in the group. LOL IM SO SLOW … but isn’t that so cool?? *dances in circles*]

::EDIT:: Okay the interview is up on Youtube! [If you can’t watch the interview, and you can read Chinese, the full transcript can be found here]

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10


  1. you haven’t seen it yet? *high five*
    too much study to do, there’s just no time to watch the interview. oh well, I do prefer it with sub though. I doubt that I will understand everything w/o sub :P
    I took a little “peek” at the belly dancing part, and I just laugh when they start dancing with the belly dancer. They are just so adorable!! ^_____^

  2. Ok, my second comment here :P
    Sihan has become my most favorite couple in SJM so far. They look so cute together! Remember in 越策越开心 where they keep teasing each other ^^ and look at those sihan pictures, aren’t they cute? @__@
    Btw, what are those “one-eye, red-head, yellow-body” thing? I saw them holding that and I was like… aliens? Why are there aliens on the show? ok… I’m weird, hehe…
    Zhou Mi’s smile is just priceless, he look so much like Won when he smiles o^_^o
    And last pic of Geng is nice, but he looks so serious *is it just me?*
    Lastly, that pic w/ Henry and his violin… <333

    *get back to study*

  3. minnie susu luv:
    Haha yes *hi5* we are nerdy fans, aren’t we? But SJ like fans who study ^^ hehehe
    I probably won’t get round to doing the translation til the wkend (by that time hopefully I’d be able to watch it as well xD) so maybe give urself a lil break on the wkend and we can spazz about it then :P

    Lol to be honest I love ALL the couples. Like HenWook, HenHae, KyuHae, KyuMi (or is it ZhouHyun!?), SiHan, HenHan.. etc etc but I think SiHan are the CRAZIEST lol but it’s good. Despite what most ppl think of Siwon’s “change” in personality, I love it. I think its great that they all get more screentime coz then we can see more of them :DD hehe

    Oh and that alien is the “Sina” toy. If you’ve been on the sina sites you would’ve probably noticed this red ovaly thing with a black center? Well that’s actually an alien with one eye…which is the toy xDD

    But yeah the pics are REALLY adorable. Lol so you’re chinese, yes?

    Hehe *opens up maths txtbooks* :PP

  4. hehe, I like all couples too, but SiHan really stands out recently :D
    I kind of think that Siwon’s personality has change too, but he’s getting funnier, so no complain about that ^__^
    aw… the little alien toys looks so cute!
    yes, I’m Chinese. but it’s a little complicated since I was born in Vietnam, and then I’m living in America right now, so my Chinese is kind of… going away….
    I can read and write a little, but I’m not used to listening to Chinese though
    coincidentally, I’m doing my math hw :P

  5. minnie susu Luv
    LOL I lied, I didn’t open up my txtbook. I didn’t even bother going to get it. But okay, you’ve inspired me to go start some work…so I shall :D

    Ooh so you live in the US atm…interesting…Koreans always go there :P But they hardly come over here T______T

    Haha yes Siwon is getting funnier blurting out
    everyone’s secrets XD

  6. I’ll definitely spam this board after I watch it :D
    LOL! I finished my math hw thinking “Kyu, please help me” the entire time :P
    Yeah, Koreans go here, but not to the city that I’m living in. They usually go to LA, which is like 6 hours away (by car) from where I lived, so it’s still no hope :/

  7. minnie susu luv:
    dw, I’ll have a whole NEW post for you to spam :DD bcoz *I’LL* need more room to spazz :P I mean, I had quite a fun time looking at the pictures alone.
    Lmao I’m saving maths for tonight. I started on eco instead haha. Well at least I’m finally doing work, yes?
    Oh well it’s still the same country, right? But then again, I’d hate for the celebrities I like to go to e.g Perth and not come here. Fortunately most do come to Sydney or Melbourne :DD
    Let’s hope SJM do!!! (Just coz DBSK coming here is probably NEVER going to happen T_T)

  8. Since I just finished my midterm, I’m rewarding myself by reading the transcript of the interview. This is so difficult :P
    I kind of skim through it cuz I know that I won’t understand everything. And then I came across where they have to do the facial expression thing, and I just have to watch it :P
    They did it in groups: SiHan, HenWookHae, and KyuMi. They did 可爱 and they all look so cute! Well… it’s what they have to do. Then they have to do 害怕, and I just can’t stop laughing :D SiHan moment! <3
    Next is 很Man, but I didn’t see anything though. Then, I don’t know what did they do next… 臭美? I don’t know what does that mean, but I think I can guess from watching it. They are just pure funny! Henwook moment! <3
    When HenWookHae seem to be confused about what does 臭美 means, so I was like…. I’m not the only one :P
    I’m sure you can give a better review than me, but I just can’t resist writing this. It is so funny!! Well, I have to get back to studying @__@
    The transcript is so loooong….

  9. Ooh congrats on finishing ur midterm! How do you think you went? You still have more coming up, right? ^^ Gah, I really need to start studying for my exams…maybe if my school stopped giving us so much hw T_T

    I actually watched the making of U MV so now I’m not sure if I’ll have enough bandwidth to watch this interview…but but but …the boys bellydancing…argh lol

    haha thanks for that! I still haven’t read up to that part XD
    Hmm maybe I’ll review it after your exams have finished so that I can have an excuse to be lazy LOL xP

  10. eh, i just saw that xie na was there from the pictures; she was the host right? i dun like her, but i’ll watch anyway, when my download space renews. ^_^

  11. libby96:
    ooh yes that’s her name. is she someone famous? lol XD Why don’t you like her?
    Ahaha yeah seeing as this has 10 parts it’ll take up a lot of my bandwidth XD

  12. The exam was ok. I don’t know how but I finished it in just 10 minutes! Yup, there’s still more coming up! Exams every week, and the next one is on Friday… um… tomorrow… x_x
    Good luck on your exams too ^__^
    I have a feeling that I’ll spazz all over this post :P … oh… I’ve already did @__@
    I’ve went on youtube to check out the comments and quite a few people say that they don’t like her. Personally, it’s not like I hate her, but I don’t really like her. She seems like she’s making fun of the boys, and she doesn’t seem to be funny…
    Well, I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, so I don’t know if whether my opinion will change at the end or not.

  13. They sell the 7 M earrings on C:


    • Haha yep I’ve seen before~ Thank your anyway :)

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