Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 21, 2008

Some more “SHINee” stuff

Ahahaha, that title made me laugh, cos it’s pronounced “shiny”, so “shinee stuff” sounds funny XDD

The two boys, OnYu (Onew) and Taemin, left messages on their site:

Hello this is SHINee’s Leader, ONEW.

Hello this is SHINee’s Leader, ONEW. SHINee’s Homepage has opened.

I have replied to the messages that were posted in the fanboard a while ago.

I’m thankful that there are a lot of people supporting SHINee.

Due to the unexpected amount of support i left a message on the official board.

I’m honored that i’m the first one out of my members to leave a message here.

I’m very nervous since its my first time. The weather is very strange today. Take care of your health.

Just a while ago our teaser clip was put online so take a peek at that.

SHINee’s debut stage has been decided for Sunday, May 25th, 2008.

You guys are going to give us a lot of support, right?

The times the 5 of us worked so hard for this moment is passing through in my head.

SHINee worked very hard until now so look forward to it!

We will become a hard working SHINee. Fighting!


Translation credits: s@nbi
Source: SHINee Official Homepage
Credits: SHINee Forums

Awww, what a sweet boy *pats his head* :P He’s only four months younger than me, but I still feel like a pedo when I fangirl his pictures XDDD But so far, Jonghyun’s my favourite member, cos he sounds really sweet and he has the whole “society is against me” face that I find really attractive XD

Taemin (the 14 year old who we all thought looked like Heechul) also left a message:

Hello I’m Tae Min from Shinee.
The first one who wrote is our leader OnYu hyung
And I’m the second one to write and I’m getting nervous

Because of your concern our group name and “Noona you’re so pretty” was uploaded onto the portal site.

From now on we will fix our image, so please cheer for shinee

Today, while i was doing this. there was a picture that I took….

I will upload it in the same time. Don’t forget to view! Don’t forget!

Source: SHINee IPLE site
Translation Credit: xonina
Credit: SHINee Forums
Source Finder: xonina

That song we heard yesterday was “Noona you’re so pretty”??? LMAO XDDDDD!!!!!! I LOVE THAT TITLE, OMG XDDDD. LSM is so SMART. Young girls will definitely like these boys, and this song is going to attract lots of noona fans XD I FEEL SO OOOLLLLLLDDDDD, I’m younger than all the DBSJ boys, so it feels weird to refer to myself as a noona fan XD

Anyway, here are some new pictures (and a bigger one of the one we used yesterday) [Credit: Baidu Shinee Bar]

From left to right (first picture): OnYu, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, and Key.


I reaaaally don’t like their collars in that third picture. THOSE BUTTONS ARE THERE FOR DECORATION, NOT FOR YOU TO DO UP XDDD

But wow, those skinny jeans are TIGHT :D

P.S: What happened to TOUCHS? (yes, it’s spelt “touchs”)



  1. that dog real?


    That just shows that SM are actually aware of how young these boys are! *surprise surprise* But lmao that is quite clever XDD

    If you hadn’t had pointed out that was the song title, I would’ve assumed it was the name of their fanclub OR TaeMin was possibly comforting all their noona fans LOL

  2. “Noona you’re so pretty” is a song title? Ok, the first thing that came to my mind is that someone posted @ the fan board saying “Noona you’re so pretty”.. You know.. I thought someone thought that they were GIRLS? Ehe, Im pretty retarded x_x

    The sweet messages is starting to grow on me XDD

  3. ROFL the first thing that i noticed from the whole post was the COLOURFUL. PASTEL, FLUORO PICTURE!!! LOLOLOL I was laughing soooo hard when i saw that picture yesterday cuz omg ITS SO BRIGHT!!! Apparently “Shinee will be styled according to the latest trend called the “European Contemporary Look.” Im not sure what the “European Contemporary Look.” but hey whatever floats their boat i guess……

