Posted by: pinkandsparkly | May 22, 2008

Sample SHINee’s mini album

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much, ilovejr, for uploading these onto Youtube and giving me the links!! Sharing is caring <3~~

In My Room


Love Should Go On

Replay Boom Track

Er…..I’m not sure I want to hear a 14 year old sing songs titled “In My Room” and “Love Should Go On”, it might give me ideas XDDDDD

I’m finding it hard to keep my eyes open, so I’ll come back and edit this tomorrow with a proper review~~ (And maybe Candychu will edit her opinions in too ^^)

Tell us what you think of the songs~!

Candychu: OKAY I THINK I’LL BE BUYING THEIR ALBUM ^____________^ After just listening to a few seconds of In My Room xDD

In my Room Omg, I swear I got teary. LOL I’m such a pathetic girl XD When the first few notes came on I was like ‘Hang on, am I listening to the right song?’ Coz I expected this to be another happy, upbeat song where the boys are like ‘Come play in my room and have fun’ type thing. NOTHING DIRTY WAS MEANT TO BE IMPLIED. I actually found some lyrics yesterday but I LOLed at them coz they were funny it was in Korean and the only english was coz you’re my sun/my moon…coz you’re in my room LOL WTH!?!?…but now…GAH *wipes tears of sadness* THE SONG IS BEAUTIFUL <3333 And I love the instruments playing in the background!!!

Real Okay, it’s very different to In my Room @_@. Well, it shows that these boys can sing any type of music? LOL, NEXT SONG.

Love Should Go On I like the sound of this one :) But…this isn’t like my fav music genre so…well they do have good english! And I think I hear Jonghyun ^^ He has a sexy voice *giggles* I reckon he definitely sounds better in Korean because I didn’t really like him in ZLY’s song.

Replay Boom Track Remixes can sometimes go wrong. But I liked this one :) Maybe even more than the original, actually.

Damn. Only one slow paced song. BUT I STILL LOVE IT! Because the other songs are too happy they’ll probably require a few more listens before I can actually say I love them. They’re not bad but they’re not songs I’d listen to when I’m suffering from a headache e.g RIGHT NOW. But I’m sure if I come back tomorrow, I’d have very different views to now. One thing for sure is that they can sing :)

Anyways, go listen and do share your opinions too!

[P.S: I saw people discussing this in the comment section of the last post (I’ll get back to your comments tmrw!) but yes, Australians spell colour with an extra “u” :P We also write “favourite” instead of “favorite” And we substitute “z” with “s”, i.e,  “recognise” instead of “recognize” :PP]


  1. Hum. passable, but I had never like Big Bang or this style of music. Ever since the Tell Me syndrome, everyone is going for this style. This era of music is definitely … disappointing for me.

    I love the classic ballad and pop song.
    Not, hum … the retro and annoying stuff.

  2. I LOVE THEM <3333.

    I’M A PROUD NOONA FAN XDDDD. They’re all pretty cute, too, and I think they’ll just grow into their looks (hey, Dong Bang wasn’t too attractive when they started out and now look at the *___*!). I need to learn names ~.

    I really like that picture of Junsu playing the trombone (right?) on your sidebar. ROFLMAO. That’s the serious look of concentration XD.

  3. @spazzes: haha it’s pretty funny coz I’ve read a few comments where people are attracted to them because of their song title ^^

  4. Lol I found one of their fancam and uploaded it onto youtube.

    They sound pretty good live! I just need to hear them talk. Like do their self-intros or something. Lol! :)

  5. um wut is a shinee mini album, isnt like just an album and why are there 3?

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