Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 18, 2008

DBSK Hollywood Bowl Pictures

Pictures: Chiyase + L♡lakins @ Soompi


They performed Rising Sun, Tonight, and Purple Line [Purple Line fancam here]

They all look greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I’m not a huge fan of fancams, but I really want to see some more pictures! (preferably HQ XD)

Lucky fans who got to see them perform live! I haven’t read any fan accounts yet (I try to keep away from them, cos they make me want to punch something; think I’ll just wait for Spazzes’ cos I <3 her) but I bet it was great!!

The DBSK boys went last, but Junsu opened the how with the Korean national anthem, and all the SM artists performed Balloons, together at the end :DDDDD


  1. OMG *is jealous*
    But lol, I’m like you too. I go on soompi and I =.=” at the screen; but when I read Spazzes‘ post I was genuinely excited and happy for her LOL. We’re such lovely people. I hope she does her post soon :DDD

  2. Man those dbsk fans work fast hahaha..And gosh it must be a huge honour to be singing the Korean national anthem..So proud of you, junsu!!! I actually wanted to go to soompi but they’re having that daily maintenance thing =_= Blehh…and i reallly dont like fancams cuz most of the time u hear screeching fangirls in the background and that screeching fangirl should be *me* lolol…yea im feeling totally bitchy atm so dont mind me..

    But im definitely waiting for Spazzes post too cuz she always makes me feel excited when i read her recount of something XXDD..Actually same goes to you and Candychu hahaha…^^

  3. omg pcitures! (i forgot how tp spell, this has that effect on me!)

    omg. omg. thank you!

    I’ve just read spazzes stalking post and OMG *ded*

    gah, i guess i’ll read the rest of the stuff that’ll come out tommorow TT_TT

    thanks for the pics<333

  4. Candeeeee:
    LOL, we are too cool XD

    I tried to avoid going on Soompi, I only went on today to find pictures :P

    I don’t read fan accounts, cos they frustrate me, and I turn into a crazy jealous cow :PPPP

    But I will definitely read Spazzes’, cos she is our friend =P

    Woot! Another fancam hater! XDDD

    I hate the quality, I hate the screaming, and I REALLY hate the shaking xP So I always just look at the pictures XDD

    Ahaha, our posts are so incoherent XD (well, mine are) but I’m glad you like them!!

    I read her post, she’s so lucky!!

    I’m staying away from all other fan accounts, cos they make me mad XDDD

  5. Actually Suju fans are pretty fast themselves…Theres some fancams in youtube XXDD

    Suju T+yesung Happiness fancam and as fancams go i must say this one was pretty good…The girl was quite close and it was clear and she wasnt shaking the camera alot so props to her ^^ And best of all, she wasnt only following a member so we could see everyone..Its only 1.38min long though =(( Ohhh and do watch out for Hyuks and Shindongs solo dances, they so owned the stage <333333

    Im not sure if ur a fan of minwoo, but this is a MUST SEE CUZ THAT GUY RIPS HIS SHIRT OFF!!! *drools* haha but i knew it would happen..Its jus THE “M” thing to do at a concert lol…So I endured 20secs of the fancam just to see him rip his shirt off and rofl when he did the camera was all shaky lolol..but omg his so hawt, *melts into a puddle*

    As lame as this sounds, these 2 minutes were the happiest 2 minutes of my crap day..T_T

  6. Omg, that boy is FIIIIIIIIIIINE :DDDD

    I don’t know much about Minwoo, but freaking heck, he has a nice body XDD

    I’ll post the SJ fancam as soon as I find some pictures to go with it!

    Thanks for the links <33333333

    P.S: the two happiest minutes of my day was when I watched the KT parody XDD IT’S SO FUNNY, OMGAAAAAH

    Btw, what’s a nice Dongwan song? I prefer ballads..

