Posted by: lovediaries | May 20, 2008

SM’s New Boyband – SHINee

Because pinkandsparkly and I are such studious girls we didn’t know til a few minutes ago that there is a new band debuting under SM! Isn’t this exciting!? A NEW BOYBAND TO DROOL FANGIRL OVER :DDD Except, their ages range from 14-18 T________T WHY??? What happened to mature, grown up boys??? Lol.

{credit: Newsen; krnloop}

SM Entertainment, which has already released some of the popular groups in the Kpop scene like TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation, is coming out with a new male group called “Shinee.” The members of Shinee, described as a contemporary band, are composed of members whose ages range from 14-18 years old and who go by the names of Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew and Key.

According to SM Entertainment, Shinee is going to lead this generation’s trendy dance, fashion and music. With regard to its name, the label explains that it is a combination of the word “shine” and “ee,” which is to mean “people receiving the light.” This light, as applied to the group, is the “spotlight” directed toward Shinee, whose goal is to fascinate fans, regardless of their age or where they come from, with its diverse music.

This may be the first and last OR possibly the first of many posts on these oh-so-young boys, depending on how good they are :) But anyway, here’s a quick profile:

{credit: Shinee Bar @ Baidu}

From left to right: Onew, JongHyun, TaeMin, MinHo and Key


1. Onew
Bday: 1989.12.14
Height: 177cm
Interests: singing, piano

2. Jonghyun
Bday: 1990.04.05
Height: 173cm
Interests: Movies, singing, writing lyrics, chinese

3. Taemin (He semi resembles Heechul, Y/Y?)
Bday: 1993.07.18
Height: 175cm
Interests: Music, poppin dance, piano, chinese

Bday: 1991.12.09
Height: 181cm
Interests: Soccer, Basketball, performing, chinese, english

5. Key
Bday: 1991.09.23
Height: 177cm
Interests: Rap dance, wakeboard, english, chinese

Okay, this is seriously depressing. WHY ARE THEY SO YOUNG? I can never bring myself to be sucked into fangirling a group if they’re younger than me e.g FT Island. I’ll like them and “awww” at them but I can’t DROOL over them.

Oh and if you’re interested in their style of music here is a teaser…

{credit: ehbkLOVE @ youtube}

They sound happy? Lol but…not really my type of music :S I think I’ll wait for a ballad to be released :)

OKAY EXAM TMR *is about to die* SO THATS ALL FOR NOW. We’ll try suss out more about this band. (Their album is suppose to be released 22nd of May :))


  1. “According to SM Entertainment, Shinee is going to lead this generation’s trendy dance, fashion and music” Ahahahaha, I hear the Cassiopeians + the ELFs, sharpening their knives XDDD

    I like ONEW :D He’s got that whole “society is against me” look that I find really attractive XDDD AND, he’s the oldest, and only a TEENY TINY BIT younger than me :DDDDDDDD

    I’m not feeling them right now (get your head outta the gutter), but hopefully they’ll release something that will make me go yay :D

    Hmm, I wonder if the SNSD girls will help these boys? Cos you know how SM sunbaes always help the dongsaengs (did i spell that right?). Next time, THEY can shoot a commercial together :DD And Onew can call in sick, cos he’s just too cute :PPPPPPPPP


  2. LOL what a coincidence!! I just mentioned them in one of my comments like 15 minutes ago and wham bam next minute you’ve posted up their whole profile…haha you definitely have top notch stalking skills =PPP

    *sighs* they’re really alll too young, i feel like a complete pedo when im checking them out =_= I’ve always thought father sm had an awesome eye for talent, i mean H.O.T, shinhwa, dbsk, suju, csjh, zly and the list goes on, but seriously out of a million other sm trainees, couldnt he find some that are older so at least i can check them out and fangirl them if they turn out good =( I definitely would feel weird fangirliing them. The youngest one is 5 years older than my little brother =SS ewwwww….. But oh wells none of them stand out to me anyways, except the heechul look alike well mainly because his a heechul look alike LOL

    Ohh and a random fact, apparently Jonghyun was the guy singing in Zhang Li Yin’s song “Wrongly given love”…

    P.S does it look like i live at this site? haha cuz i sure feel like i do XXXDDD

  3. Ahaha, I was just reading the comments on one of my cyberbuddy’s livejournal, and ROFL, apparently, their name is spelt as “SHINee”, but pronounced as “shiny”.