    Ok i am the ULTIMATE FAIL because i still dont remember their names and still cant tell them apart XD Its probably cuz i really feel like a nuna pedo whenever im looking at their photos except for the colourful one cuz im only looking at their clothes (above the waist of course =P), but yea im still a bit skeptic about them so we’ll see how it goes…I still dont see why they are so young, reminds me of Xing actually and although i like some Xing songs, i never got into them CUZ THEY”RE ALL YOUNGER THAN ME =_=

    But gotta credit Sm for that song name hahahaha..very smart XD

  4. Do me a favor? Shot me. How old am I getting?!!? I swear this is supposed to still be young but now I cannot even fangirl over new bands because of the age gap. 14?!?! OMG lol I know everyone is complaining about this but still…. fail. I hate when there is a significant age gap! It has me all messed up! I heard the young one is an amazing dancer though so I guess that is justifiable.

    AH I really like Joonghyun to, I was instantly drawn to him (then I checked the ages and found out he was one of the older ones so it was a little bit okay). Also I know I am stupid… but I could not tell who was who from the original pictures to the new ones. At least if they were going to show us that earlier picture do cover up their faces with odd poses and glasses, it has me all messed up! Minho looks completely different to me (HOT in the first picture as well).

    I cannot even lie here… I really liked “Noona You’re So Pretty”. I know my music skills are funny but I was singing it right after I heard it. Still not knowing what it meant to.

    BTW Do you notice they are all a little short to? :x And they are all but one interested in Chinese. Do I see a Chinese debut for them if they do well? I think soo….

    Also BTW (can you do that twice) I heard they are currently is number one on the naver search so I guess everyone is expecting them! Taemin is at 12 leading the single searches.

    Third BTW (I don’t think this is something to do three times) I heard they are performing the song tomorrow (22) on Mnet M!Countdown. It is not airing right away but I bet someone will capture it. Then I guess single + MV before the real debut on the 25, I think someone said the 23.

  5. i was actually reading the replies to the previous shiny uh, SHINee post, and someone was so happy that they weren’t the magnae… out of the frequenters of, um, here, who IS the magnae? *curious*

    oh and LOL at song title…they just automatically assume their fans are going to be noonas? ahahahaa…

    lets hope they grow up nice and sexy like changmin did.

  6. avieyal:
    were you reffering to this:

    Oooh, libby96 is only 12??! Im not the magnae here anymore!
    That’s pure coolness *———–*

    That’s me, LOL. I just assume that I;m the magnae.. though kpoplover4ever is 2 months younger than me. *———-*

  7. HAHAHA. “Noona, you’re so pretty” sounds cute. Well, they’re all older than Johnny’s HSJ so I guess we’re not all that of pedo noonas. But wow, they’ve really got an appropriate song title to attract all the noona-fangirls.

    The Korean fans are reallllyyyy efficient. And I’m getting scared for both Taesu. Wouldn’t want LSM to go to extreme measures and put them on hiatus or something. But I doubt he’d do that.

    Oh, I haven’t seen the Yoosica thread yet but I’m pretty much ‘devastated’ by Taesu already. Lol. XD YES I’VE SEEN THOSE PICS. I think. I actually saw 1 only but it was of their back view? That’s enough damage done already. Lol. Somehow, I’m rather on the ‘denial’ side, but… all the proofs everywhere seem to piece the puzzle. Who knows?

  8. CANDee
    Fanclub??? LOL, I can just see it now…..their fanclub logo could be made up of a bunch of crazy noonas behind bars XDDDDD

    Lol, yes, it’s the title of the song XDDD

    They’re so cute!! But so young :((((((((((((((((

    Lol, I do NOT like their clothes. And that is so NOT european contemporary, they look like the emo boys over here, except their hairstyle is flatter….with less bleach XDDD

    Their style reminds me a little of Big Bang…?

    I can’t tell them apart either XDD I am SO BAD with faces. I still can’t tell some of the SNSD girls apart XDDD

    Xing has good voices, but I don’t follow them, cos they’re TOO YOUNG :'((

    How’s work? :D

    GAH. I FEEL SO OOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDD :'((((((((((( And I’m not even that old, I think I’m one of the youngest people at my uni XDDDD. FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS SHOULD BE IN SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. LSM is ruining these kids’ futures, seriously.

