Posted by: potensvita | May 20, 2008


Laughs. I am so lame and you will know very soon. I am such a dork. :3

Anyway, Here is the newest non-released-but-about-to-release song from CSJH the Grace. Haha, well, I had posted yesterday that they are having a new single on July right? Well, apparently, they are releasing another one in OCTOBER. How do I know? According to news in Soompi, Here is supposedly for the October single. Haha.

Dances around excitedly,

And guess what, someone took a FANCAM OF HERE by CSJH feat Clift Edge and even the song was uploaded on UCC. (The korean version of youtube) I had ripped it from UCC and uploaded here!

Here is the fancam.

Credit : gaboabu @ youtube

On side note, the partial lesbian me are also very excited for the return of Battle. This year, after the finals apparently is filled with goodies for me. A RUMOURED BoA return, with the album entitled Back to The Girl. Two singles from CSJH the Grace and Battle and maybe Li Yin for some korean activities?


  1. OMIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, I’M SO EXCITED … !!! GAH, this is the bestnews everrrrrrr. <33333333333333333

    The song is supah excellent! Once again, the girls harmonize perfectly, and the voices of Clift Edge (?) really offset and contrast with those of CSJH. And homg, the girls are so pretty in that fancam! I hate fancams with a passion (HB has pretty much FORCED me to derive my entertainment fix from fancams, so I’ve been sitting here, cursing at my computer for over an hour. XD), but gaaaaaahhhh, the lighting’s really nice in that venue. It really sets the mood for a good R&B-ish song from the girls!

    Anyhow, thanks for the news Potensvita! Much appreciated!

    *Dances around excitedly with you* XDDDDD

  2. I forgot to add something.

    CSJH is also in the A-Nation LIST. haha.
    you are welcome, I hope you had downloaded the picture zipped in the previous post.

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