Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 10, 2008

Kat-tun’s “Jitsu wa boku” contest

I think all the news that needs to be covered from the Kpop fandom have already been covered, and I got good feedback for my Kat-tun post yesterday, so here’s another one :DD [Btw, I found a PV rip version of “Don’t U Ever Stop”. Download here (it’s really clear *—*)]

In my comment replies, I told some people to go watch Cartoon Kat-tun (the show that they host ever week) but not ALL of them are funny, so I thought I’d do a little summary of *my* favourite episode, just to get all you kat-tun-newbies, started :D

There are individual cuts for each of the members, and they’re all subbed, so watch awayyyy :DDD

In this episode, they had their first “it’s true, I…” contest, and they had announce personal facts to the audience that were never told before, even to the members. And the most shocking revelation would get a prize at the end (each member got a little “really” button to push if the information shocked them – the button made an “ageee” noise).

Koki cut

Koki went first, and he revealed that he could play piano :O:O:O I agree with whoever said “unsuitable” XD (i think it was Kame). Anyway, he played “Fur Elise” and he looked so….odd XD He just doesn’t look like a pianist, at all XD His playing was okay, though, no wrong notes, but the tempo…..^^””’ LOL, Kame commented on how the members all looked like “mother watching a child’s recital” XD

Maru cut

Maru went next, and omg, I think his is my favourite XD His revelation was “the amount of soap foam I can make with my facial wash, is of god-like level” xDDDDD But before he showed every his “talent”, he had to get Ueda to come out first and do a demonstration of someone who is untalented at foam-making. After Ueda showed everyone how much fail he is at making foam, Maru showed everyone his “undeniable talent” in foam making. You HAVE to watch it to see the fail, it’s indescribable XDDDD (I love how he went “press the [really?] button” while he was teaching them how to make foam XD) Also, you must watch this to see Jin try to copy Maru’s hand gestures XDDDD

Kame cut

Kame went after Maru, and his was a little boring (to me) so you can skip it if you want XD Anyway, he revealed that he’s very knowledgable about the Giants (Japanese baseball team) from 12 years ago. Kame used to play baseball for Japan, before he joined JE, so it’s understandable that he’s baseball-obsessed. They tested his baseball knowledge by setting up a board with all the faces of the Giants players from 12 years ago, and he had to name every single person and their shirt number O.O It amazed me how he knew ALL THE ANSWERS I can’t even remember the basic statistics of the boyband members I liked last year XDDD

Ueda Cut

Ueda went next, and his revelation was that he was once abandoned in he mountains (as punshiment from his parents). He explained that when he was little, if he got less than 80% in a test, he would be slapped in the face O.O LMAO at Junno’s “what kind of mountain was it…?” remark XD They then showed everyone Ueda’s old list of extra-curricular activities: Calligraphy; Abacus; Swiming; Drawing, English conversation; cram school; piano O.O And I thought *I* had a busy childhood :S Oo, btw, Ueda writes some of Kat-tun’s songs, and plays piano + guitar :DD He kinda ruined the ending of his story, cos when Kame asked him where the ending point of the story was, he said “I don’t know, myself” SEE, THIS IS WHY HE IS SO MUCH FAIL XDDDDD

Jin Cut

After Ueda, was JIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN (with facial hair, bleeeh). He looked like a penguin XD His revelation was that he’s “the best in soccer out of everybody [there]” XDD HE’S NOT UP HIMSELF AT AAALLLLLL :P Maru got all defensive (cos he also plays soccer) and asked Jin how many years he’s been playing, and Jin replied “seven years”, but used the incorrect term for “seven”, because he’s an idiot like that XDDD Maru then told everyone his penalty kicks are “of god-like level” (here we go again ^^””) so they had to have a little soccer match, Jin vs. Maru :DDD The match was……too much fail (on Maru’s part) you all have to watch it to see just how much fail that boy is (and how hot Jin is xP) XDDDDDDD GO WAAAATCH.

Junno Cut

Junno went last, and he told everyone that “despite his appearance” he has been collecting 500yen coins (I have NO idea what his appearance has to do with him collecting coins XD) He then showed everyone his piggy bank, and Koki lifted it and told everyone how it felt like it only had 5000yen in it (meaning that Junno would’ve only collected 10 coins XD) but Junno explained that it was only two months worth of “savings”. Anyway, to see how much Junno collected it, they got out a pocket knife and sliced his piggy bank open XDDDD (amid Junno’s protests; poor Junno XDDD) Junno was all “I WANTED TO SAVE UP TO ONE MILLION YEN ;________________________;!!!!!” but as usual, the boys ignored him XD (he’s always the one who gets bullied XD) Anyway, they counted all the coins, and it turned out that Junno had 45,000yen in there O.O (that’s approximately $444USD.

After Junno’s revelation, they announced the winner, who turned out to be….




*drum roll*

MARU :DDDDD (ahahaha, I would’ve given the prize to him, too XD)

The prize was Junno’s piggy bank (with the coins inside) XDDD POOR JUNNOOOO.

I’d love some feedback on this post ;) (even though it’s really really wordy and no one will read the whole thing XD)


  1. haha..! they’re funny! I like Japanese artists a lot, but I’ve never gotten into the boybands (weird huh) but I pay homage to my Gackt shrine every now and then. Just kidding!! Anyways, didn’t watch all the clips, BUT I must admit: Maru’s clip would be one of those great tutorial clips for “how to create foam with your facial cleanser.” HE IS SOOOO PRO AT IT!!!! Seriously. It looks like he put a lot of time and effort and thought into developing his “method.” SO CUTE!

