Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 17, 2008

JJ Lin’s new song for the 512 Earthquake – “Love and Hope”

Video: seahorse333 @ Youtube

I don’t normally post anything on Chinese artists, but this is an exception.

Who those who haven’t watched the news, and haven’t read my sidebar, on May 12th, an 7.8 earthquake in China’s Sichuan province occurred. Currently the official death toll has reached 22,000, but officials are expecting it to reach 100,000.

Because this earthquake happened during the afternoon (around 2pm, I think) most of the kids were still in school. As a result of that, most victims of the earthquake are children (most of the buildings that collapsed were schools and hospitals).

As well as donating $500,000yuan, JJ Lin didn’t sleep for two days to compose/record this song “Love and hope” to help those affected by the 512 earthquake and to encourage people to help in anyway they can (I’m not sure if he’s going to sell the single, or perform this at a charity concert). Anyway, it’s such a moving song, and his voice gave me goosebumps.

Please pray for those affected by the earthquake, may God give those who still haven’t been found, the strength to stay alive, and comfort to the families who have lost a love one (news reports are saying that a whole generation has died in this earthquake).

And lastly, I leave you with this picture:

That’s what the rescuers found after they pulled away a slab of fallen concrete.

Edit: Click here to see some very, very, very heartbreaking pictures. Please help in any way you can…


  1. Aw I got goosebumps just reading this.
    A whole generation has died? That’s so sad :(
    Tomorrow when I go to church, I’m going to donate some money. I hope they’ll have a fund especially for this.

  2. I have been reading so much of about this.
    I couldn’t sleep for days either.
    I wish i could help.
    None of these children..or people deserved this.

    I can’t wait to listen to this song.

    I have seen many of these pictures, and i thank you for posting this, some people are just..acting like nothing happened.

    I wish the best for everyone who was victim to this earthquake R.I.P.

  3. Canned-dice:
    There’s a special bank account that you can deposit money into, I saw it advertised on the Chinese newspaper ^^

    It’s terrible, so many kids have died…

    Lots of people don’t actually know anything about this, it’s really sad. What’s sadder, is that people who do know about it, are leaving comments like “wow, so few people died, there should be more”, and “it’s none of my business who dies in China”.

    It’s one thing to criticise the government, but to say something like this when so many innocent people have died, is just plain heartless.

  4. Its really so heart-wrenching to see all those children as victims… and most of them having bright paths ahead…

    :( Life is so unpredictable.

    One calamity after another, its so upsetting. I’m so glad all the celebs in China (SJ-M, Jackie Chan -He sang a song too-, JJ etc) are all doing their part to help the victims. and just 88 days before the Olympics :'(

    and that last pic you posted… really does speak a million more words. I’m just… speechless… :(

    I’m praying for those who survived and those hopefully still surviving out there… May God grant them miracles :) ♥


  5. I was soohappy and excited about H.B, but now after reading this, i feel so depressed and guilty..While I’m all happy, the victims of the earthquake in China are suffering relentlessly…The impact of the whole thing just hit me with full blast after i saw that picture you posted..I’ve read it in the news, but they never showed such tragic photos and well i just never realised how bad it was..I feel so guilty…

    That picture is just so…heartbreaking…all those innocent kids and how devastating it would be for the families…It really is a tragedy..

    May those who survive stay safe and best wishes for the families of the victims…..R.I.P

  6. Ilovejr:
    Jackie Chan also donated half a million ^^

    It’s so sad, especially because the victims were mainly kids….

    Whenever I read articles/see pictures about this, I just feel so blessed..

    DBSK has a concert in Shanghai, on the 31st. Some fans have sold their tickets and have donated the money to the victims of the earthquake…I have so much respect for them.

    I’ve been complaining about not being able to go to LA, but really, I’m just happy that I’m ALIVE, and not under slabs of concrete..

    The Australian media haven’t shown very graphic pictures, so people here don’t really know how bad it is, but look at these pictures:
    (some of them are really graphic) it’s just heartbreaking.

    I’ve already donated money to the special earthquake fund (the Bank of China, Sydney Branch one), every little bit counts, so do help out if you can!!

  7. Super touching. It’s one of those things I don’t even want to talk about or mention because it’s just so devastating and tragic. Not to mention the freak tornado in Myanmar (Burma) last week). I hope JJ puts this out as a single and then all the money purchased to buy this single goes to the earthquake fund. I managed to hunt down a site that allowed me to download the mp3. I uploaded it to share: .

    If he does come out with a single (and I’m sure the proceeds will go to the earthquake fund), PLEASE SUPPORT AND BUY THE SINGLE.

  8. I didn’t keep up with this site that much but I am glad that you did a special post on the quake.
    I think ……………………..
    that …. we must do what we can.
    Pray for them… haha. I sounded so lame but I can only pray for them. sigh…. I hope that everyone involved in this accident will rebuild their life.

  9. Nanshi:
    I’m sorry! I totally forgot to reply to your comment O___O

    Thanks for uploading the song! Will edit into the post ^^

    I’ve donated money, but I hope JJ will put release this in a single, cos it would be for such a good cause!!

    I saw a report yesterday about the rescuers rescuing people who had been buried for 127 hours! Miracles can happen :DD

    There’s not much I can do besides donating money :(( But yea, I hope the survivors will stay strong!!

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