Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 15, 2008

Behind the scenes of Haptic CFs

Video: : Mickytoho @ Youtube

It’s subbed! (Thanks, Youjuchan, for the headsup :D]

Lol, it’s rare to find a “behind the scenes” video better than the actual thing XD

Yoona and Micky make a really cute couple *hides from Micky fans’ watermelon knives* No, really, they looked really cute in these NGs ^^ And there was a lot of Haptic-ing between them. (I can just HEAR all the yoo-yoon fanfic writers madly typing away on their keyboards)

But my favourite-favourite bit has got to be Junsu+his candy floss *——* OMG, HE IS TOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE. Especially the glass-wiping bit, omg, SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE, I WANT TO EAT YOU AND YOUR CANDY FLOSS.

Another favourite, is Jaemin and Yoosu piggy-backing each other down the escalator :DDDD THEY ARE SUCH DORKS, I LOVE THEM. But please don’t try that in real life, you’ll probably fall to your death, or get tackled to the floor by security guards.

And omg, Yunho walking down that escalator XDDD LMAO. HE LOOKED LIKE THE PRESIDENT XDDD OMGOOOOOSH.

The last bit with Jae making noise, is GOOOOOOOLD. HE IS THE MOST ADORKABLE PERSON EVER. I really want to see him and Junsu, star in a CF, maybe one for Toys R Us. THEY COULD ADVERTISE POGO STICKS!!!!


  1. OH YES!! LOL. esp when he caught the rest of the boys in the act! and then his umbrella overturned! LMAO :D ♥

    I’m a fan of yours too! :D

  2. I wholeheartedly agree the piggy-back-someone-taller-than-you (in Jae’s case) -while-running-down-the-escalator was extremely dangerous.
    If they had fallen on their faces I would’ve hit Jae been VERY sad :(

    AND MY LIFE AMBITION IS NOW TO GO ON A DATE WITH JUNSU TO AN AMUSEMENT PARK. Then, feed him lots of cotton candy and go on the ferris wheel 24hrs straight. Wow. *grins*

    Wait, why am I saying cotton candy. Isn’t it fairy floss? Come on, we’re Australian :D LOL

    And *gasp* why was I happy to see Hyo Yeon appear on the screen? Damn her and her dancing skills xDDD

  3. ilovejr:

    Junsu is too cute for words <333333333

    And I know you’re not a DBSK fan, but you must admit that they were all really really cute in this, yes? ^—-^


    *brandishes sword*


    Fairy floss? I’ve always called it candy floss XDDD Ugh, I suddenly have a massive craving for fairy bread :((((

    Taeyeon looked really really really young O________O

  4. awwww~ this cf making of is one of the cutest i’ve ever seen xD~
    Junsu! OMG!! dolphin~ you dont know how i’d like to hug you right now *lol* (i’m pretty sure he was watching yoochun who was with yoona hehehe~ *drop*)
    they’re not talking that much but I’ve found a english subbed one if you want to watch it ^^ (if you havent yet)

  5. Thanks for the link!!!!

    I didn’t think it would be subbed so quickly….what can I saw…DBSK fans are truly amazing :P

    Lol, yea, I also think that Junsu was secretly stalking Micky and Yoona XDDDD

  6. OMG Junsu, can we PLZ get it on now?! KTHX.

    The Jaemin piggyback was STRESSFUL to watch. I was like, “GAHOMGINCOHERENTTHEY’REALLGONNADIEEEEESTOP”. Yep, I’ve issues. ^^

    Yoochun and Yoona are adorable together. And no, I’m not just saying this because I like SNSD; I generally think she’s a cool girl just not a great singer. Out of all the couples, they seem the most plausible, and I wouldn’t bust out my 20-pound textbooks if they actually got together in real life. That said, I think my opinion’s got something to do with Micky looking like he’s thirty in these CFS. OMG, THE HAIR HAS GOT TO GO.

    Heheeeeeee, candy floss? I’ve always called it “cotton candy”. XDDD AND FAIRY FLOSS PWNS IT ALLLLLL. (As I write this, I’ve an image of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan in my head. XD)

    Jae, you’re such an attention whore. The whole “SARANGHAEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and, you know, pushing-Changmin-off-the-escalator-and-near-Junsu-decapitation bit was so … unnecessary. XD

  7. All hands off my Susu!!!! :P
    He’s so cute with his um…. candy/fairy floss (even though I’m not in Australia). So Australians call that candy/fairy floss? It sounds much cuter than cotton candy @__@
    Micky and Yoona are so cute together. But still, they are way too close O.o

  8. Junsu and candy floss. it’s the perfect combination!!
    *melts my heart..oh junsu junsu.

    i find the haptic game really cute and among other pairings, i really prefer yoona and micky. *runs away from Micky fans’ watermelon knives too.
    she’s the only one who wears LOONG jeans that covered her leg. kekekez

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