  2. I thought this post was really good! I’ll check out the videos after my horrible exams are over..

  3. Nanshi:
    “Gackt shrine”? LOL XDDDD

    Lol, I know many Japanese boybands, I just like Kat-tun, and NewS (cos Yamapi and Ryo are too cute). The Kat-tun boys are hilarious, though, really, they should all consider switching to stand-up comedy ^^

    You watched the Maru clip? HE IS SUCH A DORK, HOMG XD A dork with way too much time on his hands. WHO WOULD THINK OF DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT XD

    When you have time, watch the Jin + Junno, cuts, they’re also really funny (well, I found them funny :P)

    Awww, thanks <333

    Not many people who read this blog are Kat-tun fans, so I pretty much wrote the post cos I wanted to have a little Kat-tun party with myself :P I didn’t think anyone would read it XDDD

    Glad you liked it ^—–^

    You’re another one who has exams? :(((((( GOOD LUCK :DDD

  4. LMAO! Before I comment on the actual post -LOL @ the header!! Wookie is just bless to the extreme! AND JAE’S SMILEEEEEEEEEEE *dies*

    This was actually really interesting to read (to be honest, I was waiting for you to do some kinda Kattun pimp post ^^”) Ive been listening to some of their music, but never really bothered to check out the guys

    Ill wait til my limit renews before I check these out, but that Maru guy sounds HECK hilarious. I like the ‘god like level’ phrase thats constanly used. Makes me think of DBSK, (rising gods of the east)….and so I think of Yoochun in the shower and blowing bubbles with his shampoo or something xDD

    WOAH! And Junno is really like Junsu xD I literally went ‘aw’ when i read about them giving his piggy bank away as a prize, that guy could’ve gotten his 45 000 yen changed into AU dollars and gotten started on building that changmin gum model we’ve been wanting :P

    MAN! What psycho parents did Ueda have?! Hahahah, his parents sound like the ‘kung fu’ knowing type. You ever watched Russel Peter (the stand up comedian?)
    xD Makes me laugh, cos aside from knowing calligraphy and piano, Ueda prolly learnt how to skin bears or something whilst he was up in the mountains xDD You’d think that after all those classes, he’d be less fail :P

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. =0 i was becoming a fan of them about 3 months ago =D
    and how u wrote a post a bout them ^^ YAYY
    lol they are all really cute and funny here !
    thax ^^

  6. hi, i got initiated to comment on this by your last line, “….no one will read the whole thing XD)” i did read the whole post :p but i haven’t had the time to watch all the videos, i will next weekend, it’s crunch time for all the submissions in my course again, but i need to take a break and see your wonderful blog ;) thanks for posting about KAT-TUN, i’m not a fan YET but just curious right now, lol. Saw their Don’t You Ever Stop PV, like you said, 03:33 was really worth it. Thanks for DBSK concert in Taiwan pics as well ^^ have a great day!

  7. I LIKED THIS POST … and hope you write more K-T posts <333.

    Only watched Maru’s one so far, but omg I absolutely love him <33333333333333. He is so funny. i love his look of concentration when he was making the foam while the rest of his members were laughing hardcore at him XDD. That’s not a very useful talent, but he’s adorable anyway :)

  8. Gummies Galore:
    That’s what I did instead of studying for French ^^

    I’ll do a Kat-tun pimp post soon!!! Probably after I finish that Jin pimp post XDD (I’LL HAVE THAT DONE SOOOOON :DDD)

    You must watch Maru’s Jin’s and Junno’s. Maru’s, cos the guy is pure crack, and you gotta see his “talent”; Jin’s cos Maru is just SO MUCH FAIL in it, and you get to see HOT! Soccer player Jin :P; and you gotta watch Junno’s cos…….you have to see how much of a dork he is XD


    Three months ago? That’s probably when I started to get into them, too *hi5s*

    Aww, thanks for reading all that XD

    Good luck with all the assignments and stuff you have to hand in~! I have exams coming up in a month’s time =.= ugh…..

    I’ll write up a Kat-tun post soon! (probably after my exams, so….two months time XDDD) but yea, they’re all really funny/cute guys, even if some of their music does make me cringe ^^’’’

    I hope you had an awesome day <3!

    Lol, sure, whenever the kpop fandom slows down, I’ll compromise by writing a KT post :P

    You must watch Jin’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maru got so competitive, he kept making up excuses for himself XD And you’ll get to see hot penguin-Jin :P

  9. this is my first time replying sumthin in your thread, i’m a regular visitor, and i just love your blog ^^
    but this post is just hillarious ^^ thx for writing this up!

    lmao at junno, yeah despite his appearance XD his hobby is so random, and this show is very random too
    45000 yen is huge money. that means he have 900 coins?
    the piggy bank is soooo cute! dats just a large black can. hyakuman-en bank? did he made this himself?
    and maru XD he just reminds me of those wacky hobby show tv champion where people show their random but superb ability
    aaah its great to see japanese tv show, since i finally get to understand some words, compared when watching korean tv show, hehe

  10. i mean, .. 90 coin, looks like i didnt pass elementary grade, XD

  11. Thank you~~ :DDD

    Lol, if you watch more KT videos, you’d see that Junno is ALWAYS the one everyone picks on XD Kinda like Junsu ^^ Except Junno can only blame himself LOL

    Cartoon Kat-tun is an EXTREMELY random show XD Maybe I’ll do some recaps on some other episodes later (SO MUCH HOMEWORK, HOMG) most of them are really funny though, cos these boys are hilarious XDD

    Aaahh, you understand Japanese?? LUCKY O.O I wish I could understand Japanese or Korean…

  12. I randomly felt the need to watch Cartoon KAT-TUN and somehow I ended up here :) This is one of my favorite episodes, especially with Taguchi’s confession to collecting coings.

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