  7. LOLOL Im not being biased but i seriously think ALL SHINHWA BOYS HAVE NICE BODIES!!! ^^ Ok not really…4/6…since im not sure of Andys and Hyesung, but eric, junjin, dongwan and minwoo definitely have nice bodies *drools*

    Oh goodluck finding Suju pictures lol I tried going to soompi but apparently it crashed cuz of the number of users hahaha..Thats why i was desperate enough to check out fancams and I was soo happy when i came across a pretty decent one XD

    *HUGGGSSS* Im about to go to wherever u live and bear huggg you until you cant breathe cuz u just asked me to recommend you a Dongwan song <333 haha yes i think its quite obvious how much I LOVE THAT GUY!!! His seriously the love of my life ^^ and i love it when someone says they like him or asks for song recommendations cuz that means that theres a chance i can convert them buahhahaha….

    But then i have to choose really carefully cuz i want you to hear a song that would make you end up liking him hahaha…Not like its very hard since all his songs are pretty much awesome XXDD…Anyways after hours of thinking (i like to exaggerate, sue me =p haha) i would recommend….BOTH HIS 1st and 2nd ALBUMS!!! lolol…

    ok i FAIL i know haha…It really is hard to give you a good song, so i’m gonna name you a few ok ^^ Good ballads would be his title song, ‘Handkerchief’, from his 1st album and also a really REALLY good song from that album is ‘My Love ft Eric’, its definitely one of my all time favourite!! <3

    From his 2nd album, i would recommend, ‘A mans love’, ‘Song of the wind’, ‘Good person’ and definitely definitely his title track, ‘Secret’…I absolutely adore/love this song..Its sooo catchy!!! And his live performances of that song is pretty much 100% flawless….

    So much for recommending ‘a nice dongwan song’ hahaha..its just seriously impossible…imagine me asking you to choose ONE good dbsk/suju song =PPP impossible yeah?!? lol maybe spazzes would be more helpful since shes a Dongwan fan aswell XXDD

  8. LOL, you really love him, don’t you :PP

    K, I’m gonna go download ALL the ones you recommended, and if I like them (which I probably will, I’m pretty open minded when it comes to music) I’ll go track down his first and second albums!

    I’m not really a Shinhwa fangirl (I like to choose 1-2 bands from each country to fangirl over, and that’s it; yes, i’m odd) but I do like the songs that I have by them :DD Their voices are superb <33

    I just tried Soompi, it’s still down =.= How useful. Lol, but because I couldn’t stalk DBSK/SJ, I went and stalked KT instead XDDDD Speaking of KT, seeing as how you’re trying to convert me into a Dongwan fan, I’m gonna try convert you into a Jin fan, watch this:


  9. OMG! I’ve been waiting all night for this. I can’t believe soompi is down -_-” This is the worst timing ever. But omg!!! Normally I don’t watch fancams but you don’t know how desperate I’ve been. They look AMAZING in those outfits, and I’m still in loveeee with Yunho’s hair. I am so glad Junsu had the honor of singing the national anthem. I’m SO PROUD OF HIM <333.

  10. Im not sure why, but i never got into jap songs =SSS I do listen to them and i occassionally download songs from artists such as Ayumi, Utada, Boa etc but theres so many bands and singers that i dont know where to start with so i listen to the more general, maintstream artists…Ohh and i like Mflo loves ~ collaborations but thats about it..Wait is Mflo even jap?! Lol yea see? i totallly fail when it comes to jpop… -_-

    BUT after reading ur posts on kat-tun, i did decide to give them a try and i downloaded some songs and some of them are alright, i think the best one was ‘Your side’..But none of them really stood out to me… I think its cuz i just downloaded a bunch of random songs and it would be better if i actually got someone to recommend me something lol..Would u like to do the honours =PP haha just a few ones u like..any style, im really not that fussy either…

    Oh and another thing is i cant seem to tell the guys apart or remember their names o_0 haha…..okkk so that was jin…he sure knows how to make girls go wild..thats sex on legs right there for you…

  11. Abc123zyx:
    I know, you’d think Soompi would’ve been prepared for the huge flood of traffic =.=


    Junsu looks so HAPPY in that picture!! I bet he did a great job.

    Looooooool, don’t ask me anything to do with J-pop, my J-pop knowledge is VERY fail XDD I know all of the KT boys’ names, but…….that’s it XD Oo, and I know Yamapi (how could one not) and Ryo (one litre of tears!), but that’s it ^^””’

    I’m more useful when it comes to C-pop, actually.

