Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 17, 2008

SJ+DBSK at LA airport

I don’t know what the airport is called, I just know that it’s in LA XD

I have no idea WHAT Shindong was trying to accomplish in that picture of him leaning over the car o.O

I thought Heechul was wearing a wig, then I realised that it’s his real hair O_________________O. PLEASE CUT YOUR HAIR, HEECHUL!!!!

And I see YESUNG :D Though I didn’t know he was in SJ-T..?

Looking at these makes me wish I lived in LA ;_________; or America, or Japan, or Korea.

Lol, today I had a conversation with my mum, it went something like this:

Me – Dong bang shin ki are in LA……

Mum – ok.

Me – ……I’m not…..

Mum – Mhm.

Me – ……Do you know why I’m not…

Mum – …

Me – ……Cos I don’t live in LA…

Mum – =.=””

Me – Do you know why I don’t live in LA…..

Mum – =.=

Me – Cos I live in Australia

Mum – Aren’t you meant to be studying


I feel sorry for my mum XDDD

Uh well, Candychu and I will just throw a pity-party for ourselves, cos we both live on the big island in the middle of nowhere, and no one will ever come here :'((((((((



  1. Ohh please do let me join your pity-party cuz i live in Brisbane =___= Candychu is lucky cuz at least she lives in Sydney where SOME celebrities go to (Shakes fist at you haha)..BUT NO ONE EVER GOES TO BRISBANE!!! hahaha and how i wish i could transport myself to L.A RIGHT NOW!!! *sighs*

    OMG i spot HYUKSU in that last photo!!! XXDDDDD Yah!!! I miss seeing those two together <33333 and ROFL at Shindong, what is that boy doing?!?! haha

    Im soo happy that Yesung is there aswell and was hoping he would be performing ‘One Love’ with Hyukjae *crosses finger* haha yea i know the chances of that are pretty slim, but hey a girl can wish right?!?! lol

    Anyways I just read in soompi that they’re going to perform Rokuggoh, Chutcha and Happiness XXDD So i guess Yesung is going to be performing Happiness with them ^^ And DBSK are apparently going to sing Rising Sun, Tonight, Purple Line (YAH!!) and Balloons with other singers…And im reading other fans accounts of seeing them at L.A etc and its making me depressed *sighs*

    Eeee, I was talking about this yesterday with my mum, it goes a little like this:
    Me: T______T Mommy, they’re going to LA..
    Me:They’re going..
    Mum: *blank face*

    Ne, sunbae. Lemme join your pity-party. TT____TT

    But, Lol, like i said, I posted this earlier than you, IM SO HAPPY, I don’t know why XDDD
    [Blogging is really fun.. XDD]
    Ooh, the Airport’s name is LAX [L.A International Airport] I don’t even know how “LAX” became “L.A International Airport” but who cares :)

  3. @beckery: an invitation is coming your way! I’ve also sent two to Henry and Zhou Mi (and another to Kibum because he’s alone in Korea…I think?) and now I’m waiting for their reply. But yeah, buahahaa at least artists come to Sydney ~ *cough*raymond*cough* … *cackles*

    GAH. Why can’t there be a Hollywood Bowl here in Aust? Except change the name to…Harbour Bowl (Harbour Bridge – get it)? Yeah? LOL. The initials are still the same meaning it can sooo happen :D

    I bet the soompi thread will explode tmr from all the fan accounts O_O

  4. Looking at these makes me wish I lived in LA ;_________; or America, or Japan, or Korea.

    my friend and i are having the exact same convo about the exact same places right now. add china too. XD

    *gives cookies to aussie dongsaengs*

    thanks for the photos! omg the suju dongbang moments! i’ve already spotted what looks like HyukSu <3

    can’t wait for the fan accounts/photos.

    wai aren’t we there TT_TT

  5. I’m living in America, but not in LA. WHY??? Why couldn’t we just live in LA?
    Ok, I’m sitting here, not doing hw, and dreaming that I’m at HB, which is only about 6-8 hours away O.o
    UGH… this is so depressing >.<
    Ok, I went on livejournal and saw this picture.
    Everyone was discussing about it there b/c the guy in b/w Chul and Sung looks like Bummie. I was like…. ???? Bummie?? Why is he here? YAY!!! Bummie is coming here!! But then I looked again, and it just doesn’t look like him…
    Is it possible that Bummie is coming or is it just one of the staffs?

