Posted by: lovediaries | May 10, 2008

OMG! Yunho has Changmin hair

{credit: latina @ soompi; as tagged}

YES YOU READ CORRECTLY! Not only did Yunho get a trim but now it’s been styled like Changmin’s during Rising Sun days. And I know they’re recent because I can still see Yoochun’s tufts. BUT I DON’T CARE BECAUSE I’M TOO BUSY STARING AT YUNHO :D

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!($)#(@!)#*#@$*@#$@#$ HE LOOKS SO HOT, Y/Y?????? *dies*







  2. WOW! Talk about total transformation XXDD He looks sooooo sexy and manly. I LIKE, I VERY VERY VERY LIKE!! And that stare ZOMG <333

    Now all we have to do is wait for the hairdressers to pull out the blonde clump in yoochuns hair and we can throw a party..I’ll provide the alcohol which means those underage like YOU cant come =PPPP hahaha

  3. i think they were going to taipei.:O
    btw HOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG<333333333333333333333333
    he looooooooooooooooooks BOYISHHH againnnnnnnnnn!!!!:DDDDDDDD

    p/s: tht hair reminds me…….of yunho’s cartoon character during 2nd asia tour. lol ahaha

  4. pinkandsparkly:
    A good looking guy at that =DDDD *happy happy*

    I KNOW EH! I was drawn into his stare *giggles* SO SEXY :D
    And HEY! You can’t exclude us underage people…:( just because I can marry Henry without going to jail…

    TAIPEI? REALLY? But I thought they should’ve been finishing off their T Tour :S AND YES HOW GOOD DOES HE LOOK!!!

  5. haha lol, they finished their T tour a few days bck:P
    * continues staring at changmin’s carrying a guitar picture xDD*

  6. AH! I LOVE HIS HAIR SO MUCH! This is my favorite haircut/hairstyle compared to all his previous ones so far. I commend the stylist who made me so happy.

    When I first saw the guitar, I was so happy he’s pursuing his goal to learn to play the guitar. I love the Changmin + guitar pictures :D.

  7. koreanchocolate:
    ahaha I realised XD They were there for their make up concert :D

    LOL I KNOW O_O I would date any guy if they had hair like that…okay no I wouldn’t but YUNHO <33333 lol

    And yes I know eh! I’m happy Changmin is finally learning to play the guitar ^^

  8. eheh!
    he looks mad on the 2nd pix

  9. kpoplover4ever:
    mad in a sexy sort of way xPP

  10. Changmin hair is the sex. HoMinnnnn!
    T.T The links for the photos aren’t working for me.

  11. muffinpaste:
    YES Changmin hair = the sex :D
    Aww…really? Um … what can I do to fix it? I FAIL when it comes to uploading pics ><“

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