Posted by: lovediaries | May 8, 2008

REJOICE, for Yunho has cut his hair!

{Credit: SeungRi @ Soompi}

Thank you beckery for the link!

FINALLY THE DAY HAS COME! I remember when Changmin got his haircut after like 1+ yr of growing out his mane (lmao), I was so happy I cried tears of joy. Not really, but I was close to doing so. By all means, let your hair grow…just DON’T LET IT LOOK UGLY. And yet this ‘trend’ of growing your hair until it goes out of control didn’t die out.

Actually, Yunho’s hair was still pretty nice it just didn’t suit his small face. LUCKILY, he has now cut his hair :D WHOOP! And he looks like a man again ^_________^

Image Hosted by

This calls for celebration, does it not? :D

*brings out fizzy grape juice*…because underage drinking is a big NO-NO :P


    AAAHH~ *bumped a tree xDD*

  2. OH OH~~ just sharing this pic :D

    I SEE GUITAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<33:p

  3. koreanchocolate:
    *sound of me hitting my head on the ground because Changmin looks too hot for me own good*
    omg, imagine if he also played the violin. OMG. okay, now im just being greedy XP

  4. =___= Did you have to post this, right after I used him as my excuse to favour? *sighs and goes off to come up with more diabolical excuses* But he DOES look good :D:D Hahhahah! How funny would it be, if he was just messing with us, and had just tied it or clipped it up at the back :P

    *pokes koreanchocolate* Oh my friggin gawrsH! Is min finally taking up those guitar lessons he keeps mentioning?! *runs up the wall and does a backflip*




    *throws jelly beans because Yunho’s hair is normal again*


  6. Lol, my mum’s all “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Sayuu.. He’s back? YunHo’s back?”

    Because she thought that a “girl took his place” when he was not around.. get it? SHE THOUGHT YUNHO WAS A GIRL XDDDD

  7. sayuu13sj:
    LOL! Good thing that he finally cut his hair! I don’t find his long hair “bad”, but his short hair is still much better ^^

  8. aww…i liked his hair. he was such a beautiful wo…uh. MAN.

    colour is also a bit darker?

    *reads other comments*

    am i the only one loving the hair?


  9. Yay~! Throw confetti~! XD
    Well, i din say Yunho oppa din look good in long hair but he looks much better in short~! Much more manly to say, agree? XD
    Thanx for sharing~

  10. Minnie Susu:

    Yea, he looks fine with any hair style, but he looks too much feminine.. =.=

    Lol, the reason why they/we are celebrating is because his hair is sexy. In short, we like it XDDD [am I right..? or..?]
    omg I just noticed that Pinkandsparkly is the one who is abusing the ALL CAPS XDDDDDDD Ain’t she cute? :P

  11. omo, *points to my previous post*
    I meant “Yea, he looks fine with any hair style, but he looks too much feminine with the long hair.. =.=”

    Im too excited, im sorry X3

  12. *GASP* he FINALLY got a haircut =D
    i REJOICE ^___________________________^
    he’s back to his manly, hot self again~!

  13. sayuu

    we’ll just have to agree to disagree then. >_< i liked it on him BECAUSE it made him so feminine. softened the edges.

    he probably made the decision to cut himself, since he’s all manly and prolly didn’t like being a beautiful woman.

    i seem to be in the minority everytime it comes to dbsk hair.

    but then again, i AM a yoochun fan LOL.maybe he corrupted my sense of hairstyle like he corrupted Min

    *gets killed*

    oh well. no reason not to join in the festivities eh?

    *dances in the confetti*

  14. gummydork:
    Buahahaha @ you running up the wall XDD

    i actually have a pack of jellybeans downstairs but I’m only eating the red ones coz they’re the nicest :D Which is odd coz usually the red ones taste like medicine….

    yes!!! You understand me :D I didn’t mean to sound like i hated his old hair…it…just…well, like you said “the reason why they/we are celebrating is because his hair is sexy. In short, we like it XDDD [am I right..? or..?]” that’s exactly why xDDDD

    minnie susu luv:
    Like I said, the hair itself was still very shiny and pretty…just didn’t suit him :P

    yep, definitely agree ^^ he’s a man again!

    hahahha tis definitely a reason for celebration :P

    Lol see I reckon that he has a pretty face anyway…but the hair just overdid it a little…but we’re all entitled to our own opinions XD It’s okay, sometimes I’m in the minority with Yoochun’s hair :P Lemme guess…you liked his RIsing Sun hair extensions? Coz I loved them :P

  15. avieyal:
    Lol, YooChun oppa corrupting your sense of hairstyle.. XDDD I crack me up~
    just like Candychu said, “we’re all entitled to our own opinions” :D [Quoting is the new trend; it’s fun XDDD] Haha, Im sometimes in the minority group as well when it comes to style, clothing, hair, etc. [when it comes to SJ and DBSK; and Miyavi. Do I have to name all?XD] And trust me, many people hate me when I force them to watch something SJ with HeeNim oppa in it; .. And.. YOOCHUN IS SO SPECIAL. XD I loved all his hairstyles, especially the weird ones. XDD And o0oh, do you guys remember Jaejoong oppa’s hairstyle at the Hug [International version] MV? it’s so.. Long. =.=
    Yay, im so psychic XDDD

    Birds of the same feather.. think alike.”

    Im lame, I know. =.=

  16. ^ OOOHHH, I remember that hair (not hard to forget XDDD) … !!! I think I liked that style best in the “Hotmail” SM Town summer song the best, but ZOMG, the horror when he had that hairstyle AND a long trenchcoat. I swear, he was channeling the Matrix, which has resulted in many a giggle from me.

    I’m glad to say that I’ll probably NEVER be in the minority when it comes to style. Unfortunately, that’s another way of saying, “OMG, COR, YOU’RE SO BORING”. That’s right. Bring it ooooon. XDDD

    And THANK YOU leadersshi for cutting your hair. I can now look at you and NOT cringe. <3333

  17. sayuu13sj:
    don’t tell me you like YOochun’s bowl cut? coz that was just plain WEIRD. Worse than when Hyuk had a bowl cut during Haengbok XDDDD

    I liked Yoochun’s loveletter hair days :D Like on all the eps I’ve watched with him on it I don’t rmbr every cringing over his hair :D I especially liked his light brown wavy one ^^

    I was sort of cringing during the Haptic CFs

  19. nathica:
    oh I thought his hair was alright in the CFs…I just couldn’t get the image of his hair from T out of my mind xP

  20. Really? Erm. yeah. I didn’t think it was that nice in the CFs.
    I really didn’t like his hair tied back. Bothered me. A lot.

  21. nathica:
    so then do you not like the ponytail look either? :S

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