Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 19, 2008

Some more HB stuff~

Spazzes has posted part one of her fan account (SJ part), click here to read. She has lots of great pictures too :DDD

There are LOTS of pictures up on Soompi, but quite a few say “don’t take out of thread”, so I’ll just give you guys the links to the pages ^^








There’s a LOT of speculation on Soompi over the “TaeSu” rumour (I was once again reminded of why I stay away from Soompi), but let’s keep calm, it’s just a RUMOUR :DDDD Although I’ve already spammed Candychu’s msn convo box with countless “WHHHHYYYYYY”s and “NOOOOOO FAAAAIIIIIRRRRRR”s XDDD

But it’s just a RUMOUR. Let’s treat it as that. (HA! I’m such a hypocrite XDD I love me)


Edit: Candychu and I have come to the conclusion that Junsu merely had a muscle twitch in his hand ^————————————^


  1. ROFL HAHA I guess im not the only one overloading Candychu with DONT WANTs XXDD..gosh see how much we love you Candychu <33..But yes tis all a rumour RIGHT NOW so lets all be rash, smart, logical fangirls ok ^^ *goes into my little corner and flood the house*

    I think i should go into one of my selective memory lapse syndrome about now………..Soo hmm what was “taesu” again? Oh yea! me and Candychu thinks its a yucky food where you have to chew it and gnaw it and rip it with your teeth XXDD

    P.S doesnt becsu sound much much better?!? hahaa

  2. LOL. No, we came to the conclusion that Junsu’s hand simply twitched :DDD

    After all, he’d been dancing really hard, and your muscles to strange things when they get tired, y/y? :DDDDDD






    What about JunNy?


    I need to stop procrastinating.

  3. JunDice? LMAO Sounds like jaundice T______T
    CANSU?! (sounds like canned soup)

    Okay, I’ll stick with my changdice :P

    And YAY! I’m loved! *does a happy dance*

    Btw, this is what beckery has to say in response to us thinking Junsu’s hand twitched “lets just make my hands twitch into hyuks BUTT
    she’s so gonna hate me for sharing that


  4. candychu? do you live in sydney? if you do…lol…so do i…
    pinkandsparkly and beckery are both aussies too?
    dbsk fansite/forum for australians.
    there is a sydney fanmeet soon for dbsk fans…

  5. libby96:
    awesome! i just became a member :D lol, but i hope they dont have a rule where you have to be active otherwise they delete your a/c :/ coz i’m a member to so many forums i cant even keep track XD
    and wow, the nxt fanmeet is on my bday!!! :D
    too bad im in the middle of exams xP and…i dont know anyone on that forum anyway xDDD haha

  6. @ libby96
    Yup im aussie, but from Brissie ^^ SEE!! All the cool people live in sydney =_= its ok though, i can be the only cool person from brissie hahaha…So unlike u guys, im special and ur not =PP lol..and yes i will become a member too but errmmm im normally a stalker so haha dont really be expecting much from me hehe…

    @ candychu
    Errr do you perhaps live on this site?!? hahaha…Go do your hw!! you have a exam on wednesday missy…ps remember how i was telling u about how much i love leehom on saturday?!! ROFLMAO it was HIS BDAY THAT DAY!! and i totally forgot..and here i was telling u how much i love and adore that guy…=.= im such a bad fan haha…

  7. Candychu:

    Substitute “hyuk” for “jae”, “siwon”, “jin” (and 20 other names) and I’m there! XDD

    It’s nearly your b-day!!!!!!



    Hmmm, I’m not an “aussie”, more like a “Chinese New Zealander” who’s living in Australia :DDD

    I don’t live in Sydney :(((((

    HA. At least there are SOME DBSK fans in Brisbane…there are NOOOOOOOOOO DBSK fans here ;___________________; I AM ALL ALONE IN MY LITTLE DBSK-LOVING WORLD :'((((((((

  8. Its just a rumour!

    As much as i want to..i can’t stop thinking about it.
    I love SNSD..but..Junsu.

    I really wish i hadn’t seen that.

    oh well…

    I still love Junsu.
    I will be in a weird mood for the next week.