    *giggles to herself for a very long time*

    .. I have the urge to call them “SHIN” – “ee” for the rest of my life. XDDDD

    Because I’m a self-pronounced undedicated fangirl of Big Bang, I’m VERY skeptical about these boys. They’ll have to prove themselves as being musical geniuses before I’ll start to fangirl over them. AND HOMG, WHY ARE THEY SO YOUNG. I FEEL SO OLD AND PEDO RIGHT NOW. They’ll probably have to, idk, tack on a couple years to their ages too, before I’ll feel comfortable even looking at them. XD

    Key looks tall, but needs better posture. I can imagine the pain in his neck from posing in that position. And Onew … needs a new name. I can’t see myself salivating over someone called “ONEW”. No offense. XDDD


  4. Let’s all be pedo nunas (is that spell right??) together!!!!
    I was looking at their ages and started laughing because damn; they’re so freaking young!!!!! As young as my brothers and sisters. *shrudders*
    I’m just a few months older than Onew but still, damn, I feel OOOOLLLDD;D
    But not as old as you guys (lol, just kidding!!!)
    Looking at them if I didn’t know what their ages were already, I probably guess they were ACTUALLY around 17 or 18 or even 19 (I guess SM like ’em young-ones, eh?)
    They’re probably suppose to draw the younger generations *sobs, I’m old* such as my 10 year old sister and my 11 year old cousin who are just getting out of Hannah Montana phrase and who are starting to have interest in the music (or rather, GUYS) that I like. I rather have them drool over Jonghyun and one of those younger ones than these American artists (no offense; too much drugs and partying)
    But before I start harrass–stalki–liking these guys I gotta know if they are any good at dancing, singing live, have great personalities, and blah blah blah first. Nothing says turn-off like a bad attitude and a fake smile.
    (And yeah, I keep telling myself age is just a NUMBER but being a pedo dosen’t make it better) ~.~||

  5. *cry together with the group of nunas*
    Why must they be so young? Even the oldest one is a little bit younger than me :'( At least he’s no more than a month younger than me :P
    I’ll see how it goes, but I’m not feeling them right now, they’re just too young. Well, I like FT Island, so maybe I’ll like them too.
    There is a great chance that I’ll like Onew. His name and age attract me <3 I mean… he’s the one who’s closest to my age, which makes me feel less of a stalker @.@;;; And that name “Onew”. It sounds funny. Wonder if it has any special meaning…
    *off to study for the exam tomorrow*

  6. first thing i thought when i saw them was “SM’s response to Big Bang much?” because from the clothes and the “lead this generation’s trendy dance, fashion and music” line, they seem pretty similar.

    and i’m only barely tolerating seungri even though he’s only one year younger than me. BigBang fangirlness+younger than me=hard to fangirl over SHINee. and i don’t think they have the body to pull off those kind of clothes. music wise…don’t know if i’ll have any of their songs in my player. its like if i saw the PV on tv, i’d prolly stay on to watch but then change the channel and forget. i’m judging from the snippet, of course. its a cute one though. makes me wonder…have all of them gone through puberty yet? -_-”

    cassiopeia and E.L.F are generally nicer to SM kids than others, right? i’m sure these widdew babies are of no concern to them.

  7. I don’t have to cry because TAEMIN is about my age and i’m very HAPPY, HAHAHA. but why are they so tall *———*

    I’ve read about Shinee maybe a couple of hours earlier and.. visited their official site but the gallery is still unavailable T_T

    I have chances with them~~ [And with FT Island too.. XD If ya know what I mean. But It still seems to be impossible =.=]

    Ahh, I’m going nuts O_O

  8. Omg! The-guy-who-looks-like-Heechul (what I called him until I just learned his name) is ONLY 14?!?! He and Minho are both younger than me which was unexpected cause they all look like they could be at least 16 or17. Fangirling them would be so weird. I really like their video though I generally like all the artists SM debuts. I still crack up when I say their name though.

  9. WHOA. To think I was the only one who thought Taemin resembled Heechul! :D YAY. Haha so I’m not alone. ♥

    No more Danny Noriega fandom. :)
    Yeah I cant call them Oppa! :( What a pretty sucky feeling.

  10. YAY! THEY ARE ALL OLDER THAN ME!!! taemin is actually 15….
    FANGIRL TIME!!! I LIKE YOUNGER CELEBS TOO! lol, maybe because suju’s average age is nearly 2x my age…


  11. ^ all to be young again~~

    but yes, taemin definitely looks like heechul, but in the video, i like whoever had that rough husky voice *rawr*, makes them seem older? no? ^_^

  12. pinkandsparkly
    ONEW. AHAHA. That name cracks me up. It’s like the “UKnow” of this group, yes? Omg…you know…I read your comment about 5 times trying to think of what you meant by “get your head outta the gutter” and I couldn’t decide if you were telling me to do so or yourself. Until finally…it hit me. OMG I wasn’t even thinking of that T___T LOL WHY DID YOU HAVE TO POINT OUT THE AMBIGUITY OF IT?
    Yeah maybe SNSD can go help out these boys and leave the “others” *cough* alone T_T

    haha yeah after I posted I saw your comment :DDDD Lol pinkandsparkly is a pro stalker. As I was writing this out she’s pasting me all these links and I couldn’t even catch up XDD SO far, there isn’t anything t check out. And lmao I just keep thinking of the other pic of them and…ALL I SEE IS COLOUR. BRIGHT, BRIGHT COLOUR XD
    OMG I KNEW his chinese name looked familiar. NO WAY! But yeah I went and did some more research and it really is him. People on Baidu were saying he sounds like Kyu ( I disagree) but I reckon some of his lines in that song reminded me of Hae :) But I would’ve never guessed he was this young O_O It seems so wrong…It’s not as if SM are running out of trainees that they need boys this young to debut :S
    And yes I know you secretly camp out here :P Tis your second home, isn’t it? XD

