Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 12, 2008

So this is the first thing they did after they got back…

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They played with their doggies :DDD

Lol, ok, maybe it’s not the FIRST thing they did, ie. I’m sure they probably ate and rested first, but considering how Jae and Yunho are wearing the same outfits as the ones they wore at the airport, I’m going to jump to conclusions and say that they went to see their doggies as soon as they could :P Probably before they went home, cos they obviously haven’t had a shower yet (they’re still in plane-clothes! ewww :P)

Please ignore me, I think I’m coming down with a fever ^^”’

Anyway, these pictures were originally from Tvxqdog, a website that was apparently created by the trainers of the DBSK boys’ dogs; that’s probably why you can’t see the boys’ faces – it’s cos the dog trainers are more interested in the dogs than the guys xPP

Hmmm, I can only see Vik, Shaky, Yunho’s dog (can’t remember the name…Tsunami?) and Junho’s dog; I wonder why Changmin and Micky’s dogs were absent, hm?

Speaking of Changmin’s dog, here’s a mega-cute picture I found (somewhere, can’t remember):


P.S: LOL @ the picture of Junsu XDD The fan actually traced a line around his S-line, to show that it’s him XDDDDD

To make this post even more random than it already is, here’s a picture of Changmin walking through the airport; personally, I found it absolutely hilarious, but that’s probably because of the drugs that’s in my system XDDD

P.P.S: This is the 500th post on this blog~! YAY. LET’S ALL CELEBRATE WITH ORANGE JUICE, COS WE’RE ALL UNDER-AGE :DDD Well, I’m not in Australia, but I think I am in America xPPP



  1. Um, just to prove that I seriously am in love with Junho and would like to be his stalker…OMG JUNHO’S DOG…is which one? XDDD LOL the one in the 3rd pic? :S

    And Tsunami is the COOLEST name I have ever heard for a dog. If I had a dog, I’d name it Tsunami :D Except…I don’t think Yunho’s dog is called that XD Also…is the husky Yunho’s or Yoochun’s? It doesn’t look too happy being carried lmao…it is basically in a standing position…up in the air.

    Ohhh so no wonder Changmin’s pretty face wasn’t in any of the photos of him and Mang Dong ^^ who btw is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

  2. XDDD … I think Yunho’s dog is named ‘Typhoon’ but ‘Tsunami’ is pretty close :D. What a gorgeous dog though, omg. I always did have a thing have huskies. And I swear this really isn’t me being Yunho obsessed XD.

    Changmin has the best airport pictures ever, I swear. I mean what. He just looks so gorgeous there <3333.

    Happy 500 posts!

  3. Oh my. I want to steal their dogs. =D Wouldn’t mind stealing them, either, but they have the CUTEST DOGS. =O And I love huskies.

    Teehee, Junsu’s dog is so pretty. =O All white and fuffy looking. I WANT ONE. =DD

    o.0 It’s been a while since I’ve seen a picture of Yunho’s dog…is it just me or has he grown a LOT?

    Happy 500 posts! Teehee, orange juice. =]

  4. Fsfdhgfsdhfsdhfgdshdhs *throws self on PAS* CATCH MEEEE!!!!

    xDD GAH! Dong bang doggies are the most ‘sdjkhfsjdfjsdf’-worthy things on the planet!

    Um….and being the crazy animal stalker that I am, Yunho’s dog’s name is Taepung (jae’s dog = bikeu, yoochun=harang, junsu=xiahki and changmin’s weirds me out, because different ppl say different things. Someone said it was Mang dong, and then someone else said it was *insert some random name* Apparently mang dong means dumpling, LOL, so its SOOOO like Min to name his dog after food) And….taepung means typhoon from what i recall…

    MAN! Yunho’s dog has really grown, cos last time I saw pictures of it, it looked like this

    LOL@the fact you cant see Changmin’s dog. I remember reading somewhere that they were interviewed on their dogs, and Min said he got a small dog cos he wanted it to stand out from the others (who all have pretty large dogs). Then jae says that Min’s dog doesnt stand out at all, cos you cant even see it. xDDD

    GAHHHH! The dogs all look so gorgeous! Can you imagine how much fun it’d be to be their dog walker?! Animal bliss and you get to stalk dbsk in a non-stalker-styled way…..ok, im making no sense, but seeing as you’re drugged up, it shouldnt matter :P

    KUDOS on the 500th post!! *throws gummies and fever drugs at you* Get better soon and get around to posting your 1000th post soon ^^

  5. Oh, and on a random note, if you OD on orange juice, your pee goes this strange fluoro colour. LOL, its like a REALLY impressive intense orange :D

  6. I WANT CHANGMING’S DOG. You have no idea. SHE’S SOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! I love the picture where she’s sitting on the Changmin-mousepad and looking at owner. SO CUTE!!! I LOOOVE toy-dogs…!!! It’s amusing how I *never* was a dog person until I saw DBSK’s dogs, and now I’m all “I WANT A DOG MOMMMY.” I was cooing at the pet store the other day. My friend’s all, “Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact.” Cause then you’ll fall in love with them and never want to leave. XDDD LOL.

    and like everyone else has said: Yunho’s dog is called Typhoon =DD. (And I’m pretty sure Min’s puppy is called “Ma Dong.” or something like that).

