Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 9, 2008

Kat-tun “Don’t U Ever Stop” MV

Video: triciaGD1 @ Youtube

If you don’t want to read anything un-kpop related, skip this.

Lol, the only two people who might be slightly interested in this MV (Playmeagain, Spazzes), have exams XD (GOOD LUCK~!) So…..I’ll just have a little spazz-fest with myself :DDDD

This MV is HOT. The MVs JE make, always make me cringe; THOSE DANCE ROUTINES ARE TOO FUNNY XDDDDD But omg, this one is niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Kat-tun aren’t exactly famous because of their “stellar vocals”, but Jin-face an Kame can both sing, and they get 80% of the lines, so it’s all good XD (I love them all, though)

The song is really really catchy, as in, the play count for this on my ipod is already at 50, and I just got hold of the mp3 at the start of the week O.O I don’t like 70% of the JE songs out there (what the heck is “ultra music power” =.=””’) cos they’re just TOO cute and poppy, but some (like this song) are really quite nice. The song’s got a nice rock feel to it, and although I have no idea what the MV is meant to be about, the shattering glass balls look really cool XDD

Omg, and the bit at 3:33 has GOT to be the HOTTEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF J-POP MVS *———————————————————–*

O, and seeing as how me and playmeagain are probably the only ones who know their names, here’s a brief guide:

First guy you see in the MV, is Kame – baby and leader of the group. He has weird eyebrows, but he’s forgiven cos his character in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, is LOVE.

Second guy (one with the ponytail) is Jin, aka. Bakanishi, cos he’s the dumbest person in the WORLD (no joke) but that’s one of the reasons why he’s my favourite :P

Third guy (with the nerd glasses) – Ueda. Smart alec, but lovable.

Fourth guy – Maru. I laugh at how the editor only gave him half a second sreentime in the opening scene XD (he’s the one with the black blazer). He’s the biggest dork in J-pop (seriously, I think he can out-dork anyone in the business) he says that he has “god-like foam creating abilities” and askdhfqoihkgjvmnb that alone should be enough to tell you how awesome he is XDDDD

Fifth guy (boy playing cards with hood on) – Junno. I always thought he was the youngest, but he’s not, he’s just the one who always gets bullied by everyone. He looks good in this mv, though :D

Sixth guy – Koki. Later on in the clip, he has a solo rap bit, and he looks SO GANGSTA, which just made me LMAO, cos he’s soooooo not a gangsta, all all XDDDDD

Now go watch it :D



    OMG, so this is the infamous “Hell, yeaaaaaaah” vid … !!! And it wasn’t just me, right? Jin actually stuck his tongue out and licked his palm?! LOLOLOLOLOL, I love how every one of his actions has an underlying sexual undertones. (Was that too many “under”s in one sentence? Meh.) It’s quite enthralling.

    But zomg, I can actually see the Dong Bang boys performing this song, which is GREAT. Kat-tun’s got to be somewhat close to being Japan’s DBSK, yes? Well, if not, they’ve got the quirky personalities to become … really strange stand-up comedians. Or in Baka’s case, the stupidest and probably, the most perverted AND unintentional comedian you will EVER have the fortune of seeing in your entire life. XDDD

    I hate Jin’s hair in this vid. It’s ugly. Actually, I STRONGLY dislike ponytails on guys, so … Jin should go burn his hair. Right now. This is even WORSE than his “I’m back from America” bed-head/lion’s mane look. Gah.

    Actually, while watching the vid, I was totally thinking that Jin’s like Jaejoong. They both UNINTENTIONALLY do stupid things that get them into trouble. Honestly, Jae’s said some completely mental things and I’m like, “BOY, WHUT are you THINKING?!”. And Jin’s an idiot (a lovable one, of course!), so … XD.

    And Kame’s like Yunho, because well, DUH, they’re both leaders of their respective groups. Or something to that extent. Plus, they have the ability to act really differently in different situations; honestly, Yunho can be such a kid one minute, and HOMG YOU’RE THE LEADER OF DBSK the next. It’s great. ^^

    I even see Maru being somewhat like Micky. I dunno why. It just works in my head. XDDD But yeah, Micky always has this massive smile on his face, as does Maru, and they’re both adorable like HECK when they do ANYTHING (minus Micky’s recent cf adventure with Yoona and his … constipated looks every so often). Hehe.