    Yoochun and Junsu..Fighting


  9. HMMM, EVERYONE, what rumour do you talking about?
    pinkandsparkly, I’VE JUST UPLOAD ANYTHING ABOUT SUPER JUNOR BESIDE the hollywood bowl ‘trend’ in

    feel free to visit

  10. ROFL. I had to google “Taesu” because I had NO BLARDY CLUE what in the world it was supposed to mean/stand for. *gets shot by candychu, pinkandsparkly AND beckery* (This is just a testament to my ultimate fail at squishing names together. I was trying to remember what the couple name for Junsu and Yunho was. The first I came up with was YunJun. GO ME.)

    But then I found pictures.

    And then I died a little bit. And my heart kinda went *KERPLUNK AHDFJHFFJKHJDHFJKHD I HATE LIFE*

    Yo man, Junsu’s been asexual for so long, I personally wouldn’t mind him having a little fun with the girlies, AS LONG AS IT’S NOT SERIOUS. And I’m all for the “he was so mentally and physically exhausted, he suffered a muscle spasm in his hand and unknowingly felt one of the SNSD clones up” excuse. *feels terrible for saying this*

    *runs off to look at more pictures of Miura Haruma* Leastwise, I THINK he’s still single.

  11. Ah. I’ve been gone for a day and the HB thread just grew exponentially and I don’t have time to look through 30+ pages combined on the DBSK and HB threads. Can someone please tell me what the whole Taeyeon and Junsu rumor was? I skimmed over something about someone’s hand on the other’s back and holding hands and I decided not to look for the original post, lol.

  12. I’mjustkeeding:
    Lol, Taeyeon is actually the only SNSD girl I don’t mind XDDD

    But JUNSU ;______________________; *cries*

    I still love Yoosu and Hosu, best :DD

    I’m talking about the Taesu rumour. There’s quite a bit of stuff on it at Soompi……

    Haha, I learnt my lesson with “ChangDice” :P

    Lol, someone wrote a comment on Baidu about how it’s nice that “Junsu likes women” XDDD It’s nice that he’s socialising, but…………….. =.=

    At least Jinjin only has little play-dates with skanks :PPPPPPP Though I can’t imagine Junsu (or any of the DBSJ boys) doing that O________O

    I’ve decided to keep away from Soompi until the HB craze dies down :D

    There’s a picture + .gif + video that shows them “holding hands” and Taeyeon touching Junsu’s back. Some fans apparently saw them hugging, and Junsu poking her cheek, when they went shopping together. Ooo, and apparently, Junsu kept trying to make eye contact with her during the Balloons performance. I’d give you the links, but I’m at uni right now, so I can’t get to my Histories folder ^^””. But I think you’d be able to find it through Google…?

    Of course, 80% of that is just a RUMOUR. And we should treat it as that ^^

  13. Lol, I think the HB has gotten to the heads of some of the fans. I’ve also been staying away Soompi cause it’s just too tiring to catch up with everything, especially with all the Taeyeon + Junsu rumors going around and everyone spazzing.

  14. @ abc123zyx
    Since im to lazy to go to uni today and have nothing better to do with my life, “I” shall be awesome and give you some links hahaha..
    The thread specially dedicated to ‘TaeSu’ =_=..Anyways i think the mods just decided to close it…I was wondering how long it would take..I mean the whole thread is basically based on bi*ching lol..

    A gif of the so called arm muscle spaz moment haha…

    Ohh bummer, there was this clip on youtube where someone put together pictures and clips of the so called “scandal” and i just found it seriously HILARIOUS..but i guess he/she was getting to many hate mails so she/he removed it -_-…

    Hope that helps!! Oh and if ur prone to heart attacks, please refrain from clicking the links, i dont wanna be the person who caused u to have a heart attack =PP haha

  15. Abc123zyx:
    Soompi is a scary place….XDD

    I normally only go to Baidu and Youtube, for news and stuff. I don’t like Soompi, it’s so unorganised =.=”’ and i hate sifting through 54 “OMG, OPPA’S SO HOT IN THAT” and “DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THEY HAVE A GF???” comments, to find real information =.=.