    But I can’t help but wonder *wonder wonder wonder* if the dogs really DO know their owners. I mean, they spend a lot of time at the trainer (or this super expensive doggy daycare thing) because DBSK are always out of the country… and I don’t think that they’ve really been around them for very long… I know I sound really cynical and nasty and stuff… but if I was one of their dogs: I probably wouldn’t recognize my owners, because (and here’s where I get supah mean), I don’t think a lot of the DongBangs — and because of their schedules, certainly not because they WANTED to — except for maybe Micky (cause he got his dogs like right after debut, i think?), were really around to raise their dogs…*shrugs*. WHO CARES?! zey look super kyuuuuute with zere dogs.

  7. Is the dog in the last four pictures Yoochun’s or Yunho’s? They both have similar breeds (Yunho has a Siberian Husky and Yoochun has an Alaskan Malamute) so I can never tell. ^^;

    I thought Changmin’s dog was raised by his family members and not kept at the kennel thing? And its name is Mangdoongi (the spelling might be different), which is the name of a really teeny-tiny fish (a goby). lol

  8. I love watching them play with their dogs. It’s nice to see how much they care about them.

    I absolutely ADORE Changmin’s dog <3333 It is the cutest thing EVER and I want it!!!

  9. for a long time i thought Yunho’s dog was called tornado. i just remembered that he was named after some type of disastrous hurricane wind type thing. lol. his name is Taepung (typhoon) btw.

    theres a video of xiaki inspecting/bullying hoki. its super adorable. back when hoki was a tiny puppy and new and not influenced by xiaki yet.

    xiaki seems to bully everybody else’s dogs. revenge on behalf of his owner?

    gummydork: i do not even want to know how you know that. -_-”

    as far as knowing their owners is concerned, i’m pretty sure xiaki knows junsu, and in the video of that, taepung seems to know yunho too. bikeu…well jaejoong was calling him when he ran off to the far side of the lot but hoki seems to take a liking to jaejoong. i think he just has “dog aura” they all ran around him and i think at one point taepung ran behind him to hide from scary!xiaki (who is very obedient to junsu btw. check out junsu’s “stern” voice. *impressed*)

    and (sorry but since i’m on a roll here) yunho totally adores taepung, talking to him/her while cuddling him/her

    also: someone link the dog interview gummydork mentioned? please?

  10. for …. avieyal
    here is youtube link (the interviewing in japan which DBSK talking about their dogs.)

    and can u give me a link of the video that has their interaction with their dog please???
    i’ve never seen it. i saw only their dog video. never seen one with their onwer.

    ps. so sorry for my broken english.

  11. Candychu:

    It’s the golden retriever :P

    Yunho’s dog is actually called Typhoon, but Tsunami sounds cool too :P I think Micky and Yunho BOTH have huskies, idk, they look the same ^^’’’

    Lol, I think Typhoon was being carried by Junsu, in the last picture.

    They both start with “T” :P

    Lol, I’ve already mentioned this in my last post, but I’m SO going to name my next dog “natural disaster”, what a COOL name, yes? :DD

    Yunho’s dog has the PRETTIEST eyes *———–*

    I found that airport picture of Changmin SO random, just because it’s like, total chaos around him, and he looks like he’s strolling through a park XD

    *raises pink plastic cup*

    Junsu’s dog is VERY fluffy, can you imagine how long it’d take for the groomer to clean it? It looks like a huge ball of fluff XD

    Yunho’s dog does look like it’s grown a lot! The last pictures I saw of it, was when it was still wrapped in towels, and Yunho had him in his arms like a baby *—*

    *dodges you; watches you fall down; points and laughs*

    I posted a link to the interview in my last post! Go watch ^^

    I think Changmin’s dog lives with his parents (awww) but all the other dogs live with the carers.

    Those dogs would be a NIGHTMARE to walk O.O HAVE YOU SEEN HOW ACTIVE/VICIOUS XIAKI IS???? And their collective weight would be way heavier than mine, so I’d go FLYING if they see a bird or something XD My friend’s family actually breeds new-foundlands, and omg, those dogs are HUMONGOUS!!!!

    Er…thanks for that random fact :P

    *takes fever drugs and runs away*

    I love toy dogs, too!!!! Except for really yappy noisy ones =.=

    I’ve seen that picture of Changmin’s dog! IT’S SO CUTE.

    The dogs probably do recognize their owners (my dog recognized my grandmother after being apart from her for six months) but I wish they could take them to Japan with them, seeing as how they spend most of their time there :(

    I think Micky only just got his dog when the other boys did. Cos in their old interviews, the boys mentioned how they all want dogs, but Micky was allergic ^^

    They’re of Yunho’s dog ^^ Though Micky’s dog does look very very similar ^^’’

    I always laugh when I remember the name of Changmin’s dog. The dog is SO CUTE, but the boy just had to name her after a slow fish XD


    Tornado?? XDDDDDD

    Thanks for the video~!!!!!

