Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 7, 2008

Three new Anycall Haptic CFs

Videos: Mickytoho @ Youtube

Translation of the lines can be found here (click “more info”)

This one is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

I like this one 345349672698320532673198651 times better than the other ones. The SNSD girls are really lovable in this video (minus the glass shattering shrieking), I was tempted to youtube some of their interviews after watching this (but I’m resisting cos I don’t have time to fangirl any more groups :P)

I love how Yunho said “the reason that tiffany is better than jeon jihyun is… that we can touch her!” I don’t know if it’s dodgy in Korean, but the translation sure sounds dodgy XDDDD And Changmin’s “ much is it =.=” line made me LOL for five minutes XDD I CAN SO SEE HIM DOING THAT. Stingy-min :P

And Junsu humming “Girls Generation” XD I WANT HIM TO RECORD A JUNSU-VERSION OF THAT SONG. And his “you guys just stay there. i’m totally telling the manager!!” line had me ROFLOL XDDDDD JUNSU, YOU NARK. XD

Hmm…this video might have just turned me into a semi-SNSD fan…interesting….. O.O


Translation of the lines HERE

Meh, I like the first one better. Tiffany ruined this one for me. Blunt, but it’s my opinion.

Yunho’s really cute in this one, and Jae with his pool stick was sldksoqitagjhsfs XDDDDDDDD

I love how Junsu keeps making random appearances, LOL XD

Translation lines HERE

Yea, let’s all wave bye bye to Pinkandsparkly-the-semi-snsd-fan. They should’ve stopped at that first one ^^^^^

My favourite part of this video was definitely the ending, POLKA DOTTED UMBRELLA HOLDING + CANDYFLOSS EATING JUNSU = TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.


  1. honestly, i havent seen this yet. (mid-year exam next week bla bla )
    but i just read smthgg then made my mind go “JEFNEPFEMPFFMEPFNEFPOARFWORJQ”
    as we all know, theres have been the rise of male fns out of the blues,
    well let me get straight to the point, snsd fans is accusing DBSK for SEXUALLLLLLL HARASSMENT ! yes, u read it right!
    KNOCK KNOCK! who’s the one tht pulled dong wan’s(is tht his name?xDD) shirt during a performance.

  2. Are you serious? O___________O
    The first one was SO ANNOYING.
    Actually I clicked the second one first by accident so I watched it and thought “LOL THIS IS SO CUTE XDDD All the JaeHo fighting and attention-whoring ness made me ROFL and Yunho showed off some new moves? ^^ … so I thought oh the first one must be so much better but it wasn’t T____T I say this, not because I’m a jealous DBSK fan, but the SNSD girls were soooo whiney in the first one!!! Like all the screaming was hurting my ears XDDD But I guess in the CFs they’re acting as themselves coz I thought they were total strangers but then they started flirting with each other and so I actually got what Junsu said about telling the manager XDD OMG I LOVE HIM! But omg the boys were such perves in this XD They kept air stroking and Yoochun even grabbed Yunho’s chest at one point XDD



  3. Okay, I’ve watched the last 20 seconds of the 3rd CF about 10 times now AND JUNSU STILL CRACKS ME UP OMG. Btw, HIS UMBRELLA BROKE LOL!!!!!!
    But I FEEL SO SAD FOR YUNHO :( I can’t believe they would do that to him…did you see his face? He looked so betrayed *CLINGS ONTO HIM* :D oh and LMAO he was still holding onto the hammer thingies from the game he was playing with tiffany XD POOR BB!

  4. I think I liked the third one you posted the best <3. Junsu’s expression was priceless, especially when he threw down his umbrella. And I thought the girls were the most lovable in that one since omg I think I’m developing a girlcrush on Yoona. She’s so pretty and sweet. And looks so good with Yoochun! Changmin + Jessica were cute too.

    I want Yunho if no one else does <3333.

  5. I kinda like the first one. Mostly because Junsu comes swaggering up to the elevator all dancing and singing (and what is up with those white pants that keep on showing up!!! he’s wearing some awkward outfits for this CF). And then he’s all (and i can SO see Junsu doing this), “I’M TELLING MANAGER!!!!! *runs away*”… srsly though… THOSE PANTS. HELLO KAMO BUTT!!!

  6. O_O The links for the second and third vid are the same! Wah! I just clicked the video to go to the link, but I think the link you posted for translations for the third vid is actually the second vid.

    YUNHO LOOKS SO SO SO SO good in the CF’s. Especially the first one. Tiffany needs to work on her acting. “What’s wrong, oppas?”

  7. i really love this CF.
    YunJae’s CF is totally unpredictabe if you watched from the preview.

    but the 3rd CF is absolutely funny.
    never seen yunho like this.
    micky and changmin is so cute.
    and Junsu is too funny and he appear just 10 sec. but steal the whole show with his lines and expression.
    too bad there is so little JJ.

  8. omgsh. I just wrote this freaking long comment on Spazzes page.
    But I have to say that I love the Yoochun + Yoona couple. :]
    and I FEEL SO BAD FOR YUNHO every single time!
    and what is Junsu doing at an amusement park by himself? HAHAHA.
    and I want their phone. It’s gorgeous. I think it’s better than my phone and I have an iPhone. =/

  9. I kinda like it and I laughed at the harassment comment. I think fans from both side should really grow up.

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