Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 16, 2008

Kat-tun + NewS – “Summary” performance

Video: happymink9643 @ Youtube


I LOVE SEEING KT AND NEWS TOGETHER *————–* (actually, just anything with Jin and Yamapi, but ssshhhh)

Anyway, this video nearly made me CRY (and I don’t cry easily; Notebook and Walk to Remember did nothing for me). Jin and Yamapi harmonising together was just TOO beautiful. I was like, OMG, THEY’RE SINGING! TOGETHER! ON ONE STAGE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Long live Pin.

On a unrelated note, Jin’s dog is called Pin (Yamapi + Jin) <33333

I think KT and NewS should just join together and become one big group, cos they sounded great together!! I’m not very familiar with NewS (I just know Yamapi, Ryo, and Tegoshi) but their vocals were pretty decent in this song :DDDD

The song’s quite nice, kinda inspirational ^^ I like it.

Their costumes kinda made me lol XDD But Jin totally rocked that hat, and Yamapi looked SOOOO PRETTY *————–*. Oo, and Junno looked good. You know what, EVERYONE looked good in this, even Kame’s eyebrows looked better than they usually do.


  1. Oooh, I see Yamapi’s name on your post :) Too bad I have no time to watch =.=

  2. BTW, I like the possibly related post XD Tomapi will be a sure win <33 [Lol im so OT XPP]

  3. This really proves, really good singers..are like the only ones that can pull off red & blue..leather coats..with fluffy accents.

    The song was really good in the beginning and then it did this
    cool techno type thing.
    I really liked this,

    What song is this?..


  4. AWWW I cannot believe this made you cry!! I on the other hand cry even when a laugh and in um.. all movies, but I was too amused by the costumes. I just… ah. They were necessary, really?

    I really like Jin & Yamapi’s friendship. They seem to really understand eachother. Have you seen their Shounen Club special? I do not think it has been subbed up on youtube? But either way this clip has and it is just about the cutest thing alive:
    “Pin Love =]” –

    OMFG and the signature video!
    “Jin & Yamapi’s signatures” –
    The end is so laughable.

    You have probably seen them but ahhh…LOL I can spazz about them to no end. <33

    p.s: Kame’s eyebrows have a life of their own. I wonder if they have their own fans? I hope so… :D I remember Jin commented on them in 2007.12.19 Cartoon Kat-tun. Something about a him seeing a copy of Kame but the eyebrows were off. Just LMFAO.

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