Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 7, 2008

Fanmade Anycall Haptic CF – edited with Youtube link

Video: hanadane @ Youtube

Click here to watch

I saw this posted on Baidu, and I thought it was just a video with SNSD’s bits sliced out. But then I watched it (out of curiosity) and it’s NOT. IT’S A WHOLE NEW CF :DDDDDDD

A very well made CF, too.

I haven’t see this on Youtube, yet, but the Tudou link isn’t that bad, seeing as how the video is only 30 seconds. I’d encourage you all to watch it, it’s VERY well-made.

Actually, I think I prefer this version to the “real” one, just because this one actually focuses more on the phone itself, like, it shows you some of the features of the phone, instead of focussing on the boy/girl interaction that was used in the “real” CF.

Oo, and the video has sound, so if you can’t hear anything, play around with the little volume thing at the bottom of the video player.


  1. This CF seemed really professional. Now I want the phone…

  2. OMFG I swear to you I saw this on Baidu to, and I was fully going to ask if you had seen it!! I love it so much!! Yoochun’s shoulder dance is extra sexy. I had to go through all their Beautiful You performances to find where they got that from (Heyx3). & JAEJOONG AT THE ENDDDD! <33
    I agree this may have been a better CF, it would not have raised the same controversy that is for sure. I think DBSK just cannot bring in the guys though, so that is what SNSD is for. Maybe this will be like a couple phone *gag*.
    BTW this is fully another song which I will never find. The other one from Ontama was hopeless, I tried so hard!

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