Posted by: potensvita | May 24, 2008

A violin donated for a good cause

Credit : as tagged.

As we all know, a catastrophe had hit China lately and left with devastating marks, embedded in history and most probably in the life of people involved.

A death toll of 60 000 and rising had been discovered and now, is especially the time for everyone to do something to contribute to the world and its wellfare.

A violin was donated by Li Yin which cost 26000$ yuan to the organisers involved in the 2008.05.23 Sichuan Earthquake Charity Event.

She sung Happiness Left Shore too and did a short interview.

Credit : me.

Maybe her efforts aren’t as remarkable as Han geng but in this case, every cent, every prayer counts.

I am so proud of everyone that had helped or prayed for them.

Credit : rikayla and jack_jack_attack @ soompi. ^^


  1. OMG OMG I just read about it in soompi and was about to go and email you about it cuz i knooowww how much you love her =PP hahaha..

    And i thought it was really really really sweet of her, which was expected cuz shes such an awesome girl <3 Im actually so proud of her, i’ll even give her one of my most treasured krispy kreme donuts. Hahaha and seriously, i dont give them to anyone XXDD

  2. MUAHAHA……

    of course i knew of it ASAP before it even hit soompi celeb haha.
    I literally stalk that thread.
    Anyway, I am now on study leave and well, our shinhwa project is going to be carried out in the summer. because haha…. well… I LOVE THEM…. but … I LOVE YOU TOO

    putting up a lot of excuses. ohho

    aigoo… sorry, dear. I felt so embarrassed towards u.

  3. So you still remember our shinhwa project huh!?!?! Im joking im joking =PP I love you too ^^ and your too awesome to hate so i forgive you..Plus im nearly on study leave too haha so then at least we’re both busy and i wont feel guilty if your doing it and im not XD

    BUT WE HAVE TO DO IT WHEN WE’RE FREE OK!!?!?!! We cant do eric and andy and then leave the other boys hanging cuz I HAVENT SPAZZED ABOUT DONGWAN ENOUGH!! <3333

    And omg so much shinhwa stuff is happening but im so scared to email you about it cuz i dont want to disturb you *blushes* so i’ll just post the most important thing which is…………………………….

    SHINHWA IS HAVING A CHARITY CONCERT!!! Well technically its shinhwa minus andy cuz his busy with his solo concert at that time =( but ohwell its a charity concert so its the boys thoughts that are precious..I think they’re doing more solo performances this time round and its gonna be on the 21 and 22 June..Im super excited even though im not even going but omg another concert XXXDD YES!! Are you excited as i am?!?!!? hahhaha…Also theres rumours that dongwans gonna hold a solo concert before enlistment but im trying to not get my hopes up to much, cuz if its not true i really think i would cry. I want a concert dvd of him to watch when i cant see him for 2 years *tears*…

    Anyways will talk to you soon and get our awesome shinhwa project rolling again when we have time <33

  4. At first I thought it was Henry’s violin O_O

    Aww, ZLY is so sweet, I love her <3
    I’ve seen one clip of her on the violin and SM should let her play it more ^^

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