    I need them to wear labels, cos I really can’t tell who’s who XD Hang on, I can recognize that “Key” guy, cos he has a really distinctive look :P


    Lol, I find it really interesting how they all “know chinese” XDDD SNSD are supposed to know four languages. BUT I’ve only heard them speak Korean (and maybe english in their songs) XDD

    SM groups always get marketed really well. I have no doubt that these boys will be really successful (at least in their first year, and after that it’ll depend on how willing SM is to spend money on them).

    22/25? THAT’S SO SOON! I hope they do a good job x3 I kinda see them like little brothers now, cos I just can’t find them “hot” XDD

    Interesting question! Lol, well *I’m* definitely not the magnae here XD But I’m not the oldest :PPP

    I think Libby, is the magnae, but that’s just a guess ^^

    Changmin aged well <333

    LOL, it freaks me out when I see posts by 20+ year olds fangirling over that 12 (13?) year old boy (in HSJ) XDDD But they should BE IN SCHOOL. :(

    Hmm, don’t think LSM would put them on hiatus. They’re his biggest income earners right now, he’d be stupid to put them on hiatus. HOWEVER, I really hope that he won’t try to cash in on this, and release Taesu duets, photobooks, etc. :SSS

    Hmm, the shopping pictures make it pretty clear (IT’S THE MATCHING OUTFITS, I TELL YOU). Can’t believe people are actually serious about opening the SNSK thread on Soompi. Omg O________O

  9. *snort* haha.

    All I’m going to say is: jailbait. it’s strange though, but if you think about it, as more and more fans pour in, SM has to cater to the young fans to (the ones that are only 12-14 yrs old). In come Shinee.

  10. OH GOSH. CASHING IN ON TAESU!? I’d just die of shock, seriously. That’d create more anti-fans though. Wouldn’t wanna see protests taking to the streets or something! lol.

    A SNSK thread!? Goodness. There are those really pro-Taesu/Yoosica fans huh. I wonder what ever happened to the Jaejoong-Jessica scandal in the past? Matching outfits?! I only saw 1 pic! You mean there was one with them facing the camera!? 0_0

    OH YES. I think Johnnys ropes in kids too young! They debut at like, 8 or 9?! That’s like when they’re in elementary school! Sheesh. XD Ah, the cruel truth about the entertainment industry. :(

  11. nanshi: young fans? ok, i am 12, but when it comes to this kind of stuff, i just forget age. *i regard henry as my little brother*. 7 years age difference…

    BTW, i hadn’t realised what the song’s name was…until just then…
    AM I GETTING REJECTED???? ‘noona, you’re so pretty’.

  12. Right song at the right time :D
    If this song was sung my DBSK and Suju, it wouldn’t apply to me. So this time, it definitely feels right!! I have a feeling that I will love this song ^_~

    Alright young people…. you guys are making me feel old. I used to be the youngest one among my friends, but then more “little” friends keep joining in our group, which made me feel really old. Then you guys here are talking about 12 years old, which make me feel like… I’m really really old. I’m definitely one of the oldest here, or maybe I’m the oldest O.o

    Oh well, at least I’m still younger than Henry ^__^

  13. Damn striaght “noona you’re so pretty” =)

    I’ve watched their preview teaser so many times -___-” I can’t wait until they debut because I’m just so eager to see them perform.
    I have yet to really find a member whom I’m attached to the hip, but I’m sure it won’t take long. I’m currently leaning towards JongHyun – though ONEW is one funky name so maybe I’ll go for him ahaha so I don’t feel like such a pedo o__O – then again, majority of them look older than me.

  14. Minnie Susu Luv haha if you’re still younger than Henry then you’re definitely not the oldest :P Henry is about 2 yrs older than me so I assume you’re around my age :D Lol its funny how this group has got everyone talking about their age XD

    lmao, i saw thats wat u changed ur username to xP well it shows up as that on the dashboard anyway :P HeeeeeeeeeEE lol

  15. I love U SHINee

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