Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 8, 2008

SJ-M – making of “U” mv

Videos: Symbelmyn @ Youtube

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

I’ve only watched part one and part two (DIE, HOMEWORK, DDIIIIEEEEEE) but maybe Candychu will watch some other parts and edit this post later?

Part one showed them filming their solo bits in that mirror cage. Hangeng went first, and……tbh, at first I thought he looked mentally unstable xDDDD But how HOT did that shirt look on him, omg. WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE SHIRTS?! I WISH TO SEE THEM.

After Hangeng’s bit, they showed Donghae’s. Donghae looked SO CUTE in that red shirt! SO SQUISHY!!!!! They only showed a little bit of Siwon+Kyuhyun and Henry, but they all looked FANTASTIC in those shirts. Ryeowook told the camera that he only had one and a half hours sleep the night before, cos he was so excited about filming his first Chinese MV (AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!) and Zhoumi told the camera that the jacket he had on belonged to Kyuhyun XD LONG LIVE KYU-MI <3!

Near the end of part two, they show how they filmed those jumping scenes. You know, the promo clips with them in those white outfits?? Siwon and Donghae’s bit looked SOO COOOOOL *————–*

Must get back to homework (GGAAAAHHHHH), but do watch the videos if you have spare time, cos they don’t have much talking, so everyone should be able to understand :DDDD

Oh, and that girl who guested in the MV is GORGEOUS. SOMEONE GO SHOOT A PHONE COMMERCIAL WITH HER.

::EDIT:: Candychu: First thought that came into my head – will this be included in the repackaged album!?!?! (if it ever comes out!!) *fingers crossed* because um…they’re kinda REALLY HOT IN THIS XD and it always got me wondering why they never wore any of the outfits from this MV!?

Anyway, Part 3 just shows them filming SJM dancing U over and over again but with the camera from different angles. Lmao @ when they pelvic thrust in a line there’s a woman in the background yelling out ONE TWO THREE FOUR ahahaha. Sorry, I’m easily amused. After they finish the dance and the director yells out “CUT” (I think) everyone just sighs a HUGE sigh of relief. They must be SO TIRED! And I must add, even though Kyu always gets embarrassed when he has to get out and dance, I reckon he does a fantastic job when it comes to choreographed moves – I think it just shows how hard he works. Anyone else agree?

Part 4 shows Hankyung, Donghae and Henry filming their solo. AND IS HENRY’S VIOLIN ATTACHED TO HIS SHOULDER? XD Then it’s more group dancing – great for if you want to learn the choreography :P And some solo filming. Donghae says “Hopefully through our hard work along with the staff, we’ll be able to produce an excellent MV. Hope everyone will like it” And your wish came true :) Aha and then Henry films and says Thank you in Korean…so they must’ve filmed the MV in Korea? :S Then they’re all together talking about “U” and filming of the MV. While Kyu is talking Henry is all smiley and then very soon it looks like he’s going to drift off to sleep. Such a cutie xP

Part 5 starts off with them talking again but this time Hankyung is speaking in Chinese. There are no subs so when there’s nothing to read off I can never be too certain about my hearing so I’d rather not translate anything misleading XD

Anyways, I really do wish they will release a version with this on it :)


  1. hi. i am new to your blog but was just curious. do you speak and understand both korean and chinese?

  2. Haha, I WISH I understood Korean :P
    Na, I speak fluent Chinese+English, and am studying French, which really doesn’t help my Korean boyband addiction in any way xD I have to rely on subs+translations to understand everything (which is why I’m so happy that SJ-M are going on CHINESE shows :DDDD)
    Thanks for reading~!


    Thanks so much for the translations and summary! I’m going to link to this ^^. I especially like the bit about Ryeowook saying he only had 1.5 hours of sleep cause he was so excited about filming the MV <33. HE IS SO CUTE, I CAN GO DIE <3333333333.

  4. I wanna grope their butts…
    LOL, did that sound too perverted?
    They look so damn gggggggggooooooooooddd in the making of the mvs. I wanna be there when they were mirror-whoring and just throw myself at them. Probably get arrested though (who knows, it might be worth it)
    They look so awesome but I know they were so tired. Poor Henry look like he was gonna tip over and fall into a deep coma when they were talking at the end of part 4/5. He’s so cute!
    Anyone besides me wanna tore those beautiful silk(?) shirt off their bodies? It just look so damn ripable and you know what’s gonna happen once they’re naked *nosebleed*
    This has nothing to do with the making of mv … but, I’m finally done with my first year of college and I’m so deprived of loven and food, so the SuJu-M members should really invite me to go eat with them (or rather, go and force feed Hangeng and Zhou Mi) since the three of us all look like skeletons now….Ok….thanks for the translation!

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