    Thank you!!!

    I went to the thread, and omg, some people have way too much time on their hands XDDD *dodges crazy Soompiers*. A Korean article about the Taesu scandal has already been posted on the internet…I’m really curious to the Cassiopeians reactions :P Ooo, and the SNSD fans (whatever they’re called), they blamed DBSK for “sexual harrassment”, last time, I wonder what they’ll do this time, hmm?

    Lol, I was SO tempted to break the computer when I read some of the comments in that thread xD But I didn’t, cos I’m at uni, and I would be expelled if I broke uni-property XDDD

    BTW, you’re a uni student??? WEEEEEE :DDDDD FINALLY, another fangirl who’s in uni XD Now I don’t feel so old, LOL. Just out of curiosity, what degree are you doing? I’m not stalking you (i don’t even live in your state), I’m just curious :D [I’m gonna take a guess and say medicine, or commerce]

  16. @ Pinkandsparkly
    Lolol i practically live in soompi except i dont think i’ve ever ever ever posted a comment anywhere cuz im to scared to break the rules =SS I seriously think soompiers are very scary people too, especially when a scandal about their “oppas” turn up hahaha…

    OMG WTH!? An article already? =_= You would think korean news have better things to write about…Seriously, some people should get a life, im really over the whole thing already cuz its just being blown up out of proportion..Its really grating my nerves now..Im basically just waiting until it all explodes and theres bitch fights between the fanclubs hahah..Im so nice arent I?! Hmm as for what will happen this time?

    a) Cassiopeians do a JUNSU HAS TO BE GAY (with Yoochun ^^) protest
    b) Cassiopeians do a “boycott taeyeon and all the other snsd” protest
    c) Cassiopeians do a “we’re going to suicide if he goes out with her” protest
    d) All of the above except instead of Cassiopeians ,its Snsd fans

    Ohh and maybe father sm will have lightbulb flashing moment and say wow this good promotion and make them go out =_=…

    Oh while ur at it, check this out
    Haha im about to bet all my money the starter of the thread is in actual fact a SNSD and DBSK antifan in about adding oil into fire, but ROFL i just found the whole thing hilarious….

    And dont mind my sarcasm..Im just starting to get a tad peed off by it ^^

    BTW, yes im a 2nd year uni student hahahah *blushes* so yea im actually quite old, perhaps even more than you? -_- But no worries, it just means im closer in age to the hyuk LOL..and im doing the typical asian thing, which is pharmacy…Its like a chemist where you dispense drugs etc etc…But yes im doing it to have a better chance of upgrading to medicine, which is not really going to happen cuz im so stupid lol…Umm what degree are you doing again? Bet its more exciting than me..XD

  17. I never post anything in Soompi, I’m too scared I’ll say something wrong and get my head bitten off (those fangirls can be so SERIOUS).

    I’m not surprised that it’s come up in the Korean news, the boys are VERY popular over there, and this would’ve caused quite a big stir (“Taesu” was the 2nd highest search topic on Daum, yesterday). I actually don’t care about this “scandal”, I just like to freak out about it cos it’s fun XDD Some people commented on how this made them CRY. omg. =.=

    Have you seen the new pictures? Of them shopping together? Apparently they “prove” that they’re a couple (i haven’t seen the pictures, they were taken off Soompi). But meh, friends can touch each other, I often high five/hug my guy friends, doesn’t mean I’m going out with them :PP

    I can’t wait for the bitch fights to start!!!!!!! HOMG, COUNTDOWN :DDDDD I love drama (when it doesn’t involve me XDDD). CRAZY FANGIRLS AGAINST CRAZY FANBOYS, BRING IT :D

    Omg, imagine if LSM makes them do a duet or something =.=

    LMAO, omg, that thread is so…………^^”” The thread maker has a lot of spare time, I envy her/him. I half expected those posters to draw lines between their eyes, to show their eye contact XD

    OMG, there’s going to be an SNSK thread on Soompi. WHAT. SOME PEOPLE NEED TO GET A FREAKING LIFE.

