Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 15, 2008

SJ Arirang Showbiz Special

Part one|Part two|Part three

It’s not really a special, they just kinda inserted bits of each members’ interview. But I found it interesting, cos I haven’t watched all the interviews yet ^^””. Oo, btw, Heechul didn’t get to do one of those Star Monologues, cos at the time of filming, his nose was still injured :(

The intros in Part one were absolutely hilarious XD I dont’ think they intended them to be, I just found them really funny cos I’m weird. I’m going to attempt to type them out, but my listening isn’t that great, so feel free to point out any mistakes! (these weren’t said by the boys, it was all done by a voiceover)

– Super Junior’s tender-hearted leader, LEETEUK

– Man of charisma and Magnetism, HEECHUL

– The miracle in 1.3 billion, the Chinese member, HANGENG

– Lead vocalists with the voice that speaks to the spirit, YEESUNG

– Multi-talented wonder-boy, loaded with witty words, KANGIN

– Ever cheerful cutie-pie, with a great sense of humour, SHINDONG

– Hard working pretty-boy, aimed with burning ambition, SUNGMIN

– Rapper with great passion and dazzling dance skills, EUNHYUK

– Man with a sweet sentimental voice, and crystal clear eyes, DONGHAE

– Singer slash actor, all-rounded entertainer, SIWON

– Musician with infinite passion for music, RYEOWOOK

– One of the quietest, and most ambitious members in the group, KIBUM

– The youngest member with a voice that melts the coldest of hearts, KYUHYUN

See, they’re not that funny, I just found them really cheesy, which = funny XDDD

I’m strange, okay.

Hmm, but how would you introduce each member? I’ll have a go:

– The leader of the group, who’s a huge softie and always getting bullied around, LEETEUK (aka, Chicken-boy)

– The guy who’s permanently on crack, but oh-so-pretty, HEECHUL

– Amazing dancer with mad cooking skills, HANGENG

– Fantastic voice but oh-so-fail at life, YEESUNG

– The funny teddybear with great charisma, KANGIN

– The boy who can give you an ab-workout just by appearing on screen, SHINDONG

– The sweetest little pumpkin-pie, SUNGMIN

– The sexy bagel with magic feet, EUNHYUK

– The shy, prettier-than-you sweetie, DONGHAE

– The boy who has everything, SIWON (:P)

– The cutest little squishy with the greatest voice control, RYEOWOOK

– The boy with a smile brighter than the sun, KIBUM

– The shy magnae with a voice so fantastic it rivals a 90% off sale of Manolo Blahniks, KYUHYUN


Ok, so mine are equally as lame XD Let’s see you try to come up with something better =P


  1. HOMG I LOVE THE KYUHYUN ONE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!! 90% off sale of Manolo Blahniks! DUDE THAT’S SO HARD TO COME ACROSS~ *____*!!!

    I’m pretty disappointed there was no Heechul monologue, though. Dammit! The one I was looking forward to the most, too :(.

  2. xDDDDD

    It’s okay, I thought they were hilarious, too. I think it’s just because I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY easily amused. >.>

    TEEHEE The Kyuhyun one is SO MUCH WIN. .> Not.)

    It’s been a while since I’d watched the monologues, so this was nice. =]

  3. Spazzes:
    I WISH Manolo’s gave 90% off, vouchers :((( Though mind you, they’d still cost HEAPS.

    Lol, the other day my friend and I were shopping, and we saw this pair of goooooorgeous Chloe loafers that was “on sale” (40% off). So we got really excited, but then saw that even on sale, it still costed $570 something :(((((((

    Heechul’s one was the one I was looking forward to the most too :'(

    Lol, like I said, it’s not the content, just the cheesy voice-over XDD

    I really need to go finish watching the monologues…… >”<

  4. I want to be able to own Manolo Blahniks one day. That’s not happening anytime soon though :(. Especially when I give all my money to yesasia :(.

    Yes, you need to finish watching the monologues! They were all so adorable <3. You must watch Donghae and Kyuhyun’s ones at least; I think those two were my favorites <3333.

  5. lol i love how they must clarify that the two most pretty boys in the group imo (heenim and sungmin) are men with their “MAN with…”

    btw i think your titles pwn arirang’s any day (:

  6. miracle in 1.3 B — WTF IS THAT *ded fr LMFAO*

    your descriptions PWNZ TOO <333

  7. Spazzes:
    My friend and I made a pact that after we get our first paycheck, we’d go to the most expensive department store here, and buy one shoe each XDDD

    Manolos, Louboutins, or Jimmy Choos; I’m not picky :P

    I have so many things to watch :(( I just started Yukan Club; JIN IS SO CUUUUUUUTE :DDD

    Lol, I didn’t notice that XD

    Lol, Arirang’s titles were ok, I just found the voiceover really funny XDDD

    Thank you ^^

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