Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 13, 2008

More stuff about DBSK’s dogs…

Purely because I’m bored and I have no life :D

Anyway, the post I did yesterday showed pictures of the DBSK boys (Jae+Yunho+Junsu) playing with their dogs; after watching a few fancams, and turning on my stalking skills, I found out that they actually went there as soon as they got off the plane, so they could go pick up their dogs and take them home *—————-*

*heart drips to sticky puddles on the floor*

Fancams of their dogs playing together at the dog hotel place (you can see the boys in the background, well, their legs XD)

Fancam one| |Fancam two| |Fancam three

Junsu’s dog is VICIOUS, lol XD Xiaki kept picking fights with Vik and Hoky, Junsu had to tell him off ^^. And Nanshi, I think the dogs do recognise their owners, Typhoon and Yunho seem to get along quite well, and Vik listened to Jae, when Jae tried to call him back ^^

Video of Xiaki bullying baby-Hoki [Thanks, Avieyal, for the headsup :D]

Video of Xiaki playing with Junho’s Hoki (when Hoki was still a puppy). See what I mean about Xiaki being vicious :P Good news for Candychu, I think the hand shown in the video is Junho’s :PP

Video of Vik’s first day at the dog-hotel

Poor Vik ^^”’ He looked SO scared being chased after by Xiaki, Hoki and Harang, awwww. He probably wasn’t used to so many big dogs in one room, so that’s probably why he was running away XD If this is what they do to Vik (who’s their size) imagine what they’d do to poor little Mangdong LOL

Fancam of Yunho running around with his dog

SO CUUUUUUUUTE. His dog looked massive in those pictures I posted up yesterday, but it looked really tiny here. Well, maybe not TINY, just not AS big as I thought it was. Oo, and btw, his dog isn’t called “Tsunami”, it’s called “Typhoon” ^^”’ I knew it started with “T” :P When I buy my next dog, I will name it NATURAL DISASTER :DDDD

DBSK talking about their dogs on a Japanese show (it’s subbed!)

So CUUUTE, and really funny XDD I love how Changmin named his dog after a really slow fish XD And Jae’s “my dog is better than yours, so there” attitude is adorable, it really is *—–*

All these videos of the DBSK boys’ dogs have inspired me to share my dog with you guys, so behold, Pinkandsparkly’s Sparkie:

They’re not very recent pictures, she’s a lot more fluffier and fatter now :P

I will now go reply to everyone’s comments ^^

Edit: Koreanchocolate just gave me these two ADORABLE pictures of Jae driving with Vik

HOW CUTE ARE THEY, OMG, AAAAHHHHHHHH. I WANT TO SWITCH HEADS WITH THAT DOG (well no, not really, but you know what I mean xP)


  1. oh mi gosh!
    thanks for the video links.
    kekekez. did they take the videos and upload it themselves?
    as usual, xiahki is so xiah-ish. hahaha..likes to bully ppl. (:
    oh…i thought they’d be exhausted and wanted to rest at home, instead, they went looking for their dogs.

  2. i see everyone is in a stalker-ish mode xDD
    LOL yr dog loooksssss SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like squishing her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333
    her hair reminds me of jun. lol
    i wish i have a dog -_- STUPID ALLERGIES !!!! btw look wht i found!:D
    PIC OF JAE DRIVINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG (fan-girlinggg) with VICKKKKKKKKKK<33 lol his craving fr attention just like his sexy owner :P

  3. wasn’t that adorable?

    my cat did that too, when he got a new brother. the lil guy was sitting next to a shallow drain and his hyung just smacked him into it. you could almost see him smirking. then he tried to get out of the drain but my older cat just went “oh? you want to get out? WELL YOU CAN’T *smack*”

    ahem. yes.

    japanese interview. sankyuu~

    xiaki IS such a bully no? my theory is that its because junsu gets bullied all the time, so xiaki executes his revenge…

    oh and how lol is it that leader-sshi’s dog is the magnae.

    it seems to be a dogtastic day for me. i just got into ss501 and was watching their thanks for raising me show. where they try to raise a dog. >_<

  4. Erv:
    You’re welcome ;)

    Hmm, maybe their dog trainers took the videos? Though it would be really funny if they did XD

    Jun? From Arashi? LOL, ok, whatever you say :P

    Omg, those pictures are so cute!!

