Posted by: lovediaries | May 15, 2008

Preorder Super Junior : Concert Live Album – Super Show

Thank you Katherine for the heads up <3

Super Show

FINALLY ^_________________^ IT IS HERE!


Ever since I heard (some of) their solos I’ve been asdjklasdjklasdjkl-ing !!!! I”M SO EXCITED. AND LOOK HOW CHEAP IT IS!!! And 36 tracks as well! (including instrumentals and talking). Omg, if only I had waited a few more days, I could’ve ordered this for my bday T_T GAH! Well, we can’t have everything…except I STILL WANT!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

It’ll be released May 21 and that is very soon! Now it’s only a matter of time before the Concert DVD comes out :D! *evil cackles*

But yeah….back to spazzing…AHHH Hyuk’s One Love!!!!…AND BONUS TRACK IS THE STUDIO VERSION!!!! beckery THE WORLD LOVES US!!!!




    Except I also want food, and all the other necessities of life :'(

    You’re going to shoot me, but I still haven’t heard “One love” XDDDD”””’

    I SO rock.

  2. @ candychu
    SEE CANDYCHU!!! I knew it, i just knew it!! I knew something i wanted would be released this month!! Gosh i am so darn smart for waiting until next month to buy everything =DD hahaha…Yah! another thing to look forward to when i eventually get my huge ass package ^^ Well that is until i pay my bill and go crying to you =__= haha

    Well i was actually waiting for the concert dvd, but concert live album is absolutely fine with me ESPECIALLY WITH HYUKJAES ONE LOVE IN IT!!! <33333 It feels like I’ve been waiting for the studio version of it since FOREVER!! Even if they release a cd with only that song, i would still buy it cuz zomg that song is so so so LOVE!!

    @ pinkandsparkly
    OMG YOU HAVENT HEARD ‘ONE LOVE’!!! =(( How could you?!?! *tears* Im so sorry but candychu wont be the only one thats gonna shoot you =PPP hahaha..Nahh its actually very smart of you cuz then when u finally hear the good studio version it’ll be very very very awesome and im sure you’ll LOVE IT!!! I’ve heard the fan version for the concert and the Sukira live concert way too many times so it wont be as awesome when i hear the studio version =__= But its alright, i’ll still love it anyways cuz u know, im kinda in love with the guy who composed it and wrote the lyrics and rapped it XXDD hahah

  3. looks at my just-to-be-maxed-out-again credit card >.<

  4. pinkandsparkly
    … :O is too stunned for words
    LOL WHAT??? Nah, I wouldn’t shoot you grabs maths textbooks and throws in your direction hahaha but the song is REALLY GOOD and catchy and the lyrics are sooo sad! And beckery is right, the studio version is gona be wayyy better *does a happy dance*

    WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THEN??? If you had told me before *I* placed *my* order, I could’ve ordered this! Why couldn’t I have thought like you? WHY????? Grrrr. GRRRRR.
    Lol, I know eh. It’s so good, it could sell as a Single ^^

    hahaha too bad SM don’t think of that when they
    release their gazillion boyband merchandise :P

  5. arrgghh… I do hope the DVD comes out soon -_-‘

  6. ^I know, it’s been a while now :( I WANT IT SO BAD.

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