Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 14, 2008

“Super Show” is going to Thailand!

Lucky Thai fans!!

The organisers have already confirmed that tickets will sell for 6000, 4500, 2500, 1500, and 800 Baht. (Approximately $186.05, $139.54, $77.50, $46.50 and $24.80, US – HOMG, THAT’S SO CHEAP, GO GRAB THOSE TICKETS!!!!)

The translator at Baidu also said that the SJ boys will be in Thailand on the 27th of May, for a press conference, and tickets will go on sale on that day.

The concert will be held on the 29th of July.

Hmmm, I wonder if the SJ-M boys will make an appearance? (by SJ-M, I mean Henry and Zhoumi)


  1. OMG THOSE TICKETS ARE CHEAP!!!! Especially since most of the time the cheapest tickest for asian concerts are $A68 …

    GAH I AM SO JEALOUS O________O

    And probably not? (in answer to your SJM Q) bcoz it’d cause confusion? Lol….and as if seeing SUJU isn’t enough XDD Maybe Zhou Mi and Henry should take a break i.e come have a party at my house :D

  2. ^ Am I invited?!!? *puppy dog eyes* LOLOL too bad if im not cuz i’m gonna catch the next plane down there and be at your front door anyways..So dont be surprised if some random girl knocks on ur door =PPP Hahah i sound like a stalker -__-

    Anyways..I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! How come no korean singers ever come to Australia?!? Arent we Aussies good enough for them, jeebus =((( Actually NO ONE EVER COMES TO BRISBANE FULL STOP!!!

    And yea i highly doubt Henry and Zhoumi will be there but fingers cross for Henry appearing for the violin part in Dont Don XXDD

  3. ^buahaha of course you’re invited. OMG btw, I had a dream last night. Thanks to pinkandsparkly who was telling me about her dream, I dreamt that….*drum roll, please*…HYUK HAD A CRUSH ON ME :D!!! Except the thing was, it was actually a guy from church who liked me BUT he was Hyuk. Does that make sense? Like it was the guy who asked me out but it was Hyuk who had been sitting there looking at me.

    Jealous much? Well don’t be because I think he was a cardboard cutout :S Okay, that sounds really weird but actually once I had this dream that I had to go to an ‘Eunhyuk Station’. I got out of the train and there was this massive cardboard cutout of Eunhyuk ( a pic from Don’t Don ) that was in the middle of the station. Anyways, turns out we were there to film Full House. I still remember I tried getting Hae’s attention while filming except there was this other Asian girl who kept flirting with them. So depressing.

    I have AWESOME dreams. pinkandsparkly should know :D

  4. ^ Cardboard cut out? Eunhyuk Station? Filming Full House? ROFLMAO YOU WEIRD WEIRD GIRL *huggsss* Omg u seriously have the weirdest dreams ever hahaha..and i thought that the dream you told me about that scary guy was weird, now i realise that all your dreams are pretty much all weird =__= But OMG i ALWAYS have dreams of Hyuk having a crush on me except their……..not exactly dreams? unless you call day dreaming dreams?! Lolol…And you know that Asian girl that was flirting with them, it twas I my dear, yes I =PPP hahaha

    P.S Does someone around here have a crush on the church boy?! =PP

  5. ^lol, me and you spam practically anywhere and everywhere XDD
    Nooooo that dream with the scary asian man really was freaky @____@ .. very different to my other dreams which are weird but not freaky.

    Ahaha YES I have a crush on church boy. Just not the one in my dream. The one in my dream is younger than me, okay? I don’t even know why he was in my dream T____T Stupid head.

    LOLOL You WISH the asian girl was you :P Well I remember she had long straight hair *gasp* (Teuk’s type and practically every other Korean guy’s type) and she was a bit of a skank. So…if you’re still convinced it’s you then I’m fine with it :P

  6. twelve plus loves suju. madly.

    now all they need to do is head south of that a bit…

    *uses mighty brain powers to get their manager to make them come here*

    the last time they were here (malaysia) i wasn’t into them yet. thoughts that i could’ve been walking right by them and not know it haunts me forever.






    [so its the 29th? i thought it was the 12th? and why just one concert date TT_TT]

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