    You know what freaks me out? Those “Noooo, TAEYEON BELONGS TO SUNNY” comments, and also those “nooooo, she’s HER lover” comments. O___________O. WTH. I can understand why people pair up boys from boybands with each other (cos they don’t want to see them date girls), but why the HECK would GIRLS pair GIRLS up with each other???? THAT’S SO WRONG.

    Lol, I’m a first year uni student, so yea, you’re probably older than me :PP Oooo, pharmacy eh….yea, that’s a typical asian subject XD I have some friends doing pharmacy/biological science/pharmaceutical science/biology, who are trying to get into medicine. Omg, my friend’s friend tried SEVEN times to get into medicine, so she actually sat the Umat, every year, for SEVEN YEARS :O:O:O:O. Speaking of Umat, the organisers must earn LOADS from them. The entry fee for Umat over here, is around $160, and last year they had 2000 applicants :O:O:O.

    Lol, sorry, got sidetracked XD

    I’m doing a bachelor of media and a bachelor of arts, double degree :D I’m majoring in French for the Arts degree (worst decision EVER). It’s such a un-asian degree XDDDD I IS DIFFERENT :D

  18. beckery:
    nooo i dont live on this site :P Hehe you’re not that much older than pinkandsparkly…coz rmbr how in Brisbane you guys like start a yr early? Like not a year earlier…but I rmbr when my sis’ friend moved to Brisbane in Yr 11 she started in Yr12 over there. BLAH. I dont know what I’m on about.

    And pinkandsparkly you’re not even old and you look young , remember? :PPPPP Soon I’ll start uni too and we can be cool together :DDD



  19. Wow! Theres actuallly pictures of them shopping together?!? I havent seen them darnnit..Must search for them later cuz im curious how photos of them shopping together can prove they’re a couple =_=..That just means I’ve basically gone out with like a hundred guys in the past few years haha…

    And yea im anticipating the bitch fights too..except I think snsd fans will get squished in no times because we all know how scary Cassiopeians get when they’re jealous…Seriously fangirls can be so awesomely sweet and supportive of their “oppas”, but then when something like this occurs they all turn into blood sucking monsters =SS That’s why I’ve always respected Shinhwa Changjo, they’re really the model fanclub..Always so supportive and mature about everything =DD

    LOLOL at your “why the HECK would GIRLS pair GIRLS up with each other”!!!! hahaha I seriously have no idea either..Maybe it’s a ermmm boy in disguise?!? And they wanna see some girl on girl actions =_= hahhaha..I don’t even know the snsd “couples”..Nope, not really interested..As a matter of fact, I don’t even know all of them lol..

    OH EM GEE, I HATE UMAT WITH PASSION!!!! I’ve only done it 2 years and OMG you don’t know how much I hate it!! And I do preparation courses for it so im practically doing umat as a subject for half a year..Its a horrible horrible thing and you know what I don’t get?!? WHAT THE F*K DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH MEDICINE OR DENTISTRY!?!?! Its sooooo lame!! I mean what does finding the next piece in the puzzle have to do with anything at all o_O And most of it is based on logic thinking, which I severely lack and thus, I always get really really shit marks -_- And I have a concession card so I pay like $60 for it, but then I have to buy a preparation course so it comes to like $300 and I still fail =(

    Gosh I feel sorry for your friend! Yea my friend has done it for 5 years but then she graduated from a science degree last year and she still didn’t make it into dentistry so she gave up and is just looking for a job..Thats why I decided to do pharmacy, so then at least if I never get into medicine, I can still graduate and become a pharmacist.And then I can work in a hospital and hook up with some rich, handsome doctor and be a doctor’s wife XXDD pfftt who needs to study when you can just marry hahaha…

    Your degree does sound better than mine.I mean everything sounds better than mine..All I do is basically:

    Me: “oh how can I help you today”
    Patient: “I have a runny nose”
    Me: “oh that’s not good, how long have you had it for”
    Patient: “Just this morning”
    Me: “and have you had any other syptoms?”
    Patient: “NO, I have a runny nose, can you just tell me what medication to use”
    Me: “Oh ok…maybe freaking trying Codral Cold and Flu tablets would help =_=”

    haha exciting much?!

