Posted by: potensvita | May 9, 2008

Ah … Kissing you by BoA. ^____________^

She is out with a new single, though the PV isn’t appearing anytime soon but she came back with a new hairdo and a refreshing song.

credit : dupen2m @ youtube.

I love the hair, a bit odd at the first side but adorkable. The clothes she had isn’t like the idol-like but more of refreshing and cute.

So, adorkable.

Haha, the song was a piece of cake for her but but … it sounded so light heartness, a definite break from her ballad, Be With You and a powerful dance tract. It reminded me so much of Brand New Beat but, it is so cute.

Sigh, I am in love again.

Oh, yeah. Her tours had started. I really wish that she stays healthy. ^^

!7 tours is a no biggie. haha.

Picture’s credit : astarael @ soompi and 권오승 @uriboa ^__^

Side notes : Her tour clothes seemed normal and cute, showing more of her adorkable side. I have a good feeling about this song, Kissing You. It might be cute, not vocally challenging but yes, a good refreshing song from her. Ah, she is so beautiful. ^^

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