    Minnie Susu Luv
    lol I’m not a noona :P I”m younger than you :) hehe
    LOL You like his name? It’s…ODD. I like the sound of TaeMin and Minho. it seems as if anyone with “min” in their name is a cutie eg ChangMIN and SungMIN :D What a coincidence!
    Btw, howd your exam go? I had one today as well ^^

    *pats you on the head*
    I actually just picture the word “Shiny” and picture lots of bling. OMG THATS WHY THEY’RE SO GANGSTA-ISH WANNABE!!! Bling = Shiny :D OMG IM SO SMART *happy dance*
    Ahaha “Hey Key, do you have my Key?” *laughs at own joke* Lol, okay that wasn’t even funny. Yeah, like I was saying to PAS, ONEW = UKNOW = ISLAME

    Maybe I’ll just perve on the two older ones and then I won’t be a pedo buahaha Haha hey! I’m younger than 2 of them so I can’t be older than you :PPPP kekeke But yeah, if I didn’t know better, I’d think they were at least 16. AT LEAST.
    Lmao, my friend is turning 17 and she is OBSESSED with hannah montana. I have no idea why she is still her friend XD But she went out and bought all this hannah montana merchandise like the plastic guitar and her stupid phones which are TOYS. T_T

    I reckon, eh? It’s stupid to compare them to DBSK because so far, the two groups are COMPLETELY different O_O Lol, I know the names of Big Bang but I can’t actually match faces to names haha. This group will need MORE for me to “stay” interested because I really don’t like fangirling younger boys XD It just…IDK…I’m not used to it!!! LMAO I was thinking that. One of them sung pretty high…but then again look at Changmin XDD

    tall is good :D Though I’d prefer them to be short coz then I wouldn’t even
    be interested LOL…see, I like my boys to be tall ^_^
    Haha yeah I went on their site this morning and there is STILL nothing T_T

    I KNOW! As if he looks that young O_O Only two of them are younger than you? THREE of them are younger than me T_T. I’m actually kinda surprised they’re debuting under SM. I don’t know why but like…they don’t seem to be SM’s style? I guess it’s something new then…

    That’s coz he does look like Heechul! Well in that pic anyway :D

    You’re…12? :S Haha yeah, you can leave SuJu to me :D Lol well I guess this group is for your generation :P LOL IDK, I like my “older” boys :P

    Lol I COULDN’T RECOGNISE ANYONE in the video XDD Actually I think I saw Minho but he looked funny XD Well one of them did because they had MASSIVE eyes XDD

  13. I also like my boys tall ^-^”
    I actually rewatched their vid and yea, I didn’t recognize anyone XD

    Oooh, libby96 is only 12??! Im not the magnae here anymore!
    That’s pure coolness *———–*

    Lol, It’s funny how you noonas are comparing your ages to them.. Like.. HAHAHA XD

    But I’m not really “into” them. x_x Someone should look pretty first, which I doubt that they’ll have a “prettyboy” style.. `c0z they’re gangshta. XD
    But knowing SM.. they’ll surely transform.. time after time.. =.=

  14. Ok, PS. This is kinda unrelated, but I have a “MIN” in my name as well! XD
    “Jazmine” is my.. english name. =S [Hmmn.. Idk, but.. there’s a very long story behind my Name. =.=]
    and most of my friends call me “MinMin/Min”. BWAHAHA,

    Ok, that was a lame joke. x_x

  15. sayuu13sj
    im assuming she’s 12 coz of the 96 in her username XD
    Hahaha well even though ‘age is just a number’ I have to consider these things :P

    Yeah if this group does well, SM might not find the need to change their image? IDK. So far I’m not digging their style XD

  16. jonghyun duet with Li Yin before. It was one of the tracks in her I WILL album. ^^

  17. potensvita
    yep yep ^^ beckery told me and I went to look it up
    He’s pretty good at singing but I don’t rly like his voice :S Hmm, shall have to hear more of them xDD

  18. lol… yeah, i am 12. the 96 in my username = 1996…lol.
    ok then… TAEMIN IS MINE!!!
    and he is younger than SNSD!

    he’s only 8cm taller than me! YAY!

  19. libby96
    hahaha sure, u can have taemin! go check out the MV and see what u think! we just posted it ^^

  20. HELLO CANDYCHU I AM BUMPING YOUR OLD POST >:D I just happened to be reading your archives since I can’t sleep ><

    & LOL

    "Okay, this is seriously depressing. WHY ARE THEY SO YOUNG? I can never bring myself to be sucked into fangirling a group if they’re younger than me e.g FT Island. I’ll like them and “awww” at them but I can’t DROOL over them."

    come again? XD

    • LOL OMG You must be so bored XD. BUT ROFL, pretend I never said that!!

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