Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 18, 2008

Hangeng is my hero

Just saw on Baidu that Hangeng donated $6,800,000yuan to the victims of the earthquake.

At first, I didn’t believe it, cos that is a HUGE amount of money, it’s more than $1,000,000US. So I went on some more reputable news sites to check, and it’s true O_____________O

Hangeng, together with the eyedrops company that he’s endorsing, donated $6,800,000, that means that he didn’t donate $6,800,000 by himself, but I’m sure he put a fair amount in, in fact, he probably just told the company to donate all his pay (just a guess). Even the more famous Chinese celebrities only donated $150,000yuan, so for Hangeng (who’s still a newbie, and Suju don’t make that much) to donate (together with the company) $6,800,000, is INCREDIBLE *———————–*

Ooh, and he’s taking all the SJ-M boys to go donate blood *____________________________*

ILUSM, HANGENG <3333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should also mention that his FANS have donated $100,000yuan. They are amazing.


Did this post come across as superficial? I didn’t write it to rank how much celebrities donate (I didn’t even mention anyone else, sheesh), I’m pointing out that Hangeng is a really incredible (and generous) guy.

Edit: If you would like to donate money to help the victims of the earthquake (every little bit counts!) click here for more information. It’s an Australian site, but it includes the bank account number of the Chinese Red Cross foundation, which accepts USD (the last paragraph on the site, titled : USD Account). You don’t need a credit card to donate, just go down to your local bank and give them the details (account number, address, swift code – all included on the site).


  1. Omg Hankyung ILU <3
    And to those who only think fans do no good – here is evidence that fans can also have other people’s best interests at heart.
    Aw, this is so sweet!!!

    Btw, I love this new layout because although the other one had a custom header I really didn’t like the green. And this one is very pretty :DDDD

  2. Those Han-fans are AWESOME x3089867624

    So are all those Cassiopeians who sold their tickets and donated the money *_________________*

    And of course, Hangeng is just SO MUCH WIN <3! I’ve already told all my family members about this, so now they all love him XDDDDD

    I like this new layout, too! It’s a pity that I can’t put a custom header up :( but the colour scheme is so pwetty *—* And I also hated the greeness of the other layout, I don’t know why I chose it, I don’t even like green =.=

  3. Hankyung, you’re what it takes to give China a miracle ♥
    He’s almost like the light at the end of the tunnel! :)

    It’s so heart-warming to know that Hankyung’s doing all that he can for the victims… esp donating blood! ♥ ♥

    I hope more aid gets to the victims quick & fast! :) There are still reports of miracle survivors everyday… and it’s really something that can put a smile to anyone’s faces!

    Hankyung FTW, for sure! He’s really putting all his heart into helping the victims. & the fans!!… :D Spreading all the love! :D definitely, definitely, THE BEST.

  4. Oh gosh how i love that kind hearted boy…Hankyung is well known for being super generous with his donations and being anonymous about it too..Which is why he is soooooo awesome and should really be respected and loved XXDD..He is modesty at its very finest <333

    And whenever i hear bout fans doing these kinds of stuff, it really really touches me…I just read about Dongwan encouraging people to donate money at his recent performance and his Korean fanclub ended up donating quite a lot..Now i come here to read this and its just all very heartwarming…

    Ohh and I showed my mum the the photo in your last post and she was devastated aswell cuz yea the Aus. news doesnt do justice to the actual situation and we didnt think it was that bad.Plus we’re not chinese so we dont read the chinese news….Anyways we decided to donate money but we need to find a safe method to ensure that our money DOES go to those victims and not some stupid scam -__-..Do you perhaps have any suggestions? You mentioned the special earthquake fund, the Bank of China, Sydney branch? Is there a Brisbane branch by any chance? lol sorry to be so troublesome..Im just so lazy to search the net and im scared of being scammed haha…

  5. I saw on soompi that he donated it anonymously. He always donate anonymously but was discovered afterward :D
    He has such a big heart! I am really, really, really fall in love with this guy now!! well…. fall in love again for the 537689432565 time :P

  6. I am turning straight after all.
    lol. Nice layout dear.
    Wish that my finals are all over and summer is here. ^^

  7. Thanks for the site..Makes me feel assured that my money is actually helping XD

  8. that boy is SO MUCH WIN! he has a heart of gold <333 *dabs eyes with tissue*

    and you are really nice to take time out and post about the earthquake. its really quite devastating what happened. the good thing is that it is bringing out the best in people (giving donations etc.). but yeah we should all continue to pray for the victims.