    I FAIL at telling people apart, seriously, I think everyone looks the same (before I get to know them) I spent MONTHS trying to tell Suju apart XD But Kat-tun’s fairly easy, cos they all look really different; I haven’t done a proper pimp post on them yet (IHATEUNI) but I just found these adorable! magazine scans of them, so I’ll post them up later this week, and hopefully it’ll help :DD

    Hmmm, songs I recommend…the one I just posted!! “precious one”! I loooooove it. And also “real face”, “keep the faith”, “lovejuice”, “lips”(though quite a few people hated it), and “bakura no machi de” (nice slow one). There’s probably way more good ones, but I don’t have that many KT songs myself (but that’s about to change, I just go their “best of KT” album) so i’ll recommend more when I find some!

    Some of their songs are very…. ^^”””, eg. “Messenger for you” lskdtghw;gncvx,l WHOEVER WROTE THAT MUST’VE BEEN ON SOME SERIOUS DRUGS AT THE TIME.

    Woot! you watched the pinky performance :DDD *give you candy*. HOW HOT IS HE??? :DDDDD Actually, his dance for “Haha” is pretty hot, too. But the lyrics…………..sigh……………..

  12. beckery:
    I think I understand why the cam was shaking, lol!! I would’ve drop the camera :P
    That fancam of Haengbok was pretty good compare to the others. I can see all of their faces :D

  13. @ pinkandsparkly:
    I actually thought u were very knowledgeable about Jpop haha..But yea i know more about C-pop too ^^ Speaking of which, just a random thing but it was Leehoms bday on the 17th and i totally forgot about it…And that guy is seriously like my number 1 favourite chinese singer haha..Im an awesome fan arent i? -_- Oh and he turned 32 if u were wondering..I still cant get over it cuz does he look anywhere near the 30’s to you?!?!

    And thanks for the suggestions. I shall go and download them now ^^ I’ve got “lips” and “real face”, but im not such a big fan of ‘lips’ hahaha…’real face’ is pretty good though, i still like ‘your side’ more XD

    @ Minnie Susu Luv
    LOLOL I agree!! If it was me not only would the camera drop but you’d probably see blood (from my nosebleed) dripping on the lens =PP hahaha That guy is hot yea?! Its so funny cuz he seriously LOVES to strip..It happens at nearly EVERY concert, but then again with a body like that who wouldnt wanna flaunt it? haha…

  14. I love you guys too <33333!

    I didn’t really get to see any of them up-close though (except for the ones I saw at the Sheraton and that was pretty awesome in itself and I should stop being greedy XD), but lol at least the concert was a lot of fun <3. SM is slowly taking over the world, so they’ll probably be making stops all over the world soon (like Australia :D!).

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all go to a concert together? I love my spazz-partners-in-crime :D.

  15. Spazzes: Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all go to a concert together? we shall make it a date :D

  16. Beckery:
    I just downloaded 80% of Kat-tun’s entire discography XDDD I’ll find something else for you to listen to soon XDD

    Leehom’s birthday on the 17th?? I TOTALLY FORGOT *head palm*. He does NOT look 32, no waaaayyyyyy. I love Leehom, definitely one of my favourite artists ever :D

    I really like “your side”! Hmm, definitely try “Precious One” and “Crazy Love” :D

    Your fan account was so much fun to read :DDD Pretty Boy Power is the only site I’ll go to from now till the HB craze boils over :PPP

    I am a crazy obsessed fangirl, so what XDDD

    OMG, it would be SOOOO awesome if we could all attend a DBSK/SJ concert together!!!! I’m thinking of going to America for a semester, on exchange (aiming for UCLA, but we’ll see) so if I end up being there for a HB, we should definitely meet up and kidnap the boys enjoy the concert together :D

    OR if they ever come down here (!HA!) you should also come; Australia has good beaches :DDD (not that you’re deprived of beaches, considering how you live in HAWAII, but still XD)

    BTW, did you know that Jin and Shirota Yuu, were recently in Hawaii?? ;oiethkjsdsgfjhigeuhrgvxkjheuhg Why am I ALWAYS in the wrong country :'((((

    I’m gonna go invade your house if DBSJ ever has a concert in Sydney. I don’t know where you live, and for all i know, you could be a psycho murderer, but it DOESN’T MATTER, cos you live in Sydney XDDDD

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