    But wow your learning FRENCH!?!? Like the million other girls in this world, i think french sounds ridiculously smexy and romantic and if some guy comes up to me and starts serenading me and belting out lines in french, i will forget all about my marrying a doctor dream and all my other marrying hyuk dreams and say yes right away to that guy..haha….My cousin actually just came back from france and he was telling me about eating snails =S

    Oh wait so why is the worst decision ever?

  20. @ candychu
    haha right you are..Im probably not that much older but hey its alright it just means my age gap between all the dong bang junior boys are smaller than you guys which means i have a higher chance of marrying hyuk XXDD hahaha…oh and maybe all the studying is eating away your brain cells but isnt it quite obvious SNSK = SNSD + DBSK…haha and to think you’ve been studying maths..tis only a simple addition problem =PP

    OH BTW GUYS!! have u heard of the new sm boy band called “Shinee”!! Apparently its the next dbsk -_- dont u hate it when they say “the next blah blah blah” But wow the boys are sooo young, the youngest is like 14 and the oldest is like 19? or something…They’re manufacturing them so young these days haha

  21. beckery
    i swear, me and you are PSYCHIC.
    Actually me and pinkandsparkly were on a hunt for these TAESU pics and I thought “Ooh popseoul always reports on scandalous things like this, I shall check it out”. Unfortunately I couldnt locate any evidence for this Taesu issue BUT I found out about that Shinee band so we did a little research and I just did a post on it. THEN I come on and find YOUR comment. See, we’re connected, I swear.

    AND OMG MATHS. Lmao, I’m braindead from it all. I googled SNSK and got a “female dbsk” thread XDDD But yes…PAS then cleared it up for me. *goes back to killing brain*

  22. Beckery:
    I really really really REALLY want to see some crazy fanboys battle the cassiopeians. I think it would just be SO entertaining *________*. SBS should make a reality show out of it. I personally find fanboys….kinda weird XD I mean, I can understand those who fanboy DBSK, cos DBSK has really good dance choreography. But….SNSD fanboys…? =.= that’s a bit….odd. Maybe it’s an asian thing, but I just know that my guy-friends would never ever ever fanboy them xDD

    The cassiopeians can be really extreme. Have you seen the presents that they give the boys? OMG. I reckon they spent at LEAST nine thousand US on Junsu’s last birthday present O_______O. I don’t know very much about Shinhwa’s fanclub, but I’m guessing that they’re probably a lot older than the Cassiopeians, yes?

    I think I know all the SNSD girls’ names now. It’s shocking; I really didn’t purposely try to remember all their names. Darn it, SM and their smart marketing people =.=

    Lol, my friends told me that UMAT exams don’t actually have right/wrong answers, the right answer is just what the majority put. That’s soooo weird xD Most of my friends failed the interview, there was only one guy in our year who got into medicine (medical surgery, I think?) and he’s sooooo busy. They have to start at 8am and finish at 5, EVERY DAY. HEEHEEEE XDDD

    I don’t personally know the girl who tried UMAT, seven times, but I know that she got into dentistry this year. Actually, she was on the waiting list, and someone dropped out, so she got in; LUCKY. I think she already has a mastersin Biomedical science, though.

    “who needs to study when you can just marry” AGREED XDDDDDDD. Lol, na, I don’t want to get married early (I’m thinking maybe 26/27) but I definitely want to marry someone well-off XD (don’t we all? XDDD). I’m thinking a heir to a large company…..mmm……:PPPPP

    Lol, your future job sounds thrilling. Tell me when you open a pharmacy so I can go annoy you with weird questions XD

    Haha, trust me, after you’ve done a semester of French, it stops sounding sexy/romantic. In fact, everytime you hear it, you just want to hide under a rock and DIE cos it reminds you of how awful you are at the subject XDDDD I picked it cos I want to get into public relations in the film/fashion field, and I was told that it’s “like English”. IT’S NOT LIKE ENGLISH AT ALLLLLL :’((((( It’s soooo hard, there’s a gender for every single noun, and you have to conjugate all the verbs, and even ADJECTIVES have gender :((((((((((

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