  9. Weee~ I read this at soompi yesterday, [or was it early in the morning?] And I thought it was just a rumor, but OMG it’s true *—-*

    I wanna marry him NOW XD

    I wanna donate but.. my money’s..
    This is a lot of help to the people who needs help [Ugh, I can’t put my words together, it’s not the appropriate term but..]

    I bragged this to my mum and she’s all “Ohh.. SJ is really a good group, huh..”

  10. ilovejr:
    He is SUCH a good role model. I mean, he’s famous, but soooooo down to earth and generous *———*

    They’ve already managed to rescue over 33,000 people!!!! Some were stuck in rubble for 127 hours, it’s a miracle *—*

    Dongwan encouraged people to donate?? AWWWWW. He’s one of the only Shinhwa members I know, so I really like him XDDD Actually, I like him and Hyesung (i think that’s his name…?)

    *throws rocks at Australian media* they only show people what they WANT them to see, it’s really bad. There were so many pictures of the Burmese hurricane, but when it comes to China, wow, different story =.=

    Some peole are actually creating charity scams, can you believe it? It’s disgusting. That site I linked to should be good! After all, it’s the site of the Chinese embassy in Australia, so I think it’s pretty reliable XD I hope it is, cos I donated to that account O___O

    Minnie Susu Luv:
    He didn’t donate anonymously this time ^^. They announced it on Hunan TV, when he went on to do a program. He donated anonymously last time, during the snow disaster. Sigh….he’s so generous.

    Good luck with your exams!!!

    It’s nearly winter here =.=

    There’s not much I can do to help, so I’m just doing whatever I can (I’ve already donated money ^^). I wish I lived in China, so I could donate blood (I’m type AB, and apparently, there’s a huge demand for that) ;___;

    Just saw on TV that they’ve rescued over 30,000 people! :DDDDD!!!!!

    I thought it was a rumour, too. 6.8 million is A LOT. like WOOOOOOOOW.

    My family really like Hangeng, too XDDD

  11. Actually, I think that mum likes SIWON oppa the best,, XDD
    Btw, you are type AB? LOOOOOOOOOOOL XD

  12. Omg, I got my mum to donate *bleep* today at church on behalf of me (I shall pay her back once I find my way to the bank), and I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD, because I’ve seriously been feeling useless.

    … But this just makes me feel like I fail.

    Honestly, this is amazing. I mean, I love Hangeng and Super Junior and SJM for their music and looks and all, but it’s selfless acts like these that make my love for them increase exponentially. Overall, he just seems like such a nice guy – someone so selfless and caring that he’d donate the majority of his pay to help out with aid relief in China.

    Seriously though, I now wish I could donate more or help out in some way. *runs off to change the world*

    I’ll definitely be keeping both those affected by the Sichuan Earthquake and those affected by the cyclone in my prayers. And I’m so glad that the government in Burma has decided to let in more foreign aid, because kids are seriously starving there, and there really aren’t enough supplies to help the ill.


    Lol, Siwon’s my favourite :P

    Yep, I’m AB, same as Heechul XD MWAHAHAHAHA.

    I got my mum to donate money on behalf of me, too :D I don’t need the money, and those kids reaaaally do. My ____ amount is no where near 6.8 million, but it’s half my savings(which mind you, isn’t very much), it’s the thought that counts, yes? :DDD

    I saw the news about the Burmese government receiving foreign aid, in my newsfeed! (yes, I have a newsfeed, I’m that cool). I’m so glad they’ve finally opened up! Tragedies really do bring out the best in people. At the charity concert in China, yesterday, 15BILLION was donated in one night, that’s a HECK of a lotta money.

    I just read that 200 relief workers in China have been killed by a mudslide :SSSS

    My friend went to Burma on a missionary trip, I think she left JUST before the hurricane hit.

    *virtual hugs you back and throws candy hearts at you from across the ocean[s?])

  14. Well he didn’t donate the whole amount himself, but he still must’ve donated a considerable amount of money. =]

    I want to donate too.
    Does anyone know how?



    That’s an Australian site, but at the bottom, it has the bank account number that you can forward money to ^^ (I think it’s under the heading “US account”?). You don’t need to have a credit card to donate, just go to the bank and give them the details~

    Every little bit counts :DDD

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