Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 15, 2008

Another new Haptic CF – “Haptic Game”

Video: rebt00 @ Youtube



*runs off to calm self down*


Okay, so they invented a Haptic game, which reminded me of that song “heads shoulders knees and toes” =P

I can’t read Korean (wow, startling revelation :O!) but I think the aim of the game is to play that game when you start going up an escalator, and whoever is doing it when they reach the top, is the loser. What a super-duper cool game, I’m so going to play that with all the random strangers, next time I go on an escalator; we can all have competitions and give each other medals at the end, and then we’d all become special friends .

(I’m sorry, I’m a very sarcastic person)


I know most people will find the CF very cute, but I thought Yunho was waaayyyy too feminine in this, in like a WOAH, PLEASE-STOP, YOU’RE-WRECKING-THE MANLY-IMAGE-I HAVE-OF-YOU-IN-MY-HEAD kind of way ;) (I blame it on the hair)

But Jae-min were just SO EXTREMELY CUTE IN THIS. Not because of the “dance”, but because of how they looked DOING the dance XD It was like they were trying to mock the girls, cos they looked SO fail doing those actions XD YOU DORKS.

They finally showed Junsu and his suitcases!! XD Poor Junsu and Yunho, their suitcases were stacked so neatly :( Lol @ how Yunho had a *smiley* “they’re-so-cute” expression after the girls pushed their suitcases over XD He’s too kind. I would’ve chucked all the suitcases at them XDDDDD

Did anyone else find SNSD’s skirts/shorts to be too short? I’m not an anti (despite the tone of this post), I’m merely making an observation.


Ok, I just read some comments, and I think I sounded way too cynical XD I LOVE THEM, I REALLY DO <333333

I just need my daily white chocolate frappucino fix :((((


  1. I do not know what you are talking about… I AM FULLY DOING THIS IN MY SPARE TIME! LMAO I’ll take SNSD on anytime, anywhere. :DD

    Really… when Changmin and Jaejoong come on it was way to much a difference. First, I could see Jae behind and he was like preparing for a funny so I knew I was in for a laugh. Then the voice difference is like two rowdy guys jumping in on some child’s game. From “lala sunshine” to “LALA ROAR.” It is hard to explain, no? Even the movements looked less cute for those two and more like a hip hop dance. Yunho, on the other hand, did it just as cute as the girls, I didn’t mind it though. We also hear from the boys he is like that but never see it!!

    When Yoochun was lifted after the luggage fell, and he was being a Spartan(?) or someone who just won a great victory was so funny. He looked SO evil. That part was a little confusing to me because of the editing, it was like people changed position every minute but I think the end should have been the SNSD girls beating up Yunho/Junsu for dropping their suitcases. And then going for a joyride on the trolley on top of that.. tsk tsk. FAIL.

    The time I noticed the skirts/shorts was the two in front of Jae. I don’t feel it was that big a thing but I went to a Catholic school with kilts and they can go very high so I guess I am used to it!! BOO! But I’ll tell you if I was on an escalator with a skirt like that, I would be clinging on the back to push it in! :S

  2. lol it was squeaky squeaky squeaky ROAR ROAR >_<

    and lol at random jaemin lifting yoochun.

    the game is to determine who has to push all their luggage? thats what i’m getting anyway. and in the end ho-su give up and just left.

    yeah, leader-sshi did not seem like how he usually is in front of the camera. did the hair do something to him? coz i noticed the more random-spazzy-not reserved yunho when his hair got longer.


    Bleh, I’d watch the CF again but my stupid sister ran in and saw me on youtube so she went and dobbed on me. SERIOUSLY! DO 18 YR OLDS HAVE NO LIFE? Hmm, I think it’s just her T___T

  4. ……………. okk ahahah lol tht commercial was WEIRD! lol
    all i remembered was jaemin and junsu’s dolphin voice at the end.xDD
    i just loveeeeeee MINNIE’S bright!!!!! pink shirt xDD
    i think i’ll choose haptic scandal as my fav. just because junsu pwns it!!!:D:D:D
    btw i just LOOOOL-ED at jaemin’s part. focus at junsu! he was alll jumpy jumpy *sings along* *yunho pushes jaemin over* thts the only the part i liked oh plus jaemin picking up mickey!<3

  5. Ringy:
    LOL, well, if you ever decide to try this out at a mall, do film it and upload it onto Youtube ;)

    You wanted the SNSD girls to beat Junsu+Yunho dropping their suitcases? Omg, no way, that would’ve resulted in MORE haptic-ing :(((


    I don’t own ANY skirts that short XD I have a very asian mum, ’nuff said XDD I don’t think I’d be able to wear micro length skirts, I’d worry to much about how I’d walk/sit/stand/crouch :P Though I do have a pair of shorts that’s slightly longer, but that’s only because it can get up to 46 degrees in Australia :S

    Interesting “long hair = spazzier Yunho” theory…reminds me of Samson’s long hair, and how it was the secret to his strength XDD

    Ooohh, so whoever lost the game had to push the suitcases?? Yea, I didn’t get that XDDD I’m too slow :'(

    LOL, no, dw, I’m not a nark :P

    My friend (when she was little) LOVED narking on people, in reception, she used to constantly watch the other little kids in her class so she could report them if she caught them doing anything wrong XD She’s a law student now, so I guess that’s fitting :P

    My favourite CF is the Haptic Scandal. Junsu was TOO ADORABLE in that one.

    Actually, Junsu’s adorable in everything <3

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