  6. Minnie SuSu Luv
    It’s Manager JongJun ^____________^

  7. Gahhhh. I’m on the opposite side of the country and a seven hour plane ride away -.-“. I think I saw some Hyuksu in some pics. The soompi thread is already exploding with fan accounts of meeting the boys and depressed replies (i.e. me). I can’t imagine how crazy and shocking it must be for the people who accidentally saw the boys. Can’t wait til tomorrow though when all the videos and pictures of the concert will be up :D.

  8. sayuu13sj:
    aw…. such bad news…. I want to see Bummie, haven’t seen him in a while…
    I wish I can meet them… they are so close, yet, I can’t meet them ><

  9. *explodes* I’m officially on the same continent as them!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!. Haha, just kidding. it’s LAX. Los Angeles… something. We just call it LAX. Now I just have to live on the West Coast. Eh, I’ll take what I can get. YAY for loyal fans!!

  10. it looks like he’s doing that CF commercial with kim tae hee.


    but yah i’ll join in this pity party of not seeing the boys, on the bright side like nanshi, i’m currently on the same continent~ i must say it feels very nice! ^_^

  11. awww, why don’t they ever come to the east coast of the US? LA’s always the hot spot for Kpop performances…you know, NYC over here’s feeling a little lonely now… we should petition SMtown to expand their horizons and send the boys to other parts of the Western world to perform!! like Australia and NY!! imagine if we become their tour guides ^_^

  12. WAHH…i’ve been to that airport!!! :( like….In March. aww, sooo JUNK! why couldn’t i be there now! shucks.

    It’s okay! I live on an island…but it’s small, HAWAII. -_-; I was hoping they were going to stop over here. hehe. i mean, aren’t they tired? a nonstop flight from korea to LA? hehe, ohwell….

    Can’t wait for Hollywood Bowl fancams. :)

  13. I live in America..But nowhere near LA..
    So i have the same problem.

    I only have the fan accounts right now..
    Its so sad!

  14. It’s even worse for the people who, like me, LIVE in the U.S. but still can’t go. :( Why can’t they come to the East/Midwest coast for once!? I can’t drive 35+ hours just to see one freaking concert!

    At least we have fancams. :(

  15. I want to be there. I live on the wrong coast.

  16. We definitely need a petition for them to come to the east coast.

    There’s a are so many kpop fans on the east coast! New York would probably be a really good place to hold a concert. We should tell SM that.

    I agree. When they’re in Korea, Japan, or anywhere in Asia, it would be near impossible to attend their concerts. But now that they’re in the US, they’re a million times closer, but I still can’t just hop on a plane and and fly to the other side of the country for a concert -_-“.

  17. lol ur conversation is so funny XDD
    im in canada…
    and if i say something like this to my mom, she’ll be..

    me: “mom, DBSK and suju are in LA”

    mom: “what do u want me to do?”

    me: “n/m….”

    we can all suffer together XDD

  18. I love Changmin’s outfit in these photos. Oh, man, if I had decided to go the KMF, I would’ve staked out the Sheraton. Shell out a couple of hundred bucks to stay there even. But I’d probably have to borrow from loan sharks or something.

  19. *throws confetti everywhere*

    Invite me to the pity party, whuddya??! I live in the U.S but up north so I’m so faaaaaar away from California. *damn you!!!* Nobody from Asia (that’s worth seeing) ever come up here *damn you!!!*
    I’m so jealous of everyone who saw Super Junior and DBSK and took their pictures…*damn you!!!*

    I gotta go calm down before I break this really expensive computer *from bangin my head on the keyboard* and my brother ends up killing me and I won’t ever have the chance to meet anyone famous…

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