    Junsu = Junno. They’re both teased a ridiculous amount in their respective groups. Honestly, when each group needs a laugh, you turn to these two boys SO YOU CAN PICK ON THEM. Though, whereas Junsu doesn’t always deserve all the mockery, I’d have to say that Junno sets himself up for it. I mean, that boy’s a butthead (hehe, I couldn’t resist. XD) when it comes to social conventions and customs. =.=””’

    And Changmin has no equal. Seriously. He’s got WAY too unique of a personality for me to even liken him to anyone else. XDDDD

    But yes, homg, the mv was GREAT. The clothes were lol-worthy and Kame looked way too sleazy and greasy for any sort of comfort, but I loved the theme and the sets. Plus, the choreography was actually decent, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (x infinity) how fluid Jin looked while dancing.

    Idiot, he is, but DAMN, he’s got a fine body. <3

    AND OMG, I’M FINISHED CHEMISTRY FOREVER (granted I didn’t fail all three sections of my exam) … !!! This makes me SO ridiculously joyful right now. XD

    I’m going to celebrate by sleeping. ^^

  2. HAHA, It’s KAT-TUN~
    LOL, I didn’t know that our Jin is called Bakanishi? I don’t know, but im ROLF-ing when I read that. XDDD
    Actually, Kazuya and Jin are the only people that I know I Kat-Tun; And the only song that I liked is “Keep the Faith” [And that’s also the only Kat-Tun song I finished listening too, I suck XD]
    But hey, I liked the show where Kazuya and Jun [Matsumoto] were like.. quarrelling[uhm.. they were.. throwing words at each other. Lol. Uh, whatever. =.=]? XP idk. I Like Arashi better, :D But I only know 4 of them [in Arashi] I feel sorry for the one I don’t know.. I hope Kat-Tun and Arashi fans won’t kill me XDDD

    And oOoh, the person i REALLY REALLY LOVED from JE is IKUTA TOMA. :D
    And.. I didn’t finish the MV, even though I wanted to see Jin more. Oh well.. *runs of to stalk someone’s cyworld [yes, one of the SJ’s cyworlds. I tell you, I HAVE NO LIFE ;_;]*

  3. I really like this song as well! Different from the cheesy pop JE usually puts out, lol. I love the rock edge to it and the fact that Jin is so loud throughout the whole song yay <3.

    Maru is my favorite member after Jin. He’s soooo funny XD XD XD.

  4. I’m not much into J-pop but I gotta say…….

    As in sizzling, hit-me-i’m-getting-horny, moaning-in-the-bedroom hot….
    *fans self* (Ok, maybe not that hot but still…)
    Usually I can’t help but laugh my butt off when I watch J-pop (due to the *gay* and weird dances they do) but this one was hot.

    Are you ready?
    You were right; that part was *falls onto floor and melts into puddles*

  5. Playmeagain:

    LMAO, yea, that boy is SO PERVERTED, HOMG. Have you heard “Lovejuice”? It’s actually a pretty good song, but the lyrics =.=’’’’’’’’’’’. At first, I thought, “well, you can’t blame him, it’s not like HE wrote the lyrics”, then I found the lyrics, and o.O yea, they’re by him XD Lol, in the JE secrets community, there is SO much Jin-hate, all about how arrogant and slutty he is XD But I love him for his idiotic-ness, soooooo it’s all good ^—–^

    I have no idea if Kat-tun is the current top boyband in Japan, but omg, their singles sell crazy fast O.O Speaking of stand-up comedians, have you seen Ep.53 of Cartoon Kat-tun? They had an award ceremony, the theme was “actually I…” and they had to tell the members something about them that no one (or few people) know. IT’S HILARIOUS XDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Ugh, I, too, hate ponytails on guys. It’s so…..feminine :S Everyone liked Leeteuk’s Haengbok ponytail, but I remember watching it and thinking “Darn it, CHOP THAT THING OFF, IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A CHICK” :P But I read somewhere that Jin’s ponytail is fake :DDDD I like the hair he had in his Junior days, he should go back to that.