    Thanks for putting that link up!

    I’ve just done a post with all the videos of DBSK playing with their dogs, go watch ^^

    Your English is fine! Lol, my French is waaayyy worse, and I still leave incoherent comments on French Youtube XD

  12. HEY YOU!

    Zomg, it’s your 500th post?!?! Congrats … !!!! I fail, because so far, in the three months that I’ve had my blog, I’ve amassed a total of 30 posts. GO ME.

    I really really REALLY like Yunho’s outfit. (…Wait, that IS Yunho, right? Or do I fail at that tooo … ?) I LOVE IT. It looks SO GOOD. I LOVE LONG SHORTS AND WHITE SHOES.

    That aside, the dogs are adorable!

    AND *GASP*, I’ve seen your most recent post, and … fancams?! LOL, fancams freak me out. I refuse to watch them. I watched one once of the Dong Bang boys going off to eat lunch or something like that, and almost killed my hand from trying to close the window as fast as possible. XDDDDDDD

    … I just feel way too stalkerish and unhealthy when I watch fancams. It’s a problem. XD

  13. Lol, the 500th post is just an indication of my lack of willingness to make an attempt at a busier social life XDDD

    YES, that IS Yunho! And yes, his outift is very nice. I personally prefer jeans over shorts, but if boys HAVE to wear shorts, I’d want them to all wear Yunho’s ones XDD Or surfy-boardshorts :P Capris on guys are absolutely horrible =.=

    Don’t worry, THEY’RE NOT FANCAMS!!! Well, not really. They’re videos taken by the trainers of the dogs, so you can’t even see the boys’ faces :DD

    Homg, I just watched a fancam of Jae walking to the dog hotel to pick up his dog(i was hoping to see him with his dog). The fans were —————-THIS————————– close to him, like, if he suddenly stopped walking, they’d bang into him. IT WAS FREAKY AND STALKERISH AND JUST PLAIN NOT NICE. He was walking REALLY fast, trying to get rid of them, and they just all ran behind him with a video camera O.O FREAKY.

    I hate fancams, even ones of performances. Number one, because the quality SUCKS; I HATE SHAKY VIDEOS. And number two, cos they just FREAK ME OUT. Especially the ones with the songs playing in the background (and they’re normally really happy teletubby style songs, too) OMG, SCARY.

    Btw, how’s the exam-revision going? I’m having THE worst day. My professor just told me to re-submit my major assignment(after I spent WEEKS doing it) because I should “Stick to writing about fashion(because I “understand that genre”), and not dabble in politics” and she won’t ACCEPT my topic (about the tibet controversy) *insert mad face*

    So now I have to go look up anorexia and under-weight models.


  14. Awwwww, that really sucks! *hugs*


    … But honestly, can’t she excuse the politics? I mean, fashion and politics can be pretty closely related – it IS international, and so, politics are going to come into play, no matter what. Actually, the whole issue with anorexia and under-weight models … was rather, ethical and political wasn’t it? *shrugs*

    Um, the English exam SUCKED. It was TERRIBLE. I think I proved the opposite of what I supposed to prove.

    That aside, I’ve got a bio exam tomorrow and *giggles and twirls hair*, I’m SO NOT READY. XDDDDDD It’s a GREAT feeling.

    Ooooh, I think I started watching that fancam of Jae … and then quickly stopped it after I realized what it was. =.=””’ (Lesson of the day: must start reading descriptions more. XD)

    SMILE, YES?! Tomorrow’ll definitely be better! <333333333333333333

  15. Tomorrow will DEFINITELY be better, cos I only have an hour of French, and that’s it XDDD

    Na, she didn’t say “don’t ever write about politics again”, she just doesn’t want to read about the Tibet issue, cos my professor is very pro-tibet, and i’m…..not so pro-tibet (as in, I think it’s just the latest bandwagon). She actually told me that she refuses to accept my topic =.=

    And she told me that in the future, I should just write about fashion, cos that’s obviously what I’m “talented” in, and is less controversial (translation: she won’t mark me down cos our opinions clash).

    You proved the OPPOSITE of what you were supposed to prove?? BUT, as long as your argument is clear and concise, it shouldn’t matter, right? Hay, look on the bright side, at least you didn’t not DO a topic, like yours truly :P

    Biology tomorrow? GOOD LUCK :D Just remember that the SUN is good, and CO2 is bad XD Oo, and that mitosis is asexual cell division, and meiosis is sexual cell division :D YOU’LL BE FIIIIINE :DDDDDD

  16. hello everybody… what is the breed of junsu’s xiahki??? im so curious about it. T_________T”
    cute but aggresive.. bwahahaha >:)

  17. My parents told me that they are going to buy me a dog soon, im so excited! >.<

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