Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 21, 2008

What colour balloons will SHINee have?

Purely just for fun.

Let’s start making random guesses :DD

The winner will get…………….a virtual pat on the back XDDDDD

So far, there’s already Pearl Red, Sapphire Blue, Something Pink, White (H.O.T), Orange (Shinhwa), and Yellow (FTI)

My guess is JADE GREEN :DDD Idk, SM seems to like jewellery material names (pearl, sapphire) so my guess is Jade Green. Or Emerald Green.

Candychu told me that Emerald Green sounds manlier, so I’m going to officially change my guess to EMERALD GREEN :D.



    Nah, I’ll save that colour for *my* own fanclub :D
    Where the president = member = idol i.e me LMAO

    *pats self on back for good effort*

  2. helooo..


    lols. yea, LSM can’t possibly form new groups who are 20 ++ years old right? lols. i guess we just have to accept that fact that we are at the age where we have to fangirl over younger boys. lols. sob, wonder whether they are as talented ,hardworking as DBSK ? yes, FT island, no matter how good looking they are, i just can’t accept that some of them are younger than me.

    eeee ha!! you guys are having ur finals for ur semester right? GOOD LUCK. haha. My SAT results will be out tml. ergh. * crossing my fingers.

  3. First color I thought of before reading this was green. There’re aren’t many colors left though, lol, unless they go with different shades of the aforementioned colors like a neon blue or soemthing.

    Good luck! I didn’t even remember SAT results were coming out tomorrow.

  4. EMERALD Green would be nice.
    Then there’s ONYX black, AMETHYST purple,..ok, I’m just trying to be annoying and list all the gemstones that I know but I forgot what they are call & their colors–FAIL

    Emerald green is diffinetly the best

  5. my guess is apple green, which is also the colour of my car. *sobs* which is back in malaysia where i can’t touch it. in aus now, far away ..
    XD love randomness.

  6. I think Emerald Green is nice as well. ^^

    ^ lmao. Apple green.
    That’s so cute. aha.

  7. Is the Pink called “Milky Pink”? Someone has milky pink but I can’t remember if it was even a kpop group. lol

    Taemin’s my favorite so far…..which is so depressing (pedo-pedo-pedo alert) but it’s not my fault he’s such a noona-magnet! *sob*

  8. I like Jade Green. It looks nice ^^

    Good luck with SAT score. I remember those “good” days :PP

  9. abc123zyx :

    thanks! lols.

    Minnie Susu Luv :

    “thanks! good” days” ok..sounds scary. you took SAT too?

    Jade green? i want it to be purple!!! hiak hiakz

  10. How’s about rainbow? Cos they’re cool like that. XD

    (NO, I’m not implying that they’re homosexual.)

    Or puke green? Or putrid yellow? Or baby-spit-up clear?

    … Errr, white, maybe?

    … Do they even SELL emerald green balloons? XDDDDDDD *flails because she’s feeling tooooo cooool to be normal*

  11. Australia spells colour with a “u”!?!? Awesomeness. I never knew that.

    Anywho, now that I have been offered a virtual pat on the back I sincerely hope I get this right! LOL

    Oh man, balloon colour…. I think silver-ish! Maybe a darker tone.

    They may go the Big Bang route and not have a balloon but something else. They are black and white bandanas and glowsticks right? Something like that perhaps. OMFG I forgot F.T. Island’s pentasticks. lol And the Se7en’s glowsticks!!! Ya they kind of need something like that. :D I bet they will. SM is marketing them as the next big thing with style, so I think they will try and differentiate themselves.

    My guess is then… silver stars! SHINEE!!!!!!!

  12. ^ WOW, you are SO logical. I just threw colours out there. *pats you on the back, hands you a sucker*

  13. erv:
    Purple sounds nice, but candychu wants it for her own :PPP

    Yes, I took the SAT. I need to take it in order to get into this univ ^^
    Don’t you think the SAT is scary? I don’t know how did I get accepted b/c my score is relatively low. I guess I’m just lucky :D

    Wow, I didn’t even notice that it says “colour” instead of “color”. I personally think “colour” sounds more beautiful ^^

  14. I’m gonna go with..


    You can see it, can’t you? =P

    But.. if it would be rainbow.. It’s not that cute to see a sea of rainbow =.= [see a sea? XDDDD]

    So.. I’m guessing that the color is.. It’s.. you’ll see it @ the photoshop swatches, im sure,. XD

  15. ringy man, i rly need to get my eyes checked. I thought you said you didn’t know Australia was spelt with a U and I’m thinking…Astralia? LOL XDDD But yeah Australians also spells lots of words with s instead of z so whenever Word spellchecks they think that e.g organise is wrong and should be organize XDDD

    erv im sure they are really hard working. the problem is, theyre so young, do they have the stamina for it? But they’re under SM so I”m sure they are well prepared. I hope so, anyway xD Ahaha yay purple is the coolest :DDD

    Minnie Susu Luv hahaha lmao, i didnt think anyone would read that *runs and hides*

  16. Minnie Susu Luv :

    really? u took SAT? which uni are u in now? Lols. i don’t think SAT is scary. I just think waking up early in the morning and took the test for almost 5 hours was unbearable. although it’s said that it takes 3 hours and 45 mins, i think? they dilly-dallied.
    it’s not out yet. i forgot that there’s a diff in time between Malaysia and US (:

    candychu :

    lols. i’m biased.I guess any group that comes after DBSK, i don’t think they’re prepared for it since we do compare :P

  17. ^^^^^^ You didn’t reply to me T___T

    I’m being casted away~~

  18. but SS501 are green, aren’t they, i’m not sure WHAT shade of green, but they’re green (judging from the balloons triple S wave about)

    since their name is SHINee, maybe something metallic? or sparkly? silver, or really sparkly things. SHINY things. that would be cute. i can almost imagine the “hello, we are SHIN-EE!! *blinds you with shiny sparkles*”

  19. erv:
    I’m in univ of calif, davis. Wow! you are in malaysia and you have to take SAT too?

    haha! I read everything when I have time… watch out >.>

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