    Jin = Jae? XDDD I see it, I do. I don’t think they purposely try to be hilarious, but their dumbness just seeps through in everything they do XD They both have some GREAT ^^’’’’’ moments ;)

    Kame = Yunho? Hmmmm, I think Yunho’s more confident, but that may be because Kame’s the baby of the group ^^ But that boy has some great ^^’’ moments, and I love his mad drawing skillzzz xDD

    Maru = Micky? I think it only works in your head XD I’d say that Maru is like Junsu, cos he’s soooooo competitive (watch the Maru + Jin soccer match) but he just can’t but FAIL in everything XD

    Junsu = Junno. Yep, definitely. But like you said, Junno DEFINITELY sets himself up for all the bullying XD In ep.53 of CK, his unknown “talent” was his hobby of collecting five cent coins, an he brought in this maaaaaassive piggy bank filled with his “prized possessions” xDDD And of course, the boys had to slice open his piggy bank, cos they’re cool like that xD

    Hmm, Changmin reminds me of Ueda. I think it’s the one-liners? But Changmin is definitely “cooler” than Ueda, cos Ueda just has that “fail” vibe about him XD I mean that in a loving way ;)

    Their outfits in this look like they robbed an Op. shop XD I think Junno looked really hot in this, I LOVE HIS HAIR BROWN, ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO LIKED HIS BLEACHED BLONDE HAIR ARE DISTURBED.

    Despite his idiotic tendencies, Jin-face definitely brings the sexy on when he dances <3333 But it amazes me how his dancing is ALWAYS different from the rest of the boys, I reckon it’s cos he’s too dumb to remember the proper routine, so he just does his own thing XDDDD

    YAY, NO MORE CHEMISTRY FOR YOU :DDDDDDDDDDDD I dropped Chem as soon as I could (year 11) I was THAT much fail at it, but I haaaaaated the teacher, SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL, and she had really bad hearing, cos she called me “Jelly” =.=’’’’’’

    Aaahhh, you must watch some eps of Cartoon Kat-tun ^^ Hmm, have you heard “Lips”? That’s not a bad song either. Are you sure it was Kame and Jun? Cos I’ve seen a video of Jin and Jun paying each other out, that was hilarious XD
    The only Arashi boy I know, is Jun Matsumoto, and that’s purely because I’ve seen HYD wayyy too many times XDD Ooo, hang on, I know that boy who looks like a duck, too ^^ Don’t know his name though XD
    You NEEEEED to finish the MV, at least watch 3:33, cos omg, HOT HOT HOT.

    LOL, I can’t tell Jin and Kame’s voices apart xDDDDDDD THEY SOUND THE SAAAAME.

    JE definitely needs to produce more songs like this, and less “ultra music power”s. I don’t know WHAT Johnny was thinking when he created “hey say blah blah blah” =.=’’’’ I downloaded the HYD soundtrack after I watched HYD, but omg, I had to take it off my ipod after a day (just the Arashi songs), they’re SO HAPPY =.=

    LOOOL, you’re hilarious xD

    I don’t know who JE’s choreographer is, but he has a GREAT sense of humour, cos 98% of the dance routines are PURE CRACK XDDDDDD

    That “hell yeah” is my favourite line of the whole song :P And the action that went with it, omg *faints*

  6. asdfjklasdfj;alehfeiajfalskdjfalskdfjaskldfjasldfhasdfasldgj

    Sexy. Need a second to recover.

    So, as a diehard visual kei fan, I’ve kind of always avoided J-pop in general…It’s kind of…peppy? Dunno.

    Anyway…Oh. My. God. I was waiting for 3:33 after your comment…and then it happened…and then I nosebled all over my keyboard…and then I went back and watched it again. xD

    I’ve heard a lot about Kat-tun, but again…just in general not a J-pop fan. (I figure the K-pop bands do it so well, why bother? And I already stalk 23 boys…I really don’t need to add to my list. xD) But…this video is enough to convert me. xD At least long enough to learn all their names. And it’s really catchy, which means…this video’s probably going to get a lot of plays on my computer. >.>

    Anyway, thanks for this. xD I mean…it’s not like I have anything better to do with my life than spazz over pretty boys. xD

  7. Haha, I used to avoid Jpop AND Kpop….XD

    The 3:33 bit = <33333333333!!!!!! I watched a performance that they did before the mv was released, and Jin did the “hell yeah” in there, but I thought it was a spur of the moment thing….I’m glad it’s not ;)

    I don’t stalk many J-pop bands, because they’re too……happy :P But I really like Kat-tun, just because they’re SO FUNNY XDDDD You should watch some Cartoon Kat-tun videos, they’re like crack. ^^

    Hm, you should try “Keep the Faith” + “Lips”, they’re two other Kat-tun songs that I really like ^^ oooo, and “Bokura no Machi de” (favourite KT song)

    Lol, I also don’t have anything better to do than spazz over pretty boys XDDDD They entertain me ^^

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