Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 11, 2008

“O” concert in Taipei

Pictures: DBSK’s Baidu Bar

The boys had their make-up concert in Taipei last night (they were supposed to have it late last year, but it was cancelled due to a typhoon). Because they had it last night, fancams + HQ pictures are still nowhere to be found =.=

The first few pictures are airport pictures, and LOL @ the one of Jae with his shopping bags XDDDDD And omg, Yunho looks so HOT with his new hair *———————*

The actual concert pictures aren’t that great (they’re big AND blurry ^^”’) but I’ll make a part two when I find more HQ ones~~ It’s mothers day (in Australia) and I promised my mummy I’d take her out :P

Btw, how disgusting does Micky’s hair look in those concert pictures o.O I’m sometimes in the minority when it comes to his hair (I looooved his Rising Sun extensions) but that ponytail is just….wrong


  1. *first* I have no life.

    We have Dork!Jae, Cute!Jae, Hot!Jae, Camwhore!Jae, Eroi![sexy]Jae!, Boo!Jae… now we have…Shopper!Jae.

    I’m a shopaholic, so you have NO IDEA how happy it makes me to see Jae carrying all those bags. YEAH DUTY FREE! I never buy anything at those duty free shops, but my mom does and you can get some of the COOLEST things there (like international-only Chanel stuff *whistles innocently*).

  2. AND HOMG!!!!! Is Jae wearing a dress?! Please tell me that’s just like a modified Hangbok. That looks like something Diane Keaton would wear…

  3. Yoochun’s head looks … ridiculously small and so disproportionate to the rest of his body. LOLs galore!


    Haha, I’m NOT a shopaholic at all – I tend to fly solo when I’m shopping, because I HATE waiting for people with a passion. My limit is usually two hours before I turn into some mad scary (monopause-esque) monster. Seriously, shopping for long periods of time leaves me frazzled to no end.

    How GREAT does Yunho’s hair look in those peektures?! Blardy fantastic. ^_________^

    I completely agree with nanshi! Duty-free shops are GREAT, yo! No tax ftw!

    And homg, I’m chronically addicted to Bakanishi’s Lovejuice right now. The lyrics are … strange, but sooooo fitting for him. No one else could pull it off and NOT look like a total fool. In Jin’s case though, he just looks and sounds like his normal, pervy self. XDDD

    And someone please tell me how “drop that sh*t life” makes any sense. The line “Take it to the room and sex things up” also had me rofl-ing to no end.

    “That luscious juice your lips produce
    I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE”


    Boy, get a hold of yourself.

  4. I love Yunho’s hair too, homg. I probably didn’t hate his long hair as much as you did lol, but short hair looks way better on him <3333.

    Yoochun … he got me all excited cause I thought he no longer had those blonde highlights, but they’re still there :(. He, uh, has really great skin, though! XD!

  5. Oooh, I love the new layout too, btw!

    You have the most cracktastic banner ever, lmao <33333.

  6. :o I’m usually not that into YH’s outfits, but he looks smexy in that airport photo. I think the shoes is what made it for me.

  7. Nanshi:

    Especially the one at Singapore airport, omg, THAT SHOP IS RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. I never buy my make-up at the department stores here (unless it’s something basic, like eyeliner). I mainly use Strawberrynet, BGO (great TW website) and that Singapore DF shop ^^.

    I don’t think he was wearing a dress in that picture….it looks like a robe?

    You hate waiting for people? WE SHOULD GO SHOPPING TOGETHER THEN :DDD I haaaaaate window shopping, cos I’m an impulse buyer whereas my lovely friends are the type who like to go to each store SEVEN TIMES cos they can’t make up their mind =.= I prefer to go shopping with my mum, cos then she pays for everything XDDD

    Actually I don’t really like shopping, full stop (GASP!) I’m too lazy, I prefer everything to be in the same place :P which is why I loooove internet shopping; IT’S SO CONVENIENT :DDDDD

    Lovejuice is actually quite a lovely song (music-wise) but like you, I can’t see anyone else singing it and owning it like Bakanishi ;) omg, can you imagine Suju performing this song? THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE CRACK XDDDD

    Most of the lyrics actually make sense (minus the two lines you pointed out XD) I’m really quite proud of him XDD. Have you read the lyrics of his other solo, “Haha”? It’s worse than this one X3 When I first read the lyrics, I didn’t see the “luscious juice your lips produce” line, and I thought he was talking about a different kind of “lovejuice” ^^’’’’ I DON’T HAVE A DIRTY MIND!!! The title just IMPLIES it :D Omg, speaking of dirty, have you read the lyrics of Koki’s “make you wet”? THEY ARE SO BAD :O:O:O:O!!!!

    Btw, have you heard Junno’s solo? I was pleasantly surprised~~

    Lol, when I first saw these photos, I though Micky chopped all his hair off, but nooooooo, THE BLONDE TUFTS ARE STILL THERE ;__________________________; one of them always has to ruin it (they’ve never ALL had perfect hair at the same time)

    But I shall focus on the good things…….THEY’VE STILL GOT HAIR :DDDDD

    Hehe, I was procrastinating yesterday, and decided to have a little play around with photoshop ^^ I also ps-ed a picture of Jae and Yunho; it’s the Haptic promo picture, I just extracted Tiffany out XDDD I AM SO NIIIICE.


    I really like his whole outfit; love the jeans+t-shirt casual look ^^

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