    I’m stealing them and putting them in the post :P


    I’m not really a cat person, but my friend’s had 29 XDDD

    Ooo, your theory sounds really logical!!! That must be it, because Xiaki is SUCH a big bully xD

    Yunho’s dog is the youngest?? Lol, I thought Changmin’s dog was XDDD (cos it’s so tiny)

    SS501? I don’t know much about them, but I have a really funny video of the KAT-TUN boys with dogs, I’ll post that up later (maybe tomorrow ^^)

  5. Thanks for the video links … their dogs are adorable, to bad Changmin’s dog isn’t there :( {though his dog might get trampled on by Shaki lol} Lol I also thought leader’s dog was the biggest out of all of them cause of the pics but then I see the video & I’m like O_o … he’s still cute though just like his owner :D I have a question though, where’s Yoochun’s dog? in that stalker video of Jae, you see Yoochun at the dog school too, but you don’t see him or his dog T_T

    OMG your dog is sooo cute :D I’d love to have a dog like yours when I move out … I have a dog (well it’s a family dog) & he’s pretty big (he’s a cross between husky & lab) so it’s kinda hard to play with him cause when he’s all riled up he can probably squish you :S

    oooo KAT-TUN boys with dogs :D I’d like to see that video

  6. Typhoon actually looks like a really really great and tolerant dog. I can’t tell: which one is Hoki and which one is Xiahki? Xiahki is the one that has pointy ears and is really white and fluffy, so I would assume Hoki is the white one that looks like a golden retriever (but white)? What happened to Yoochun’s Chongah? I remember Harang, but what about Chongah? No news about THAT one. And I know Yoochun got his Chongah first… Harang came later. AND WOW: they’re really really cute and pretty dogs and Vik does seem to be really attached to Jaejoong.

    And those stalkers. OMGOSH. I KNOW that if I was in Korea and I randomly saw Jaejoong, I would be like, “WHOA! And maybe take a picture and sneak looks at him, but I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT STALK HIM LIKE THAT. I swear. He looked so annoyed and scared, srsly. People in Japan are much more discreet (I can tell) about that sort of thing. I mean, I know we say we would *love* to be rich and famous… but that kind of invasion of privacy… I don’t think I could stand. I would’ve just *exploded*. Or I would’ve turned very sweetly around and said, “Hi, thank you all for being so interested in me, but I’m really not doing anything interesting and you don’t really have to take my picture or anything. So umm… could you guys back away a bit? I’m getting extremely uncomfortable.”

  7. I totally forgot to comment O_O
    But actually I was going to watch more vids then comment except … NO TIME :(
    Well, I do. I just..gotta spend it studying T_T

    Anyways, it’s pretty obvious which video I watched, right? HI JUNHO’S HAND! THE DOGGIES ARE SO CUTE!! Makes me want one sooooo badly….

    *5 minutes later*

    NO FAIR … I WANT!! *pout*

  8. Babiegel:
    The KT video is really really REALLY cute, I’ll post it up this weekend~

    You have a husky/labrador? Wow, it must be huge O___________O. Haha, my dog hates me XD Cos I always pick her up and squish her XDDD

    Micky’s dog lives with his mum and brother (i think), cos I saw his dog on the balcony of his new house ^^

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Vik is the big white one, and Hoki (junho’s dog) is the golden retriever ;)

    I have NO idea what happened to Jae+Micky’s matching dogs. Maybe they gave them away????

    Ugh, I hate it when fans stalk them. THEY DESERVE TO HAVE SOME PRIVACY. The Japanese fans are SO respectful, I love them so much, especially how quiet they are when the boys perform.

    It annoys me how SM doesn’t do anything about the boys’ crazy fans. See, JE at least cancels activities in certain cities, purely because the fans there “misbehaved” once. But I guess if SM did that too, DBSK wouldn’t be doing activities anywhere in Korea =.=

    Lol, just make sure that when you do convince your mum to let you buy a puppy, that you don’t get it from a pet store.

    Most Pet store puppies have issues when they get older….

  9. I have read our posts.. a lot, but never made an account and left a comment..i have now got the..guts too..

    Actually it was the really cute dogs that made me.

    Thanks so much for them.
    The dogs..are so feisty!
    Kind of like DBSK themselves.

    I want to be Yunho’s dog!
    When hes carrying him around…
    Maybe even on the leash and running beside him?..
    Ah..bad thought?

    Thanks oh..and really cute dog! (Yours)

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