Posted by: potensvita | May 19, 2008

My girls mean LOVE <3

Actually, I had to think hard about the title. Because basically, I am going to sum up what is happening with the girls I am covering. This is going to be my blog update for a while.


BoA sure was pretty busy, with her tour and while touring, she is promoting a new single. This time, her single was pretty refreshing and it was floating to my boat. Recently, I started to listen to The Face, her recently-released-and-yet-leaked-out-so-darn-early-album, and there is something significant I always want to say about her work.

It ALL grows on me.

Ok, her newest single, Vivid was vividly colourful as she had filmed two PVs (promotion videos) for it. Kissing You was … ok. Many was disappointed with it and well, I had learned my lesson before that no matter how much I wished I can change the PV, I can’t.

Her second PV was Sparkling and well …. I think I really had to let the song grow on me.

Does anyone here know about Star Show? the one that DBSK recently went on? Well, BoA was supposed to go on it too…. however, somehow …. the news die down…. So, there might be some inaccuracy there. But on sidenote, I read that Jae Joong said that he was pretty close with BoA on that show.

Jae Joong dear, I can share her with you… but no physical contact, capeesh?

~hides gun~


Recently, in one of her tours, she said she had something to announce….

and well, there are rumours that… she is FINALLY coming back with a 6th KOREAN album. I AM very much excited. FINALLY.


CSJH the Grace

I was praying hard to God and he finally ….. answered me! XD CSJH the Grace had finished their Graceful 4 concert and it was FULLHOUSE. I bet a lot of people were crying there. According to fan account, most of the people who went there were females and they are over 30…. HUM? NEVERTHELESS, haha. I love them and that is enough. Everyone had fun. They did their solo stage too. They even interacted with the fan. XD

I read that they cried too. sigh. I really wish I am there. ^^

Anyway, if I were there, I would cry too at the performance 5 cm.

I really really love that song, out of love, I am going to share it with you guys later on.

Anyway, fancams are up (not from this round of concert)

5 CM , Got to Be Real , One More Time, Ok?, Rock and Roll by Lina

haha. Now, here is the BOMBER.

They are going to release a JAPANESE SINGLE on the July 23 which was the same date as THSK. Sigh. Oh well, I heard they sung their new song in the concert too, entitled Here.


She is currently busy filming a movie and I have no idea when she is going to produce any music.

Zhang Li Yin.

OK, I was worried about her for sometimes already every since 12 of May. The place where the earthquake happened was HER HOMETOWN. I bet many doesn’t know this. So, I was paying extra attention to her thread lately…… haha. I am really well, worried. Things like this are well devastating. She heard the news about the quake when she had landed in Korea and well, cried when she saw those photos. I was … well, what she is doing in Korea? Now, even when she was back in China, she is still doing promotion. I bet being an artist under SM does mean the lack of freedom.

sigh. I hope she will participate in some fund raising events. But well, the havoc still haven’t die down in China. SJ-M’s activity is also put on hold. I bet Li Yin will be doing something too.


  1. SiChuan was Li Yin’s hometown?
    That has got to be a nightmare for her, omg..

    Eee, CSJH will release a new album <333

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